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FX Market Leaders is the leading provider of market analysis, market research, and trade recommendations for Forex trading. The website have become the gateway to the Forex market for millions of traders worldwide. FXML's Forex signals system delivers real-time alerts for the major currency pairs together with in-depth analysis. FXML's signals system is managed by the company's leading analyst Skerdian Meta and his team. 


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our servicesWe created this website to bring together all the tools and services you’ll need to start trading for real. If you want to learn to become a pro trader yourself our trading course and daily financial analysis and insights will help you get there. If you want to start taking advantage of the markets now, without having to become an expert, our free trading alerts and recommended traders to copy will help you do just that. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it with us.



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Why trade for yourself when you can simply ride the success of the most profitable traders? We spot the best traders and let you copy everything they do. Take advantage of the best traders and start making high returns on your money today.

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Ready to hit the markets? The FX Market Leaders course together with our daily “expert’s blog” have the tools you need to power your way to success.

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