As investors evaluate the prospects of a weaker USD and debt market, bullion is regaining a bit of its past shine. Full Article

18 h

Following a typical Twitter rant from U.S. President Donald Trump, the forex has not treated the USD kindly. Full Article

19 h

Following a mixed bag of metrics from Canada earlier, pricing has fallen out of bed to a test of the 1.3100 handle. Full Article

20 h

Yesterday, Trump complained about rate hikes from the FED. Today, he repeated it again and increased threats for tariffs on China... Full Article

21 h

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Forex Signals US Session Brief, July 20 – More...
Forex Signals US Session Brief, July 20 – More Tariffs on China and No Rate Hikes for the FED
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Just as I was posting the GBP article where I highlighted trump’s comments on interest rates yesterday, Trump goes and pops up on CNBC... Full Article

1 d

The GBP has been going down a slippery slope for quite some time. Yesterday GBP/USD made new lows, breaking below the lows at 1.3050. Full Article

1 d

The demand for safe-haven asset dampened after the Federal Reserve’s Chairman reinforced expectations by investors of the currency’s... Full Article

1 d

Who's up for trading Canadian dollar now? The economic calendar is entirely packed with Canadian economic data. The commodity currency is... Full Article

1 d

The greenback kicked off the U.S. session on a positive note, coming from hawkish remarks of the Fed Chair Powells and making another... Full Article

1 d

The USD/CAD is on the march north, smashing resistance on its way to a test of the 1.3275 handle. Full Article

2 d

Earlier in the session, several positive U.S. economic reports were released facing the manufacturing and employment sectors. Full Article

2 d

The USD index USDX has been trading inside a range for quite some time. The USDX started turning bullish in spring and made a strong move... Full Article

2 d

Breaking news from the U.S. overnight regarding political unrest in southern Iraq is receiving credit for the bullish break. Full Article

2 d

The USD was retreating yesterday. But that didn't last long. The USD bulls are back in charge now and the uptrend has resumed again. Full Article

2 d

The Asian & London sessions remain in our favor as we made nice profits in gold and EUR/JPY. The market got massively volatile on the... Full Article

2 d

Cryptocurrencies started reversing at the end of last week and once the new weeks started, the reverse took shape, but it might be over now Full Article

2 d

The market has come to the conclusion that the Bank of England will hike the interest rates, but what's coming up next is more important... Full Article

2 d

Gold is trading exactly in line with our forecast Gold Intraday Outlook: Stronger dollar drags gold to one year. The gold is progressively.. Full Article

2 d

The GBP/USD is trading strongly bearish to trade above 1.3000, the lowest levels since the first week of September 2018. Basically, there... Full Article

2 d
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