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Saxo Bank Review

Edited by: Louis Schoeman

Saxo Bank Review


Overall Saxo Bank is considered a low-risk, with an overall Trust Score of 99 out of 100. They are licensed by 14 Tier-1 Regulators (highly trusted), zero Tier-2 Regulators (trusted), zero Tier-3 Regulators (average risk), and zero Tier-4 Regulators (high risk). The broker offers three retail account tiers: Classic, Platinum, and VIP. 


Saxo Bank Review – 13 key points quick overview:

  1. ☑️Overview
  2. ☑️At a Glance
  3. ☑️Saxo Bank Account Types
  4. ☑️How To Open a Saxo Bank Account
  5. ☑️Saxo Bank Deposit & Withdrawal Options
  6. ☑️Trading Instruments & Products
  7. ☑️Saxo Bank Trading Platforms and Software
  8. ☑️Saxo Bank Spreads and Fees
  9. ☑️Leverage and Margin
  10. ☑️Educational Resources
  11. ☑️Saxo Bank Pros & Cons
  12. ☑️Security Measures
  13. ☑️Conclusion






Saxo Bank is a renowned investment firm with over one million clients worldwide. Established in 1992, it has a long history of providing financial services. In line with this commitment, the bank focuses on democratizing investing through online platforms, furthermore offering access to over 71,000 unique financial products across diverse asset classes.  


Additionally, Saxo Bank launched a professional-grade trading platform in 1998, one of Europe’s earliest, to provide accessible tools for global audiences. The company’s mission is to explore and harness the potential value of the world financial market while promoting inclusivity among investors. 


Overall, Saxo, a Danish bank with a significant capitalization and customer assets worth over $100 billion, is a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) with an investment-grade rating from S&P.  


In addition to having a geographical footprint across fifteen countries, Saxo offers employment opportunities to over 72 nationals from over 72 countries, reflecting Scandinavian principles of trustworthiness, fairness, curiosity, and personal development through investing. Moreover, the bank’s diverse global clientele is reassured by its services.


How does Saxo Bank guarantee the protection of my funds?

Saxo Bank emphasizes customer funds’ protection by adhering to Danish legislation and implementing strong anti-money laundering measures.


Is Saxo Bank good for both new and experienced traders?

Yes, Saxo Bank caters to traders of all skill levels, offering user-friendly platforms like SaxoTraderGO for novices and professional-grade solutions like SaxoTraderPRO for experienced traders.


At a Glance

🗓 Established Year1992
⚖️ Regulation and LicensesDanish FSA, Danish FSA in UAE, Danish FSA in Brazil, Danish FSA in Czech, FCA, MAS, FINMA, CONSOB, Japan JFSA, Hong Kong FSC, ASIC, Dutch Central Bank and Authority for Financial Markets in the Netherlands, National Bank of Belgium and Financial Services and Market Authority, Banque de France and Autorite Marche Financial
🪪 Ease of Use Rating4/5
📞 Support Hours24/5
💻 Trading PlatformsSaxoTraderGO, SaxoTraderPRO
🛍 Account TypesClassic, Platinum, VIP
🤝 Base Currencies18 currencies
📊 SpreadsFrom 0.4 pips
📈 Leverage1:30
💸 Currency Pairs185+; major, minor, and exotic pairs
💳 Minimum Deposit0 USD
🚫 Inactivity FeeNone
🗣 Website LanguagesEnglish, Danish, French, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese, etc.
💰 Fees and CommissionsSpreads from 0.4 pips; commissions from $0 on Mutual Funds
✅ Affiliate ProgramYes
🏦 Banned CountriesUnited States
✔️ ScalpingYes
📉 HedgingYes
🎉 Trading InstrumentsForex, CFDs, stocks, commodities, futures, FX options, listed options, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds
🎖 Open an AccountOpen Account


Saxo Bank Account Types 


Saxo Bank Account Types


✅ AvailabilityAll; beginners and casual tradersExperienced and professional tradersProfessional and Institutional traders
🛍 Markets71,00071,00071,000
💸 Commissions$1 – Stocks 
$1 – Commodities 
$1 – Futures 
$0.75 – Listed Options 
$1 – ETFs 
0.05% - Bonds 
$0 – Mutual Funds
$1 – Stocks 
$1 – Commodities 
$1 – Futures 
$0.75 – Listed Options 
$1 – ETFs 
0.05% - Bonds 
$0 – Mutual Funds
$1 – Stocks 
$1 – Commodities 
$1 – Futures 
$0.75 – Listed Options 
$1 – ETFs 
0.05% - Bonds 
$0 – Mutual Funds
💻 PlatformsAllAllAll
📊 Trade SizeFrom 0.01 lotsFrom 0.01 lotsFrom 0.01 lots
📈 Leverage1:301:301:30
💰 Minimum Deposit0 USD200,000 USD1,000,000 USD
🎖 Open an AccountOpen AccountOpen AccountOpen Account


