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The GBP/USD is trading strongly bearish to trade above 1.3000, the lowest levels since the first week of September 2018. Basically, there... Full Article

1 h

Today the economic calendar is but lite and there any very few events to trade. Let's discuss these real quick... Full Article

2 h

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has finally rapt up his testimony to Congress on Wednesday. Which means we can now look to the eco Full Article

4 h

The AUD/USD and the commodity currencies were higher on Wednesday thanks to a bit of a surprise rally in crude oil. It was a nice bit of rel Full Article

5 h

Crude Oil was the interesting story of Wednesday trade in my opinion. The market has flicked into bear mode and not only that we had a big b Full Article

7 h

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell headed to Congress for day two of his testimony. Yesterday, he was a little more optimistic which Full Article

8 h

Perhaps the most significant move on today’s forex has been the failure of the USD/CHF to sustain trade above par. Full Article

13 h

Given the lagging performance of May and early June, July has been a welcome reprieve for cryptocurrency bulls. Full Article

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GBP/USD Trades Under Pressure - 3 Things to Co...
GBP/USD Trades Under Pressure - 3 Things to Consider Today
1 hour
Forex Signals Brief for July 19: The Pound Under Pressure
4 hours
Markets on Thursday: USD Tackles Resistance
8 hours
14 h
14 h

When it comes to the global crude oil trade, the weekly inventory cycle is always a newsmaker. Today’s EIA number lived up to the hype. Full Article

16 h

The USD has been enjoying some good times recently. Yesterday it caught some strong bids putting the Buck on an uptrend but it is retracing. Full Article

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Today's session marks the beginning of mid-week trade, with a third consecutive quiet open on Wall Street. Full Article

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Forex Signals Brief for July 19: The Pound Und...
Forex Signals Brief for July 19: The Pound Under Pressure
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Today is an inflation day in Europe. The main CPI inflation number remained unchanged at 2% which is the target for the ECB. Full Article

18 h

Yesterday we had a forex signal in USD/JPY. We bought this pair last Friday as it was retracing lower. That trade lasted a few days. Full Article

20 h

The inflation in the UK has been pretty upbeat. It peaked at around 3% last year but the trend has turned bearish now. Full Article

21 h

Gold prices continue to trade lower to hover near a one-year low as the greenback recovered following Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome... Full Article

22 h

It's been another volatile another volatile day as the U.K. labor market observed wages growing in line with forecast. Whereas, the... Full Article

24 h

It’s another big day on the economic calendar, particularly for the U.K. as June’s inflation figures are listed for release. Let's take a... Full Article

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