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Skerdian Meta FXL’s Heading Analyst is a professional Forex trader and market analyst and has been actively engaged in market analysis for the past 10 years. Before becoming our leading analyst, Skerdian served as a trader and market analyst at Saxo Bank’s local branch, Aksioner.
News Articles by Skerdian Meta - FX Leaders

The trading range is getting extremely tight for Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, suggesting a breakout Full Article

7 hours

Ripple coin is finding resistance at moving averages, which point to a bearish reversal soon Full Article

10 hours

AUD/USD has retraced up, but it seems to be ending at the 50 SMA now Full Article

12 hours

Bitcoin is finding support at the 50 SMA on the H4 chart, but the pullback might continue lower on the daily chart Full Article

14 hours

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been making higher highs in the last 2 weeks, indicating a possible trend reversal Full Article

2 days

Shiba Inu can't catch a break from the selloff, despite the crypto market turning bullish Full Article

3 days

AUD/USD has reversed down from the 100 SMA, showing growing weakness in the Aussie Full Article

3 days

Bitcoin has retreated down, but the chart setup points to a bullish reversal soon Full Article

4 days

Ripple coin heading for the 20 SMA on the H4 chart, which has acted as support this week Full Article

4 days

Moving averages are pushing Ethereum higher, keeping the momentum bullish Full Article

4 days

The US Q2 GDP report posted a decent level of expansion at 6.5%, but it was less than market expectations Full Article

4 days

Bitcoin is failing one too many times to hold gains above $40,000 Full Article

4 days

Chainlink is looking more bullish than Cardano, which is failing to move above the 50 daily SMA Full Article

5 days

USD/CAD pops higher after the cool off in CPI inflation for June Full Article

5 days

Shiba Inu is not showing signs of life, while other cryptos have turned quite bullish Full Article

5 days