Saxo Bank Classic Account

In addition, the Classic Account offers global access to financial markets, catering specifically to individual investors. Furthermore, it provides a vast selection of over 71,000 financial assets, along with competitive pricing and exclusive access to advanced trading platforms.


Overall, The account is designed for beginners, offering low entry requirements and user-friendly features. Thanks to its comprehensive research and analytical tools, therefore it is a preferred choice for those exploring investment opportunities.


Saxo Bank Platinum Account

Overall, the Platinum Account at Saxo Bank is designed for experienced investors seeking reduced fees and incentives. Additionally, it offers narrower spreads and cheaper commission rates, making it ideal for high-volume traders.  


Platinum customers receive priority customer service and access to special items. The account also offers improved trading tools and in-depth market data, making it suitable for serious investors seeking a more complex trading environment. 


Saxo Bank VIP Account

Overall, Saxo Bank’s VIP Account is designed for top investors and traders, offering competitive prices, commission rates, and exceptional service. Additionally, VIP customers have direct access to a personal relationship manager, special event invites, and one-on-one meetings with strategists.  


Furthermore, the account also provides powerful tools, statistics, and early access to new goods. Overall, this translates to an exclusive trading experience that caters to the most demanding investors, ultimately providing a tailored and exclusive experience.


Saxo Bank Demo Account

Overall, Saxo Bank offers users a significant opportunity to investigate its products and services. Therefore, they provide a complimentary demo account that operates for twenty days.


Furthermore, by being granted access to a synthetic USD 100,000, users can efficiently experiment with different strategies and acquaint themselves with the tools and features of the bank.


Furthermore, the compatibility of this demo account with both SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPRO platforms guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted experience when navigating between them. 


Can I upgrade or downgrade my Saxo Bank account type?

Yes, traders may upgrade their account types by making minimum deposits. However, downgrading may not be feasible after an account is formed.


Are there any special perks for VIP account holders?

Yes, VIP account members get priority customer support, direct access to a personal relationship manager, unique event invitations, and one-on-one meetings with strategists.


How To Open a Saxo Bank Account 

To register an account with Saxo Bank, follow these steps: 


Step 1 – Click on the Register button.

Visit the website for Saxo Bank at https://www.home.saxo/. Find the “Create an Account” or an analogous icon. 


How To Open a Saxo Bank Account Step 1


Step 2 – Complete the form.

Saxo provides a variety of account categories, including individual, combined, and corporate. Choose the one that fulfills your requirements. Completing the application, provide the following information: You must submit identification documents such as a passport, national identification card, or driver’s license. A recent utility bill or bank statement will suffice as proof of address.


How To Open a Saxo Bank Account Step 2


Saxo Bank Deposit & Withdrawal Options

💳 Payment Method🏛 Country⚖️ Currencies Accepted⏰ Processing Time
Electronic Direct Debit AuthorizationSingaporeSGDInstant – 5 days
FASTSingaporeSGDInstant – 5 days
PayNowSingaporeSGDInstant – 5 days
MEPSSingaporeSGDInstant – 5 days
TT Wire TransferAllMulti-currencyInstant – 5 days
Onshore inter-bank transferAllMulti-currencyInstant – 5 days
Credit/Debit CardAllMulti-currencyInstant – 5 days
Bank TransfersAllMulti-currencyInstant – 5 days

How to Deposit using Bank Wire Step by Step

✅Enter your Saxo Bank credentials. 

✅After navigating to “Account,” click “Deposit and Transfer.” 

✅After selecting “Bank Wire Transfer,” choose the desired currency. 

✅You will be provided with the banking information of Saxo Bank.  

✅For identification purposes, include your Saxo ID in the transfer details. Typically, funds are deposited into a trading account within two to five business days. 


How to Deposit using Credit or Debit Card Step by Step

✅Enter into the SaxoTraderGO interface and navigate to “Account.” 

✅To access the “Deposit Funds” page, navigate to “Credit/Debit Card.” 

✅Provide your card information along with the desired deposit amount. 

✅Validate the transaction. In most cases, deposits are instant. 


