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Trump stated on Monday that Iran would be met with "great force" if it targets American concerns in the Middle East region. Full Article

10 hours

Rising tensions between US and Iran are causing WTI crude oil prices to climb higher. Full Article

12 hours

WTI crude oil prices continued to rise over heightened tensions in the Middle East compounded concerns about disruption in oil supply Full Article

5 days

WTI crude oil prices continued their rise for the third consecutive day over rising tensions in the Middle East.. Full Article

6 days

Iran is also considering retaliatory measures against the US's plan to ban Iran's oil exports. Full Article

1 week

Trump has announced new sanctions on Iran, this time on industrial metals. Full Article

2 Wks.

The US introduced sanctions against Iran on Monday, replacing standards lifted under a 2015 nuclear deal arranged by the administration... Full Article

7 Mo.

Oil prices soared in the Asian session, supported by signs that the U.S. sanctions on Iran are already reducing global crude supply.... Full Article

9 Mo.