InstaForex Rebates Review

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InstaForex Review

The InstaRebate program offers active traders a lucrative opportunity to get a spread refund based on their trading activity.

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InstaForex Rebates

Introduction to InstaForex Rebates

InstaForex’s rebate program, InstaRebate, is exceptional and has proven highly beneficial for traders. Regardless of the outcome, you will receive a $15 cashback for every standard lot you trade.

You receive 1.5 pips back for each closed trade, reducing your effective trading costs by that amount. You can apply various financial instruments, such as Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, metals, energies, and shares, to this strategy.

It is compatible with all types of InstaForex accounts, including Insta. Standard, Insta.Eurica, Cent.Standard, and Cent.Eurica. This option offers great flexibility, allowing it to seamlessly adapt to various trading styles and approaches.

Widely trusted and easy to use, InstaRebate is known for its simplicity and dependability. Link your trading account (or open a new one) with InstaRebate, and InstaRebate will seamlessly deposit the rebates into your account within two business days.

Our research shows that InstaForex has implemented a rebate program to enhance its users’ trading experience. The program offers traders an opportunity to generate additional income effortlessly. Through its dedication to assistance, InstaForex strongly maximizes clients’ and trading potential.

Introduction to InstaForex Rebates

Understanding InstaForex Rebates

Traders who want to optimize their returns must have a solid grasp of InstaForex rebates. Our team has observed the direct impact of this program on enhancing your trading activity with an additional source of income.

It’s a straightforward idea: whenever you close a standard lot, regardless of the outcome, you will receive a cashback of $15. You will earn a return of 1.5 pips for each completed transaction, adding to your funds.

The system’s true value lies in its seamless automation. When you connect your trading account to InstaRebate, InstaRebate will credit the rebates directly to your account within two business days of closing a trade.

Your trading strategy will not be affected, and the rebates apply to a diverse selection of financial instruments, including Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, energies, and shares. This rebate system is a valuable addition to any trading style.

We believe that InstaForex rebates provide a valuable advantage by helping to offset trading costs, effectively reducing the impact of the broker’s spread. In addition, the rebate rate remains consistent across all account types, ensuring equal opportunities for all traders.

Whether you choose Insta.Standard, Insta.Eurica, Cent.Standard, or Cent. Eurica, the advantages remain consistent.

Based on our observations, this rebate system has significantly benefited high-frequency traders. Executing more trades leads to accumulating rebates, resulting in a consistent flow of extra income. InstaForex rebates are a dependable and effective method of enhancing trading profits.

Understanding InstaForex Rebates

Calculating InstaForex Rebates

Calculating InstaForex’s rebates in a real trading scenario is simple and advantageous. Let’s look at a scenario where a trader decides to open a position on the EUR/USD pair using a standard lot size. According to the InstaForex website, the rebate for each standard lot traded is $15.

A trader closes 10 standard lots in a month. In this case, the calculation would be as follows:

  • Rebate per lot = $15
  • Total Rebate = 10 lots x $15 = $150

The trader will receive $150 in cashback for the trades made throughout the month. The process remains consistent for any instrument, whether indices or cryptocurrencies, traded through InstaForex.

The rebate is promptly credited to the trader’s account within two working days. It offers a dependable and steady source of additional income and effectively lowers overall trading expenses.

Calculating InstaForex Rebates

Are InstaForex Rebates Real or a Scam?

The InstaForex rebate program is a legitimate opportunity, not just a marketing ploy. We’ve done extensive research on this and found that it rewards $15 for every standard lot traded, regardless of the outcome.

Within two business days, you will promptly receive the deposited cashback into your account with no additional requirements. In the Asian markets, InstaForex is widely recognized and respected due to its impressive track record.

Numerous positive reviews from traders support the program’s credibility, and the broker strictly adheres to regulatory requirements. This should alleviate any concerns for individuals contemplating the opportunity to generate additional income.

Are InstaForex Rebates Real or a Scam

How do I Benefit from InstaRebate?

You can benefit from InstaRebate in some of the following ways:

  • Partners can achieve substantial returns at $15 per standard lot.
  • Cashback applies to various financial instruments, including Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, metals, energies, and shares.
  • Within two working days, we will credit your account with rebates.
  • There is no need for traders to alter their trading strategies.
  • Accessible for all types of InstaForex accounts.
  • A rebate process that is both consistent and transparent.

Moreover, it offers an extra source of income for active traders.

How do I Benefit from InstaForex Rebates

How Are InstaForex Forex Cashback Paid?

To start earning from InstaRebate, you can follow these steps:

  • Begin by creating a live account with InstaForex or using an existing one.
  • Register your trading account using the InstaRebate system.
  • Start trading actively across markets.
  • Your account automatically receives cashbacks that are calculated and paid.
  • Expect to get rebates within two working days after finishing a transaction.

Furthermore, check if your cashback has been credited to your account.


Yes, InstaForex rebates apply to all concluded transactions, including those carried out by automated trading systems or expert advisers.

No, rebates are only offered to traders with live trading accounts registered with the InstaRebate system.

There is no minimum trading volume; rebates are received on all closed lots, regardless of their size.

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