How to Withdraw using Bank Wire Step by Step

✅Log into SaxoTraderGO and go to “Account.” 

✅Select “Withdraw Funds” and “Bank Wire” as your withdrawal method. 

✅Enter the amount and provide your banking information. 

✅Confirm the withdrawal request. 


How to Withdraw using Credit or Debit Cards Step by Step

✅Saxo Bank usually processes withdrawals back to the bank account connected with the client’s trading account rather than straight to credit or debit cards. 


Can I withdraw funds from my Saxo Bank account using a credit or debit card?

Yes, Saxo Bank usually processes withdrawals back to the bank account connected with the client’s trading account rather than straight to credit or debit cards.


How long do deposits take to reflect in my Saxo Bank account?

Deposits made via electronic methods such as credit/debit cards or electronic direct debit authorization are usually instant, while bank wire transfers may take 2 to 5 business days to process.


Trading Instruments & Products 

Saxo Bank offers the following trading instruments and products: 

➡️Forex – Additionally, Saxo Bank offers trading on 185 Forex spot pairs and 140 futures, including majors, minors, exotics, and commodities, with spreads beginning at 0.4 pips. 

➡️CFDs – Overall, Saxo Bank allows customers to trade long or short on over 8,800 instruments with tight spreads and minimal fees, including spreads as low as 0.85 on the UK100. 

➡️Stocks – Additionally, investors can access approximately 23,500 equities from core and developing economies on 50 global exchanges.

➡️Commodities – Various commodities can be traded as CFDs, futures, options, spot pairings, and more, with fees from as little as $1 per lot. 

➡️Futures – Saxo Bank allows you to trade more than 250 futures contracts covering equities indices, energy, metals, agricultural, rates, and foreign exchange. 

➡️FX Options – Traders can access 45 FX vanilla options with maturities ranging from one day to 12 months with spreads as low as 3 pips. 

➡️Listed Options – Over 3,200 listed options are available from 20 exchanges globally, covering stocks, energy, metals, and more, with charges as low as $0.75 per lot. 

➡️ETFs – More than 7,000 exchange-traded funds from over 30 exchanges are available, with charges beginning at $1 for US-listed ETFs. 

➡️Bonds – Additionally, Saxo Bank offers online and offline government and corporate bonds from 26 countries in 21 currencies, with charges beginning at 0.05% for government bonds. 

➡️Mutual Funds – Overall, The platform provides mutual funds from top providers with no commissions or platform fees. 


Can I trade stocks with Saxo Bank?

Yes, Saxo Bank provides access to approximately 23,500 equities from core and developing economies on 50 global exchanges, therefore allowing clients to trade stocks alongside other financial instruments.


What are the trading hours for Saxo Bank’s products?

Saxo Bank offers 24/5 support hours, allowing clients to trade various products across weekday time zones.


Saxo Bank Trading Platforms and Software 


Trading Platforms and Software 



SaxoTraderGO is a renowned trading platform catering to novice and experienced traders. Therefore it offers advanced trade tickets, technical analysis tools, a comprehensive charting package, and an options chain.  


Overall, Users can perform performance studies and access asset types like equities, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, and managed portfolios.  


Additionally, the platform is designed for efficiency, allowing users to move charts to a second screen for further analysis. Furthermore, SaxoTraderGO is available on mobile and desktop platforms, meaning traders can monitor and execute trades from anywhere.



Furthermore, SaxoTraderPRO is a professional-grade trading platform. Equipped with advanced features like algorithmic orders, one-click trading, and extensive options chains, it caters to active traders. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of asset types and a customizable interface with up to six displays for a personalized trading experience.


Furthermore, it provides comprehensive workspace management and multi-channel module connectivity for PC and MAC, catering to professional traders seeking market access. 


Third-Party Tools

Saxo Bank not only allows traders to link their accounts to third-party platforms, but also offers unique tools like asset-specific analytical tools, strategy backtesting, and hyperresponsive charting.


Consequently, this allows for better execution and market-leading pricing without additional fees, making it suitable for traders seeking bespoke trading experience.


Connectivity and APIs

Saxo Bank provides advanced connectivity and API solutions for traders and organizations seeking direct access to capital market infrastructure.  


The FIX API offers a flexible, customizable multi-asset liquidity connection, while the OpenAPI offers access to Saxo’s full capital markets infrastructure via a single REST web API. These products combine Saxo’s trading technology with custom-developed solutions. 


Can I use third-party tools with Saxo Bank’s trading platforms?

