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The volatility in gold over the past 24 hours is indicative of just how sensitive investors are at the present time.
9 h
If .9800 is taken out in the USD/CHF, look for a test of July’s opening GAP between .9779 and .9974 to come sooner rather than later.
10 h
The daily uptrend in the September USD Index remains valid, as rates are holding firm above the 38% Current Wave Retracement (96.495).
12 h
the USD turned pretty bearish last night after Williams' dovish comments, but Bullard has reversed it back up
12 h
The S&P 500 is back in the neighborhood of all-time highs, a welcomed sight for equities bulls following a challenging four days of trade.
13 h
The 50 and 100 SMAs have been keeping EUR/GBP on a bullish trend, but the trend might be in danger now that these MAs have been broken
14 h

Retail sales turned negative in November as the report released in January showed. Headline retail s... Full Article

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According to UK's OBR, a no-deal Brexit could send UK's economy into recession, forcing it to contract by 2% in real terms by 2020.
15 h
South Korean businesses are pulling Japanese products off their shelves in a bid for a mass boycott as the trade dispute between South Korea
16 h
Gold showed strong bullish trends during the Asian session due to escalating concerns in the Middle East and mounting expectations of... Full Article
16 h
GBP/USD surged last night after Williams' dovish remarks, but he surge stalled at the 100 SMA and this pair is now reversing lower
16 h
US Treasury bond yields climbed higher on Friday over increased expectations for a rate cut by the Fed.
17 h
EUR/USD surged on Williams' comments yesterday, but it stopped at the 1.1280 resistance and Bullards comments are pushing it down now
17 h
The US earnings season has made its market on European stock markets, as a disappointing earnings report from SAP pulled European stocks low
17 h
Japan's core CPI slipped to its lowest levels in two years during June at +0.6% YoY, when compared with +0.8% in May. This is the weakest .. Full Article
18 h
The International Energy Agency (IEA) doesn’t anticipate WTI to surge significantly as the demand is slowing and there is an excess in...
18 h
USD/CAD has been on a big bullish trend, but it has retraced lower and now it is struggling at the 50 SMA on the monthly chart
19 h
Thursday was a good day for the Pound after several days of weakness over Brexit uncertainties, with GBP/USD gaining some ground over a
19 h
The U.S. dollar slipped dramatically during the previous session as traders seem to price in Federal Reserve officials propped expectations.
20 h
An increased possibility of aggressive rate cuts by the Fed have caused US stock futures to surge higher early on Friday morning.
20 h


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