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Forex signals are a simple and effective way to profit from the markets, especially when following professional traders who know what they’re doing. These suggestions guide you to maximize your trading profits. Following good forex trading signals requires minimal effort and only a little bit of know-how. Learn why forex trading signals are beneficial to both fundamental and technical forex traders and why forex signals are an essential tool for your trading.


Introduction to the Forex Signals Industry

Many traders use forex signal services or read what other traders are thinking. Forex signals are similar to social trading, they allow traders of all levels to get a better understanding of what other experienced analysts are thinking and doing. Full Article

Forex Signals Testimonials

FX Leaders has have been offering an outstanding Forex signals services since 2012. We measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction and work day and night to make sure our customers are happy with the signals service we provide. Read what other traders think of our free forex signal service. Full Article

Forex Signals For Fundamental Traders

Traders that trade short-term trades find forex signals very useful. On the other hand, fundamental traders who place trades for longer time-frames sometimes feel that trading signals are not for them. This is not so, trading signals are relevant for fundamental traders as well. Full Article

Forex Signals for Technical Traders

Technical trading is good on its own but to really become a great trader you must take the fundamentals into account. This is why forex signals are so important, our analysts take both the technicals and fundamentals into account when generating new signals. Full Article

How to Use Free Daily Forex Signals

One of the most powerful ways to trade the market is by using forex trading signals. Forex signals may be a new concept for you but, if used correctly, using forex signals has the potential to grow your trading account at a steady pace. Full Article

Patience Isn’t Always a Virtue – Closing Signals Manually

When we begin trading we are told to stick to our trading plan, we are not supposed to cut winning trades short, we should let the price reach the predetermined take profit. This is true most of the times but there are cases when you should close a forex signal before it hits the take profit. Learn when to close trades manually. Full Article

How to choose the Best Forex Signals App

Forex trading signals apps are increasing in popularity. Therefore, it’s vital to team up with an outstanding team of traders and analysts to provide you with the best forex signals. Learn more about FX Leaders forex signals app and why it is so popular. Full Article

How to Make the Most of Forex Signals

Learn how to maximize your trading when following FX Leaders forex signals. You control your trading account, the FX Leaders signals are only recommendations. Should you extend the take profit or stop loss or remove them completely. Learn to pick better entry levels and how to scale in or out of trades. Full Article

FX Leaders’ Gold signals

Learn to trade gold with FX Leaders trading signals. Our seasoned analysts are constantly scouting the market for gold signals. Once a signal is opened you need to move fast – get acquainted with FX Leaders signals page so you won’t waste time when a new signal is opened. Full Article

Algo Trading: the Basis for Automated Trading

Trading in the financial markets used to be carried out verbally or visually by the traders on the exchange floors. Nowadays, trading is almost entirely computerized. Algorithmic trading takes is to the next level. Which trading strategies are ideal for algo trading? Full Article

Develop your own auto trading algorithm in 4 steps

Building an algorithmic trading strategy can be done. The first thing to do is find a winning strategy and understand it well enough to translate it into an algorithm. Then you need to backtest it to make sure it works over time. And always remember to maintain the algo to make sure it is working within the set parameters. Full Article

Forex Algorithmic Trading – First Quadrant Case Study

Learn more about First Quadrant’s algorithmic trading strategy. This hedge fund only traded currencies using a fair value model. Full Article

Algo trading – How New Startups Can Beat the Large Hedge Funds

Being big does not always mean that you are the best. See how some new startups have been able to outperform some of the largest hedge funds. Full Article

Forex signals – Auto vs. Manual

The forex industry has evolved throughout the years and with it the forex signals industry.  Some of the signal services provide computer generated signals while others are man-made. What type of signals do you want to trade? Full Article

High-frequency Trading Signals: Definition and their Advantages and Disadvantages

High-frequency trading (HFT) signals are now available thanks to low latency and super fast computers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of trading? Full Article

Using Bots in Forex Trading – Does it Actually Work?

In this age of automation, we’ve become extremely dependent on technology in nearly all walks of life. So, why should trading be left behind? And that’s why many investors and trading companies use forex bots (or forex trading robots) and Algo-trading, for automating the process of trading. Full Article

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