The week got underway on a relatively quiet note. While the concerns around the trade wars are still lingering, the USD didn’t fall away all Full Article

1 h

The EUR/USD started its slow road to recovery on Monday. The shared currency has crawled off the canvas, but there is still plenty of work t Full Article

2 h

The AUD/USD has struggled as the new week opened. It was the weakest performer in Monday trade and by the sounds of things that will be plea Full Article

3 h

Last Friday’s session marked an epic sell-off in August gold futures. Bearish participation drove price to a session loss of 239 ticks. Full Article

10 h

Amid a sliding stock market, the USD has hung in there against the majors for this Monday forex session. Full Article

12 h

Trade war fears have dominated the early market headlines, with U.S./China economic tensions ramping up over the weekend. Full Article

13 h

Today, we are seeing Oil buyers put up a fight which so far looks pretty decent. If you have missed, we highlighted the OPEC situation... Full Article

14 h

Today, financial markets have been pretty quiet. They situation seems little changed from Friday when the markets took a break after... Full Article

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We just opened a sell forex signal in NZD/USD. There are a number of reasons for this trade, some of them technical and some of them fund... Full Article

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Forex Signals Brief for June 19: Will Draghi C...
Forex Signals Brief for June 19: Will Draghi Continue to Hurt the Euro?
1 hour
Forex Signals US Session Brief, June 18 – The Market Sentiment Remains Negative
15 hours
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Last week we opened a buy forex signal in USD/JPY. This forex pair has been on an uptrend for two weeks and it was recovering... Full Article

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The US Dollar is advancing this morning. It was pulling back on Friday after the massive attack on Thursday last week when the Buck gained c Full Article

20 h

Last week was all about the economic data releases and it goes to show you just how important they are. In what was probably the biggest sur Full Article

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Last week was a stark reminder of just how important the fundamentals are for trading. We had a host of announcements including the ECB, FOM Full Article

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The EUR/USD was certainly in focus last week and it was Mario Draghi that did the most damage. All the talk in the lead up to the ECB meetin Full Article

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Friday was yet another rollercoaster ride for forex markets as US President Trump did what he does best and shook things up. He announced $5 Full Article

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On Friday we saw some strange price action. The price of WTI US Oil fell nearly $3, while at the same time Crude Oil tumbled $30 lower. Full Article

2 d

There’s been plenty of talk of tariffs in recent weeks. And that really ramped up on Friday as US President Donald Trump announced that he w Full Article

2 d

Friday’s pre-OPEC session brought sellers to the market in droves, driving price to test the $64.25 handle. Full Article

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