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Live Commodities Prices: Get Commodities Prices in Real-Time from FX Leaders
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About Commodity Prices

What Are Live Commodity Prices?

The FX Leaders’ Live Commodity Prices portal provides all the information you need for making informed decisions when trading key commodities. This is where you will find all the vital data you need in order to trade over 10 commodities, in just a few clicks. Access the real-time commodities rates and get an in-depth understanding of what is moving the market, with analyses by our veteran traders,who are located across key markets worldwide. Here, you’ll find all the information you require to trade the volatile commodities’ market with confidence.

How to Read Live Commodity Prices

The Live Commodity Prices brought to you by FX Leaders contains a list of the asset, its current price, percentage change from the opening rate, its price when the market opened on the day and the highest and lowest rates it touched during the current trading session. The table also points to any available trade ideas for the particular commodity.Our Live Rates’ section also offers an outlook on the commodities over multiple time-frames – 5 minutes, 15 minutes, hourly and daily – offering you buy or sell recommendations over these periods of time. You also have the option of trading the commodity at the click of just one button in the Action column, which will link you to your broker, so you can place your trade on a specific commodity directly from this page. Finally, we also provide the option of adding the commodity to your watchlist by clicking on the star at the end of the row. Once selected, the star will appear in green, indicating that the commodity is now part of your watchlist.

What Can Live Commodities Prices be Used for?

In addition to real-time rates, one of the most powerful tools every trader needs is access to the price chart of any instrument he or she wishes to trade. Fortunately for you, FX Leaders provides you with access to price charts for commodities. This not only allows you to monitor fluctuations in rates, but also enables you to perform technical analyses across a multitude of time-frames, and you can even customize it. Pick the type of chart you wish to analyse, select the time-frame and even compare multiple commodities and instruments on a single chart, all in real-time, directly from here.The live rates and real-time charting applications give you a sense of potential price action and volatility within the commodities’ market. Armed with this information, you can rest assured that you will place more confident trades, no matter how volatile the markets get.

How Do FX Leaders Commodity Live Prices Work?

FX Leaders publishes real-time bid and ask rates for more than different kinds of commodities, from the popular metals, such as gold and silver, to UK Brent oil and US WTI oil, and more. The commodities’ live rates are closely followed by our team of analysts, who use this data to perform market analyses and to come up with valid trade ideas for the commodities’ market. The FX Leaders’ commodities live rates are updated every five seconds, to provide you with the most current information, so that you can enter a trade at just the right moment and generate the most ROI on your trade idea. Our live rates section, which furnishes data from global liquidity providers in the commodities’ space, is a great place to refer to when you need an accurate quote on the price of popular commodities.
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