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As we roll into late June trade, it looks like the Fed is beginning to plan an exit from their unlimited QE program. Full Article

10 hours

Ahead of the Fed announcements, U.S. stocks were down modestly. Now, it appears that sentiment has remained moderately negative. Full Article

2 days

The big story on Wall Street today is the exploding energy prices. WTI crude oil is now above $71.00 and rising. Full Article

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U.S. large-cap stocks are grinding higher. Today’s robust Nonfarm payrolls figures certainly haven’t hurt sentiment. Full Article

2 W

At this point, the markets are reacting positively to Joe Biden’s lofty federal budget proposal for the fiscal year 2021. Full Article

3 W

Perhaps the single best indicator that things are good for the U.S. equities indices is the quiet CBOE Volatility Index (VIX). Full Article

3 W

As long as the Federal Funds Rate is held at 0.0%-0.25%, new home sales are likely to surge as fresh supply comes on to the market. Full Article

3 W

Right now, the DOW and U.S. stocks appear to have completed mid-May’s retracement. Full Article

4 W

Until we see a hawkish Fed or another round of COVID-19 U.S. lockdowns, a bullish bias is warranted for American large cap stocks. Full Article

4 W

At this point, one has to wonder if Jerome Powell and the FOMC will stick with their “transitory” inflation narrative or go hawkish. Full Article

1 M

If nothing else, this morning’s market reaction to Yellen’s comments shows how skittish investors really are. Full Article

2 M

The long-term uptrend in U.S. Stocks is valid as Fed QE and Biden-era spending plans appear poised to send values higher. Full Article

2 M

On the political front, stock market participants are going to be faced with a game-changer in POTUS Biden’s tax plan. Full Article

2 M

Until we see a major retracement, it’s wise to maintain a bullish bias toward the U.S. indices. Full Article

2 M

It’s been a solid open for U.S. large-cap stocks. Let’s take a look at the DOW from an intermediate-term perspective. Full Article

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