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Live Forex Prices: Get Forex Prices in Real-Time from FX Leaders
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About Forex Prices

What Are Live Forex Rates?

The FX Leaders Forex Live Rates portal is a cutting-edge tool for the informed trader. It puts all the critical information right at your fingertips, so that you can trade all kinds of currency pairs in the forex market. From the latest changes in forex live rates to market analyses by veteran traders around the globe, the FX Leaders Live Rates portal can help take your trading to the next level.

How to Read Live Forex Rates

In addition to the live fx rates, this page provides more detailed information that can help you make better trading decisions. For each forex pair, we supply the percentage change since the open rate, the rate when the market opened, the highest and lowest values touched throughout the day, and any current trade ideas available for the currency pair. We also offer buy/sell recommendations on multiple timeframes – five minutes (5M), 15 minutes (15M), hourly (H) and daily (D). There is also an action button that takes you directly to your broker/trading account so you can trade the asset quickly. You can add a forex pair to your watchlist by clicking on the star. This enables you to monitor your preferred forex pairs easily.

What Can Live Forex Rates be Used For?

You can use the real-time forex rates to decide when the time is right to enter into a trade, be it to buy or sell a particular currency pair. In conjunction with both market and technical analyses, performed on the price chart, live forex rates are most helpful in discovering trade opportunities and making the most of volatility in the financial markets.

How do FX Leaders Forex Live Rates Work?

FX Leaders publishes real-time bid and ask rates for all forex pairs, from the majors, to crosses, and even exotic pairs. The forex live rates are closely monitored by the FX Leaders team, and they are used both for analysis and in the development of trade ideas. In order to stay current, live rates are streamed directly from the market, and updated every five seconds. The forex live rates, which are a combination of data from the world’s leading liquidity providers, are a great place to start when looking for an accurate quote.

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