Eightcap Rebates Review

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Eightcap Review


Eightcap doesn’t offer a conventional rebates program for retail traders. Instead, they offer a lucrative Introducing Broker (IB) program that rewards partners according to the following:

🔎 Category🚀Sign Up!🥇 Standard Account🥈 Raw Account🥉 TradingView Account
📈 Forex👉 Click Here$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded
📉 Indices👉 Click Here$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded
🪙 Cryptocurrency👉 Click Here$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded
💎 Precious Metals👉 Click Here$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded
💡 Energies👉 Click Here$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded
📊 Shares👉 Click Here$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded$6 per lot traded


Eightcap Rebates

Introduction to Eightcap Rebates

We have done extensive research on Eightcap’s rebate program. During our research, we discovered that rebates, commonly called cashback, provide a significant benefit.

In essence, a portion of our clients’ trading fees is returned to Eightcap partners, generating an additional source of income.

We believe prospective partners will be impressed with Eightcap’s attractive offer of $6 cashback per lot traded, which their revenue-sharing model complements. The unique combination of these strategies distinguishes them from others and adds significant value to the partnership.

One notable aspect of Eightcap’s program is the impressive level of flexibility it provides. Partners can tailor their rebate offerings to align with their client’s requirements.

The ability to adapt will play an important role in enhancing client satisfaction and fostering loyalty. Based on our extensive research, the flexibility offered by Eightcap’s program sets it apart from other brokers in the industry.

In addition, Eightcap’s custom reporting tools offer valuable insights into leads and rebate performance. This level of transparency allows partners to manage and fine-tune their strategies. We believe it will significantly transform partners’ ability to maximize the program’s potential.

Overall, Eightcap’s rebate program can be a valuable asset. Not only does it boost profitability, but it also enables partners to provide enhanced value to their clients. This program could be a great match if you’re a prospective partner seeking to boost your earnings and enhance client satisfaction.

Introduction to Eightcap Rebates

Understanding Eightcap Rebates

After thoroughly examining Eightcap’s rebate system, we determined it’s a simple and dependable method for Introducing Brokers (IBs), affiliates, and influencers to enhance their earnings.

This program provides a structured approach that ensures reliable returns by analyzing your clients’ trading volumes. Subsequently, it becomes straightforward to predict and develop effective strategies.

Essentially, Eightcap will reimburse you with a portion of the trading fees generated by the clients you refer. There are two ways this can be achieved:

  • A generous $6 per lot rebate is available for all asset classes, such as Forex, indices, commodities, and more.
  • We also found that revenue-sharing models can be extremely advantageous for IBs.

In our experience, this dual approach is especially appealing as it offers the benefits of immediate cashback and long-term revenue potential.

Furthermore, Eightcap demonstrates a strong commitment to transparency through its comprehensive reporting tools. These tools provide a comprehensive overview of your rebate earnings and client trading activity, enabling you to enhance your strategy more effectively.

Finally, another aspect that has proven to be quite beneficial is the daily payout of rebates. This regular payment system offers a consistent cash flow and streamlines financial planning.

Understanding Eightcap Rebates

Calculating Eightcap Rebates

After researching Eightcap’s cashback program, we’ve noticed its immense potential for Introducing Brokers. To better understand, let’s analyze how these rebates can accumulate.

For example, you’re an IB with a solid network of 10 clients, actively trading around 50 Forex lots per month. This means that 10 clients x 50 lots/client = 500 lots.

Now, we can calculate the overall rebate earned by multiplying the total lots by the rebate that Eightcap offers per lot, like this: 500 lots x $6 per lot traded = $3,000.

This example shows how Eightcap’s rebate structure can provide a profitable opportunity for you as an IB to generate income from your clients’ trading activities.

Additionally, it emphasizes the program’s ability to generate mutual benefits, encouraging clients to engage in trading activities while ensuring a steady stream of earnings for you.

Calculating Eightcap Rebates

Are Eightcap Rebates Real or a Scam?

Eightcap’s rebate program is real and trustworthy. Introducing Brokers, affiliates, and influencers can enjoy attractive financial incentives based on their clients’ trading volumes.

Partners can earn $6 for each lot traded and take advantage of revenue-sharing schemes. Trustworthy daily payments and transparent reporting tools back these benefits.

Eightcap’s credibility is further strengthened by its regulation under multiple authorities, guaranteeing a secure and reliable trading environment for both partners and clients.​

Are Eightcap Rebates Real or a Scam

Advantages of Eightcap Rebates

Eightcap’s rebates have the following advantages:

  • Trading at a rate of $6 per lot, this opportunity can potentially boost partner revenue.
  • Consistent cash flow is maintained through daily rebate payments.
  • Efficient reporting tools for seamless management and optimization.
  • Customized rebate structures designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients.
  • Exploring revenue-sharing schemes to generate additional earnings through client referrals.
  • Allows referred traders to trade various instruments like Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Extensive assistance in optimizing market funnels and implementing digital marketing strategies.

Regulated by various authorities to provide a secure and reliable environment for partners

Advantages of Eightcap Rebates

How Do I Receive My Eightcap Cashback?

Register as an Eightcap Introducing Broker or Affiliate.

  • Your referred clients must actively trade on the platform.
  • Rebates are calculated based on trading volume, generally $6 per lot.
  • Cashback is automatically credited to your trading account every day.
  • Use Eightcap’s reporting tools to monitor your earnings.

Withdraw your rebates using the same ways as account withdrawals, such as bank transfers or e-wallets.


Usually, a minimum trading volume is required to qualify for the rebate program.

This is subject to the rebate and other promotions’ terms and restrictions.

Rebates are classified as a decrease in trade expenses and might have tax ramifications depending on your jurisdiction.

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