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Since July 10, the Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen from $13,200 to $9,684, with major cryptocurrency exchanges, recording a 26.6% drop within... Full Article

9 hours

David Marcus, Head of Calibra, was grilled by the Senate Banking Committee about potential privacy and regulatory challenges foreseen by the Full Article

12 hours

Central Banks all around the world are predominantly facing the same sort of worries about inflation as overall, the global economy is facin Full Article

13 hours

Bitcoin has been getting a bit of whack in the last few sessions and at the moment it is the US Government handing out the belting. Full Article

15 hours

At the moment, it appears markets are still trying to decide whether the looming interest rate cuts are a good or bad thing. For the most pa Full Article

17 hours

Today all the attention early on will be out of the UK as we get a clearer insight into the state of the economy with the employment report. Full Article

2 days

The expected correction of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market finally started last week, after Bitcoin went for a re-test of the previous Full Article

2 days

Bitcoin reversed lower again and it is heading to $10,000 now where we plan to buy if we see reversing signs Full Article

2 days

Jerome Powell and the USD were the main stories all last week and the Greenback ended sharply lower after the odds of a rate cut ramped righ Full Article

2 days

Bitcoin was up and now it's back down. A familiar story for many crypto traders, but this one has gotten some more to it as the weekend has Full Article

3 days

On Thursday, Trump demanded that cryptocurrencies be subject to US and global regulations before seeking a banking charter. Full Article

5 days

On the fundamentals side, we need to look for economic events from China, Eurozone, and the U.S. Although these are low impact, these may... Full Article

5 days

Jerome Powell has finally finished speaking to Congress and hopefully, markets have now fully absorbed all that information. Full Article

5 days

Since Wednesday’s sell-off, Bitcoin has put in a solid rebound. Prices are well off of intraday lows and back on the doorstep of $12,000. Full Article

6 days

This week has really only been about one thing - Jerome Powell and the looming interest rate cuts in the US. Full Article

6 days