Yes, Saxo Bank allows traders to link their accounts to third-party platforms, offering unique tools like asset-specific analytical tools and hyperresponsive charting without additional fees.


How customizable are Saxo Bank’s trading platforms?

SaxoTraderPRO offers a customizable interface with up to six displays, allowing traders to tailor their workspace to their preferences and trading styles.


Saxo Bank Spreads and Fees 


Spreads and Fees 



Saxo Bank offers traders attractive spreads, particularly on highly liquid assets like key forex pairs, from 0.4 pips EUR/USD. Therefore these spreads are dynamic, varying based on market volatility, asset liquidity, and account tier.  


Overall, For the most accurate view of current spreads, traders can use the Saxo Bank platform’s live pricing feature. 



Saxo Bank utilizes a commission-based structure for its transactions. Therefore this means you’ll be charged a flat fee per trade for stocks or a percentage of the trade value for CFDs.


Overall, Commission rates decrease with trading volume and account levels, allowing aggressive traders to save money. Additionally, commissions on instruments like Mutual Funds start from $0. 


Overnight Fees

Saxo Bank charges an overnight financing fee for holding positions, especially leveraged ones like CFDs, beyond trading day. This fee represents interest costs and is calculated using market interest rates plus a Saxo-specific markup, with precise rates varying per instrument and account tier. 


Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Depositing money into Saxo Bank accounts is usually free, but your bank may charge fees. Withdrawal costs vary based on method and location. Saxo Bank aims for affordable withdrawals, but location-specific charges should be verified before requesting withdrawals. 


Inactivity Fees

Overall, Saxo Bank does not charge inactivity fees on dormant accounts. 


Currency Conversion Fees

Saxo Bank’s currency conversion fee policy ensures traders pay reasonable prices. Conversions are done at the Forex spot mid-price, usually within 0.25 per cent of the market rate. This charge is not applied to leverage collateral but to real trading-related payments.  


Overall, traders can easily monitor conversion rates using the Trades Executed report on Saxo Bank’s platforms, increasing transparency and control over their operations. 


Does Saxo Bank charge overnight fees for holding positions?

Yes, Saxo Bank charges overnight financing fees for holding positions beyond the trading day, which vary per instrument and account tier.


Does Saxo Bank offer discounts on fees for high-volume traders?

Yes, commission rates decrease with trading volume and account levels, allowing high-volume traders to enjoy lower fees and reduced trading costs.


Leverage and Margin 

Saxo Bank traders must ensure their accounts have sufficient funds or collateral to cover the first margin requirement, a small proportion of the contract’s total value. Additionally, this requirement is specified on the product trading rates and conditions page or the trading platform.


Market changes may require a quick funds infusion to maintain open positions. Therefore, to avoid closing positions, traders must diligently fulfil margin requirements and manage their accounts to avoid exceeding 100% margin use. This is crucial because exceeding 100% margin use could result in automatic margin close-outs and order cancellations.


How does Saxo Bank calculate margin requirements?

Saxo Bank specifies margin requirements based on the product trading rates and conditions, ensuring traders have sufficient funds or collateral to cover their positions.


Can I adjust leverage levels on my Saxo Bank account?

Indeed, traders can adjust leverage levels within the parameters set by Saxo Bank, offering them the flexibility to tailor their positions to their risk tolerance and trading strategies.


Educational Resources 

Saxo Bank offers the following educational resources: 

➡️Platform Video Guides – Overall, The tutorials guide users through the entire process of using Saxo Bank’s systems, from placing orders to analysis, ensuring they can effectively navigate the platforms and utilize all available tools for their trading strategy. 

➡️Introduction to Trading (Courses) – Saxo Bank, in addition to providing trading services, also offers e-learning courses that teach the fundamentals of financial products and markets. These brief, step-by-step courses contain videos, interactive activities, and quizzes, allowing customers to learn and explore markets at their own pace.

➡️Risk Management Rules – Additionally, Saxo teaches how to take strategies to the next level by controlling the risks connected with positions and investments.

➡️Trade Inspiration – Saxo uses articles, films, and podcasts to deliver insights and updates on the latest market movements.

➡️Podcasts – Additionally, The “Market Call Podcast” contains regular talks from the SaxoStrats team about current market developments. This is a wonderful opportunity for traders to remain current on market developments and learn from Saxo’s specialists. 

➡️Events and Webinars – In addition, Saxo Bank hosts several events and webinars to provide an overview of forthcoming market trends, trading tactics, and financial insights.

