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NZD/USD has made some massive gains in the last several weeks, but it is facing a big hurdle above which stopped the climb yesterday Full Article

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Yesterday the positive US retail sales for October improved the sentiment for the USD, so if the manufacturing figures come positive today t Full Article

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Traders were worked up in anticipation of the US CPI inflation, which delivered on volatility after a crash and a quick reversal higher Full Article

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The economic indicators are getting worse in Europe as inflation surges, which will weigh further on the Euro Full Article

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Retail sales posted a 0.3% increase in August after a 0.4% decline in July, but the core number and other details are not looking soo good Full Article

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Retail sales are suffering globally as prices keep increasing and central banks keep increasing interest rates Full Article

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The economic situation is worsening every day in Europe as prices keep increasing while an energy crisis is expected in winter Full Article

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This week European and US manufacturing and services figures will give us a clearer picture of where the global economy is headed Full Article

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The global economy has been heading into a recession, but recent data has been quite positive, indicating a reversal upward Full Article

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USD/CAD has turned bullish this week, as US economic indicators improve and MAs hold as support for this pair Full Article

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Today we have the FED meeting minutes being released in the evening, but before that retail sales will show how the US consumer is feeling Full Article

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Yesterday EUR/USD broke below parity after the US PPI inflation report, while today we have the US retail sales Full Article

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Yesterday was a quiet day as the US was off for bank holiday weekend, but the volatility is expected to pick up again this week Full Article

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EUR/GBP remains on a long term downtrend, and today's Eurozone and UK data supports selling this pair Full Article

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