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Dogecoin Price (DOGE/USD)

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Trading Feed
Dogecoin, the internet's favorite Shiba Inu-powered cryptocurrency, has been making headlines again with a recent price surge Full Article
4 wks
Dogecoin has been retreating since topping just below $0.16 but it is finding support at the 200 daily SMA and there might be a bounce comin
1 yr
2 yrs
Over the last week, the price of Dogecoin has been rising. The coin gained double digits in the previous seven days, rising by nearly 20%.
2 yrs
2 yrs
As the bulls regained strength over the last few days, several cryptocurrencies saw relief. Dogecoin has risen by 8% in the previous 24 hour
2 yrs
Dogecoin (DOGE) is displaying signs of bearish trading, weighed down by the somewhat uncertain and cautious mood towards cryptos in general
2 yrs
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About Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin has performed very well this year, skyrocketing from obscurity to becoming a real contender in the crypto market. It has seen increases of as much as 300% in a 24-hour period and has impressed with a 28,000% year-to-date return.

Dogecoin is very popular right now, even if its value does not place it very high in the overall ranking of digital assets. What it has going for it is increasing popularity that is providing incredible returns, and the overall value is moving upward at an exceptional rate.

This asset is a great investment at the moment, but its popularity could shift at any time, according to market analysts. The fact that it is doing so well is considered a fluke rather than an ongoing trend that is expected to continue. This may change in time as more platforms and investors start to take Dogecoin seriously.

Dogecoin Breakdown

While many cryptocurrencies are limited as to how many of them can be created, there is no limit to the number of Dogecoins that can be created. This digital asset does not have an intrinsic value then, because there is the risk of the market being flooded with the currency, which could impact its long-term prospects.

Dogecoin needs to be mined in order for there to be more of it, and mining is done through a process of computers confirming and checking transactions. These coins are usually mined through a community effort, and the new coins are added to the existing blockchain of coins, with one of the contributing community members awarded the coins. Being the one to get the coin is much like winning the lottery- it can come down to chance rather than any measure of skill or effort.

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Dogecoin History

This cryptocurrency famously started off as a joke to satirize cryptocurrency, created by software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus. It gets its name from an internet meme and has been around since 2013. Over the years, it received support from celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, which has helped propel it to where it is today.

Major digital asset platforms did not take Dogecoin seriously for a long time, but that has changed recently. It is now being traded on a number of platforms because of the huge spike in interest investors have shown in the coin since the beginning of the year.

Dogecoin has been helped along by economic factors like stimulus checks going out. Many people are buying the coin as an investment now rather than just as a joke or a way to stick it to the other cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin gained extensive support from internet forums like Reddit that have worked as a community to popularize the asset at a speed most other cryptos have not enjoyed.

Dogecoin Price Factors

Dogecoin is a comparatively young cryptocurrency and has not been around long enough to remain very stable. It is considered a volatile asset, meaning it could drastically drop or increase with little warning.

Dogecoin can be affected by a change in the value of the major currencies, particularly the US dollar. It can also be affected by economic events, like an improvement in the global economy or a shortage of PC components used to mine Dogecoins.The US stimulus checks that have been released since 2020 have greatly impacted Dogecoin and allowed many people to invest in the asset who otherwise would not take a chance on it.

Dogecoin also has a lot of room to grow, since it is now just becoming a mainstream digital asset. It may hit its peak in the near future and start to level out, but for now, there is only room to increase, especially because of how healthy the cryptocurrency market is right now.

Dogecoin Trading

Since Dogecoin can be very volatile and hard to predict, investors need to be careful about how they trade. They should rely on expert analysis and predictions to make their trades, and the volatile nature of the asset means that long term trading is definitely the way to go with this asset.

Many Dogecoin traders rely on our expert analysis like our live updates and forecasts to help them make a buying or selling decision with this cryptocurrency. Because the currency is just now starting to be traded on some major platforms, it can be very tough to predict how long it will retain its value and how it might fluctuate. It is important that investors look at the forecasts of experienced traders and market analysts to determine if Dogecoin is a good investment choice for them.

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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that is not controlled by any central bank and is not backed by a government. It can be distributed digitally. Dogecoin was created as a joke by software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus.

How can I trade Dogecoin?

Dogecoin can be traded through price brokers or online exchanges. It can be purchased with fiat currency, such as your local currency, like US dollars or Canadian loonies.

How can I store Dogecoin?

The cryptocurrency can be stored in a digital wallet, like the official Dogecoin wallet or in third party wallets.

What can you buy with Dogecoin?

People will trade physical items for Dogecoin in online communities, and it can be used to buy other cryptocurrency or be cashed out for fiat money.

Is it legal to buy Dogecoin?

Yes, Dogecoin is legal to purchase in most countries. Be warned that many countries do not currently have any legal framework set up to regulate cryptocurrencies, so laws regarding them could change at any time.

Is Dogecoin regulated in the UK?

The only regulation that any cryptocurrency experiences in the UK, including Dogecoin, is in regards to money laundering.

What are the risks in trading Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is considered volatile, and the value could increase or decrease at any time, unexpectedly. It is very possible to lose your investment if the market shifts dramatically, and digital currency can be stolen in ways that fiat currency cannot.