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We sold crude Oil at $81.50s last week and today the trade is looking good as Oil reverses down on lower stock markets Full Article

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Stock markets have turned bullish as central banks slow on rate hikes which is improving the sentiment, but Metaverse crashed on lower EPS Full Article

5 M

Stock markets are continuing the decline this week and we are looking to sell S&P500 on a retrace higher Full Article

6 M

The retreat in stock markets seems to have stalled and we decided to buy S&P500 as it was finding support at the 100 daily SMA Full Article

7 M

Stock markets are starting to reverse lower today, and DAX30 opened with a bearish gap this morning Full Article

8 M

Inflation is showing signs of cooling off, which is keeping the sentiment positive for stock markets Full Article

8 M

We sold DAX30 several days ago during the retrace to the 50 SMA on the H4 chart and are keeping the trade open as US CPI inflation jumps Full Article

9 M

Stock markets have opened with a bearish gap lower this morning but have retraced higher, although we're keeping the sell signal in DAX30 Full Article

9 M

We are long on S&P500 and are hoping that today's bullish reversal pushes the price above the 20 SMA which has acted as resistance Full Article

10 M

Risk assets are seeing a bounce today, with stock markets and cryptocurrencies reversing higher Full Article

11 M

US WTI crude oil heads back toward $100 as worries about the global economic growth increase Full Article

11 M

We decided to buy Dow Jones as stock markets have begun the bullish reversal after Powell took off the table a 75 bps rate hike yesterday Full Article

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Twitter shares jumped nearly 25% at the beginning of April as Elon Much acquired 9.2% of Twitter, but now he is attempting a full takeover Full Article

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