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Instrument Guide

The key to being a successful trader is having a good understanding of your trading instruments. Our financial instrument guides cater to all levels of traders. In these handy guides, you will learn more about trading the Swiss Franc, Euro, British Pound, United States Dollar, Japanese Yen, Crude Oil, Nikkei, and Gold. Continue reading to learn more about instrument correlations, which economic events are important and much more.

Instrument guide articles:

Yuan vs. Renminbi: What’s the Difference?

Until two decades ago, not many ordinary people knew or were interested to know what the Chinese currency is. China was a big exporter, so major importers in the rest of the world were in contact with the Chinese currency, but in the last decade or so, China has become a superpower. Full Article

Trading the EUR/USD Currency Pair – A Beginner’s Guide

Being the most liquid forex pair in the world its imperative to understand what influences its price. What major economic events have an impact on the EUR/USD. Get a better understanding of the most traded pair in the world. Full Article

Trading the GBP/USD Currency Pair – A Beginner’s Guide

The British Pound/US Dollar currency pair denotes the exchange rate between the GBP and the USD. Learn about the different lot sizes you can trade, what influences its price and more. Full Article

Gold Signals – A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1

After incorporating gold signals to our ever growing repertoire of assets it’s time to learn more about this exciting commodity. How should the fact that gold is a safe haven asset influence your trading? Full Article

Gold Trading Signals – A Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

Gold can be traded in many ways. The most basic way is to buy physical gold but luckily, there are more advanced ways of trading gold which are faster and cheaper. What do you need to know when incorporating gold in your trading.  Full Article

Trading Crude Oil – A Beginner’s Guide

Trading WTI Crude Oil can be exciting but you have to know more about oil before you begin trading it. Which countries hold the largest reserves, which countries are the largest oil producers. Learn how this should this influence your trading. Full Article

Trading the Nikkei 225 – A Beginner’s Guide

The Nikkei 225 is a price-weighted stock index or the stock average of the top 225 blue-chip stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Some people compare the Nikkei to the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. Learn how to trade it. Full Article

Trading the USD/JPY Currency Pair – A Beginner’s Guide

The United States Dollar/Japanese Yen currency pair denotes the exchange rate between the USD and the JPY.  Learn what instruments are correlated to this pair and what economic events can influence their price. Full Article

Trading the USD/CHF Currency Pair – A Beginner’s Guide

The United States dollar/Swiss franc currency pair denotes the exchange rate between the USD and the CHF. Also known as the Swissy this pair is sometimes considered a safe haven. What does this mean and how can you leverage this for your trading? Full Article

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