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Retail Sales (MoM) (US)

September Was A Good Month For Retail Sales

Starts Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 13:30
Updated Tuesday, November 17, 2020
We have seen some volatile numbers for retail sales. In March last year, we saw a decent 1.6% jump in sales, but they returned to negative in April, declining by 0.2%. Although, last month the numbers for April were revised higher to 0.3% for core sales from -0.2% in the prelim reading which headline sales were revised to 0.5% from 0.1%. In June, both numbers showed a 0.5% increase for May, while the report released in July showed a 0.4% increase. For August, sales posted a decent increase of 0.4% while core sales fell flat at 0.0%, but they both declined in September. In October, they turned positive and in November sales were expected to increase further, by 0.4% for core sales and 0.5% for headline sales but missed expectations, with retail sales increasing by 0.2% and core sales by 0.1%. But we saw a decent jump of 0.7% in December for core sales. So, sales have been positive since then, but turned negative in February, while in March they posted a larger decline of 8.7%, which got bigger at -16.4% in April. But in May we saw a 17.7% surge as the country reopened and in June the increase was at 7.5%, but the pace of the increase slowed in July for both, core and headline sales and again in August, but in September we saw a reversal in the trend as sales increased. Please follow us for live coverage in real time of the event by experienced analysts. 

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About Retail Sales (MoM) (US)
Released by the U.S. Census Bureau, Retail Sales (MoM) is an aggregate measure of activity in the retail sector. It is calculated as a percentage change and made available to the public on a monthly basis.The Retail Sales report is widely viewed as a barometer of consumer confidence and spending. Higher than expected levels are interpreted as being positive for the U.S. economy and USD. A lagging or negative release is bearish toward the USD.

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Louis van der Merwe
Louis van der Merwe

So the greenback is going to lose some ground?

Skerdian Meta Lead Analyst

The Buck lost around 15 pips on the headline number, but is reversing back up now since the control group was solid.


If EU/USD will be volatile,does it mean that go Bulish or Bearish?

Skerdian Meta Lead Analyst

Volatile means there will be action, but it may be on both sides, such as the small jump in EUR/USD, which is now reversing back down.

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