➡️SaxoStrats – Overall, The site enables customers to meet Saxo’s team of experts and read their most recent writings.


How frequently does Saxo Bank publish new articles and podcasts? 

Saxo Bank regularly publishes fresh trade ideas, insights, and updates on market movements. Overall, this information, delivered through articles, films, and podcasts, ensures clients stay informed about the latest market developments.


Are Saxo Bank’s educational resources suitable for both beginner and experienced traders?

Indeed, Saxo Bank’s educational resources cater to traders of all experience levels. For beginners, they offer foundational knowledge, while more experienced traders can access advanced insights to refine their strategies.


Saxo Bank Pros & Cons 

✔️ Pros❌ Cons
You can use instructional resources to improve your trading knowledge and abilitiesLow-volume traders and those that trade certain instruments may find Saxo's fees higher than those of rivals
Traders can choose between SaxoTraderGO (web-based) and SaxoTraderPRO (desktop), which are both praised for their comprehensive tools and featuresThe sheer number of product options might be intimidating for inexperienced investors
Clients can benefit from narrow spreads and cheaper fees as their trading activity grows, particularly with Platinum and VIP accountsYou must mainly purchase full shares, which may be prohibitively expensive for small budgets or dollar-cost-averaging strategies
There is access to detailed market research, news, insights, webinars, and trading strategiesFutures and options could have complicated cost structures
Saxo Bank is a well-regulated worldwide bank with a strong reputation in the financial industryLeveraged trading bears significant risk since losses may be compounded


Security Measures 

Overall, Saxo Bank, is a Danish bank committed to ensuring the safety and security of its customers’ money and personal information. Therefore this ensures integrity and security in all customer interactions.


Moreover, Its business philosophy prioritizes the safety of customer funds and has robust anti-money laundering procedures to combat financial crimes.  


Saxo Bank’s trading systems have extensive security protections to safeguard customer data and financial operations. The bank also educates customers on trading dangers to ensure they are well-informed and prepared to trade responsibly.  


Overall, These robust safety and security procedures demonstrate Saxo Bank’s dedication to safeguarding its customers and their money. 


Do reputable financial agencies regulate Saxo Bank?

Indeed, Saxo Bank is regulated by various respected financial agencies worldwide, further demonstrating its commitment to compliance and transparency in the financial industry.


What is Saxo Bank’s stance on financial crimes?

Saxo Bank prioritizes the safety and integrity of clients’ funds. Therefore, it maintains strong standards for client money security and has implemented robust anti-money laundering procedures to combat financial crimes.


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Overall Saxo Bank is a leading Forex and CFD broker offering a diverse trading environment suitable for all levels of traders. Therefore its platform offers access to over 71,000 financial instruments across various asset classes.  


Furthermore, Saxo’s commitment to transparency and security is evident through its regulatory compliance across multiple countries. 


For more information on FXLeaders.


Saxo Bank is a renowned Fintech company that links traders to investment possibilities in global capital markets. They provide diverse trading products, such as stocks, ETFs, FX, CFDs, commodities, bonds, options, and futures.

Withdrawals at Saxo Bank normally take 0 to 2 business days for local transfers such as MEPS in SGD and 1 to 5 business days for international wire transfers, depending on individual bank processing periods and restrictions.

Saxo Bank’s costs vary based on the product, account type, and trading volume. Spreads on EUR/USD typically begin at 0.4 pips, while fees on mutual funds begin at $0. 

Saxo Bank does not define a uniform minimum deposit for all account types; the requirement varies according to the account type and the client’s geographic area. However, the Classic Account typically has no minimum deposit requirement.

Yes, Saxo Bank is regarded as a safe broker, since it is regulated by various respectable financial agencies throughout the globe. It also maintains strong standards for client money security and transparency.

Saxo Bank provides two trading systems, SaxoTraderGO (web-based) and SaxoTraderPRO (desktop). Both platforms are sophisticated and feature-rich, but SaxoTraderPRO is better suited to advanced traders. 

Saxo Bank offers traders diverse financial products, including 185 FX spot pairs, over 8,800 CFDs, over 23,500 stocks across 50 worldwide exchanges, commodities, futures, FX options, listed options, over 7,000 ETFs, and bonds from 26 countries. 

Saxo Bank is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has offices in 15 countries, indicating a significant worldwide presence in the financial markets.

No, Saxo Bank mainly trades in full shares, which may be unsuitable for individuals with minimal funds.

You can connect with Saxo Bank customer service by phone, email, or live chat. 

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