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The sharpness of Friday’s sell-off in June gold futures came as a surprise, given the uncertainty surrounding U.S./China trade negotiations.
3 h
Despite the falling yields in short-term government debt, June USD Index futures are hanging tough near last week’s highs.
4 h
For almost the entirety of May, the Loonie has rotated between 1.3500 and 1.3400 and choppy daily price action has been the norm.
6 h
USD/JPY has been bearish in the last two weeks but the trend might change if MAs hold on the H4 chart
6 h
After a strong rally last Tuesday through Thursday, June E-mini DOW futures have resumed the month-long bearish trend.
7 h
The sentiment improved somewhat last week, but it has turned negative again today on trade war escalation
8 h
That the US-China trade tensions are heating up are evident from comments being made by representatives on both sides to the media.
9 h
Gold prices also eased over after China state-run media showed excitement about the progress of trade agreement with Washington and also...
9 h
European stock markets had a shaky start to the trading week as semiconductor companies' stock prices fell lower.
10 h
NZD/USD has retraced higher during the Asian session, but the retrace is complete now and we decided to go short on this pair Full Article
10 h
US stock index was slightly lower, as concerns about an intensifying fallout from a U.S. crackdown on Huawei. Watch out EPS this week...
    10 h
    Stock markets retraced lower this month, but Dax30 found solid support at the 50 SMA and bounced higher from there
    10 h
    More European businesses are being forced to transfer technology in order to access Chinese markets.
    11 h
    Bank of England Inflation Report

    During these hearings, the BOE Governor and several MPC members testify on inflation and the economi... Full Article

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    A surprising victory of the conservative coalition in the elections helped AUD/USD surge to four-month highs.
    12 h
    The OECD has downgraded global economic growth outlook for 3019 from 3.9% to 3.1%.
    13 h

    New Active Signal

    12 h
    NZD/USD Sell
    Stop Loss: 0.6585
    Take Profit: 0.6515
    Shorting the Pullback in NZD/USD
    Shorting the Pullback in NZD/USD
    10 hours
    New signal
    12 h
    12 h
    The downtrend has lost pace in EUR/USD, but the 20 SMA keeps pushing this pair lower
    13 h
    British PM Theresa May's tweaked version of the Brexit deal offers very little changes.
    13 h
    Rising trade war and geopolitical tensions are expected to cause European stock markets to experience a mixed session
    14 h


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