DAX30, FTSE 100 End Down After Lower ECB Inflation Expectations

Yesterday stock markets made some nice gains, with Dax30 and UK FTSE 100 increasing more than 1%. But, today we are seeing a reversal despite risk currencies continuing to climb higher. The German index DAX is down by -0.5%, while the FTSE 100 is down by -0.7% at the London close, with the ECB lower the inflation expectations.

DAX 30 index has stalled the uptrend today
DAX 30 index has stalled the uptrend today

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S&P 500 and Nasdaq Close Another Week at Record Highs

The week’s trading saw the Dow ended lower, the S&P 500 closed the week flat while Nasdaq posted gains, continuing its streak of positive weekly performance. However, the SPX made another record high during the week.

US Stock Markets Showed Mixed Performance
US Stock Markets Showed Mixed Performance

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Can Meta stock rally above $500 mark?

When Meta the parent company of Facebook announced its quarterly earnings results last week, hell was let loose. Though the tech giant exceeded its earnings projections, it also revealed significant new investments in the advancement of AI technologies for its goods which resulted in a sudden moderation in its share price.


Although the company’s AI expenditures have increased advertising revenue over the past year, investors are worried that the business is getting ready to resume the spending patterns of 2021 and 2022, which destroyed share profitability.

Many traders are still trying to “buy the dip” here despite recent elevation above the $450 support level, price action offers much better guidance. The latest price actions highlight the market still needs to view this as a long-term purchasing opportunity. Since short-term traders were still trying to sell their shares, selling pressure quickly followed Meta’s initial surge.
With the stock’s trading and options volume declining, the stock now looks poised to consolidate at least below the $500 mark for the upcoming few weeks. The drop in activity implies that investors are still hesitating to pull the trigger.

The Meta share price is expected to face pressure from broader market weakness, breaking the support level at $450 and aiming for $400. This is the price at which investors might start adding shares to their portfolios aggressively.
Oppenheimer “reiterated” their strong buy recommendation on the shares, lowering their target price from $585 to $550. This means that only one company is left to defend the shares.  61 analysts that cover the stock have an average target price of $522, roughly 12% higher than the current price.
That being said, investors await more inflation and the conclusion of the earnings reports from other large-cap tech companies. Look for shares to see if there is investor appetite for the stock at $400 and technical support.

S&P 500, Dow, Dax, Nasdaq Close Week Up as Stocks Resume Uptrend

Stock markets returned higher at the end of the week, with all major indices like S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax 30 all making solid gains. After the bullish reversal in the first half of the week, there was a dip on Thursday, which put into question the bullish reversal, but the gains on Friday confirmed that the retreat we saw earlier this month is over. Continue reading “S&P 500, Dow, Dax, Nasdaq Close Week Up as Stocks Resume Uptrend”

S&P 500, Dax 30 Bounce – Is the Stock Market Retreat Over?

The S&P 500 and Dax index ended last week bearishly with a significant decrease, with Nvidia stock down 10%. However, equities are looking bullish today, with the S&P US500 gaining more than 1.5% and climbing above 5,000 points again. Continue reading “S&P 500, Dax 30 Bounce – Is the Stock Market Retreat Over?”

Tesla’s Q1 2024 Earnings Report: A Comprehensive Analysis

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, Tesla, Inc. stands as a prominent player, known for its innovation and market influence. However, recent developments have brought challenges to the forefront, impacting its position in both domestic and international markets. As Tesla prepares to unveil its Q1 2024 earnings report, scrutiny intensifies amidst a backdrop of shifting market dynamics.

Tesla’s Performance in Q1 2024:

Tesla’s Q1 2024 production and delivery figures depict a nuanced narrative. While total vehicle production experienced a modest decline of -1.69% compared to the previous year, total deliveries witnessed a more pronounced downturn, plummeting over -8.5%. Notably, this marks the first decline in deliveries since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, underscoring unexpected challenges faced by the company.

Factors Contributing to Decline: Several factors contributed to Tesla’s subdued performance in Q1 2024. Issues such as production ramp-ups for the updated Model 3, disruptions caused by geopolitical tensions, and an arson attack at Gigafactory Berlin compounded challenges, resulting in a decrease in production and deliveries.

Global Market Dynamics: The global EV market landscape witnessed significant shifts, with Tesla facing intensified competition, particularly from Chinese automaker BYD. BYD’s strategic focus on affordability and market expansion, coupled with its diverse product offerings, poses a formidable challenge to Tesla’s dominance. Moreover, the emergence of new entrants like Xiaomi further complicates Tesla’s competitive landscape.










Financial Overview:

Despite revenue growth in Q1 2024, Tesla’s operating income experienced a notable decline, attributed to factors such as reduced vehicle sales prices and increased operating expenses. Projections for the upcoming earnings report suggest a decline in sales revenue, operating profit, and net income, reflecting ongoing challenges faced by the company.


Market Analysis: Technical analysis of Tesla’s stock performance reveals a downward trend, with shares reaching a new low since late January 2023. Concerns surrounding sales numbers and demand fluctuations have contributed to YTD losses exceeding 40%. Moving forward, resistance levels and support thresholds will influence the trajectory of the stock amidst evolving market conditions.

As Tesla prepares to disclose its Q1 2024 earnings, stakeholders eagerly await insights into the company’s performance and strategies to navigate prevailing challenges. With competition intensifying and market dynamics evolving, Tesla faces a pivotal juncture in its journey towards sustainable growth and market leadership in the dynamic EV industry.

S&P 500 Down for the Week, With Nvidia Stock Leading the Decline

S&P 500 and other major stock indices opened the week bearish with a major decline and they are ending it like this, with Nvidia stock falling 10%. However, not all stocks ended up lower, as some made decent gains, while the Nasdaq index posted some gains. Continue reading “S&P 500 Down for the Week, With Nvidia Stock Leading the Decline”

S&P 500 and Dow Jones Still in Retreat, but Uptrend Remains Intact

Stock markets have gone through a massive rally since October, but they are in a retreating period. However, MAs are keeping S&P 500 and Dow Jones supported on the daily chart, having stopped the fall last Friday and also providing support today, so chances are for a bullish revrsal and a resumption of the uptrend. Continue reading “S&P 500 and Dow Jones Still in Retreat, but Uptrend Remains Intact”

Can the Intel Chip Rival Nvidia’s H100 Chip?

Stock markets have been surging since October with Nvidia stock (NVDA) leading the way. They kept making new record highs, with the NVDA stock price attempting to reach the $1,000 milestone a couple of times, however, it failed and sellers have taken control in the last several days, with one possible reason being the new Intel chip which might steal some shine off Nvidia’sH100 chip. Continue reading “Can the Intel Chip Rival Nvidia’s H100 Chip?”

Nvidia Stock Below $850 as S&P 500 and Dow Jones Retreat

Stock markets have had an amazing rally since October, with Nvidia stock (NVDA) heading for $1,000 twice in March, but they are under pressure this week. The Nvidia price has tumbled more than $40 only today, slipping below $850 as risk sentiment remains negative in financial markets. Continue reading “Nvidia Stock Below $850 as S&P 500 and Dow Jones Retreat”