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News Feed and Market Analysis

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USD/JPY was retracing lower in the last few hours. But it is forming a reversal pattern now so we decided to make use of it and go... Full Article

2 hours

During the London session, the WTI crude oil jumped dramatically by 1.24% after Saudi Arabia symbolized it was satisfied with a higher... Full Article

3 hours

The forex market has been sort of uncertain in the last few days. The prices have been all over the place and I think it will be like this.. Full Article

3 hours

The lack of economic events is causing a thin trading volume and volatility in the market. Which is why the market isn't moving much but... Full Article

4 hours

This hasn't impacted our EUR/GBP signal and we are still in a good position. Recently, the EUR/GBP broke out of the asymmetric triangle... Full Article

5 hours

Gold has completed 61.8% Fibonacci retracement at $1,197 and investors are confused about the next move. Well, the violation of $1,197 on.. Full Article

6 hours

BTC/USD - Technical Levels Support     Resistance 6134.24        6438.4 6019.8          6628.12 5715.64        6932.28 Key Trading Level: 6 Full Article

8 hours

The forex market traded in a thin trading range in the absence of major catalysts. The Sterling and the Euro soared against the U.S. dollar, Full Article

8 hours

Markets started the day with a shaky start, as US President Trump officially announced the next round of trade tariffs against China. Full Article

11 hours

The AUD/USD would normally be heavily focused on the RBA minutes, but given the news of the day, it appears that might need to take a back s Full Article

12 hours

We’ve just officially got word that the next round of tariffs are officially set to begin on September 24 on $200 billion worth of Chinese e Full Article

15 hours

It has been a challenging open to the trading week for the USD. Losses against the EUR, GBP and Swiss franc have highlighted the session. Full Article

19 hours

October WTI crude oil has started the trading week on a moderately bearish note. Price is off 25 cents per barrel, beneath the $69.00 handle Full Article

20 hours

Perhaps the events scheduled for this week will prompt an EUR/USD move. Tuesday features a speech from ECB President Draghi. Full Article

22 hours

Today, markets were calm but we got a tweet from the US President praising the tariffs and the markets got moving. Full Article

23 hours

It has been a quiet Monday morning on Wall Street. U.S. indices have opened flat, with limited participation contributing to tight ranges. Full Article

23 hours

Some strategies work better than others. I have been in this business for some time so I can suggest a few forex strategies that work... Full Article

1 day

The common currency Euro gains support after the release of final CPI data. The euro area annual inflation rate was 2.0% in August 2018.... Full Article

1 day

Recently, we have seen some cooling off of the trade war. But last week, Trump went back at it asking for more tariffs n china, which hurt.. Full Article

1 day

The financial markets are bit slow today due to lack of major economic catalysts. Likewise, the GBP/JPY is also struck in a sideways channel Full Article

1 day
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