RoboForex Rebates Review

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RoboForex Review

RoboForex offers its clients a lucrative Cashback (Rebates) program that allows them to earn additional income across all account types.

🔎 Rebate Category🚀Open an Account🥇 Pro🥈 ProCent🥉 ECN🏅 Prime
1️⃣ Calculation Method👉 Click HereFixed Rebates Payout% of Company’s Revenue% of Commission% of Commission
2️⃣ 10 - 1,000 lots👉 Click HereThe commission amount depends on the chosen trading instrument5%5%5%
3️⃣ 1,000 - 3,000 lots👉 Click HereThe commission amount depends on the chosen trading instrument10%7%7%
4️⃣ More than 3,000 lots👉 Click HereThe commission amount depends on the chosen trading instrument15%10%10%

RoboForex Rebates

Introduction to RoboForex Rebates

After exploring RoboForex’s cashback program, we found it is a meticulously designed initiative to encourage and reward active trading on its platform.

Their innovative cashback program covers various account types, including ProCent, Pro, ECN, and Prime. It allows customers to earn up to 15% cashback on the broker’s revenue and up to 10% on Forex and precious metals trading commissions.

One of the program’s standout features is its broad appeal. Traders of all levels can take advantage of the rebates, whether they’re just starting or have years of experience.

These rebates are determined by the amount of trading done each month. This feature can be particularly appealing to traders who engage in high-volume trading, as the program’s design enables them to recoup a portion of their trading expenses.

One positive aspect we noticed is the monthly crediting of cashback. These funds are completely unrestricted and can be utilized at the trader’s discretion. The absence of additional requirements or conditions enhances the program’s transparency and ease of use.

If you’re looking to enhance your trading profitability, you might want to consider RoboForex’s cashback program. It could be a valuable option for you. It offers practical advantages that enhance the affordability of trading, regardless of your level of expertise.

Introduction to RoboForex Rebates

Understanding RoboForex Rebates

The rebate program offered by RoboForex has captured our interest due to its straightforward and efficient method of incentivizing traders based on their trading activity.

Once your RoboForex trading account is verified, you can receive monthly rebates, a valuable bonus for traders actively involved in the market. Remember, the rebates you can earn will vary based on the account type you choose and your monthly trading volume.

ProCent accounts provide a cashback determined by a percentage of RoboForex’s revenue, ranging from 5% to 15%. Rebates for Pro, ECN, and Prime accounts are determined by the commissions you pay, ranging from 5% to 10%.

RoboForex reliably deposits the rebates into your trading account on the first day of every month, clearly marked as “Rebates” in your account history.

We can see that RoboForex understands the flexibility that comes with the freedom to utilize the funds according to your preferences, whether reinvesting them in your trades or making withdrawals.

Based on our expertise, RoboForex offers a rebate program known for its transparency and reliability. This program benefits traders who want to maximize profits and minimize trading costs.

Understanding RoboForex Rebates

Calculating RoboForex Rebates

Understanding how RoboForex rebates function can help demonstrate their potential advantages.

Consider a trader using an ECN account and trading 2,000 lots monthly. We know that the rebate on an ECN account is computed as a percentage of the total commission paid. Therefore, if the commission per lot is $20, the calculation for total commissions earned on 2,000 lots is:

  • 2,000 x $20 per lot = $40,000

Based on trading volume, the trader is eligible for a 7% cashback on 1,000 – 3,000 lots. The calculation is:

  • $40,000 x 7% = $2,800

In our simple example, the trader would earn $2,800 in cash back for their trading activities. This rebate can be reinvested or withdrawn, providing flexibility and the chance to offset trade expenses, ultimately increasing total profitability.

This example demonstrates how traders can profit from RoboForex’s cashback program based on trading volume and account type.

Calculating RoboForex Rebates

Are RoboForex Rebates Real or a Scam?

RoboForex’s rebate program is legit, not a scam. This respected broker, authorized by CySEC and IFSC, provides clear and structured incentives depending on trading volume and account type.

Our research found that verified clients earn monthly cashback that is fully documented in their account history. The program’s criteria and calculations are transparent, allowing traders to comprehend their prospective gains simply.

Furthermore, RoboForex’s long-standing market presence and numerous favorable user evaluations lend credibility to its cashback incentives, giving traders trust in the program’s genuineness and advantages.

Are RoboForex Rebates Real or a Scam

How do I Benefit from RoboForex Cashback?

You can benefit from this lucrative program in some of the following ways:

  • Competitive cashback rates of up to 15%
  • Monthly payouts depend on trading volume, with unlimited usage and withdrawal.
  • Clear and transparent calculations.
  • There are no extra criteria or hidden terms.
  • Available for multiple account types, including ProCent, Pro, ECN, and Prime.
  • High-volume traders can earn more and offset costs, increasing total profitability.
  • Simple to manage and monitor rebates in the account history.

Supports long-term trading techniques by offering steady returns.

How do I Benefit from RoboForex Rebates

How Are RoboForex Forex Rebates Paid?

RoboForex cashback can be earned and will be paid out as follows:

  • Create and validate a trading account with RoboForex.
  • Check that your account type is eligible for rebates (ProCent, Pro, ECN, or Prime).
  • To qualify for rebates, trade at least ten lots each month.
  • RoboForex calculates rebates according to your monthly trading volume.
  • You receive rebates credited to your account on the first of each month.
  • Search your account history for the entry labeled “Rebates.”

Use or withdraw the awarded rebates as you see fit, with no limits.


No, rebates are particular to the account from which the trading volume was earned. You can’t move them to another account.

If you do not fulfill the monthly trading volume of 10 lots, you will not get any rebates that month. However, you can still qualify in later months by reaching the volume requirements.

Yes, RoboForex rebates apply to cryptocurrency trades made on qualified account types. For further information on rates, refer to the relevant account terms.

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