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InstaForex Review

Edited by: Louis Schoeman

InstaForex Review

Overall, InstaForex is considered a low risk, with an overall Trust Score of 84 out of 100. They are licensed by one Tier-1 Regulator (high trust), one Tier-2 Regulator (average trust), and two Tier-3 Regulators (low trust). They offer traders four retail accounts, namely Insta.Standard, Insta.Eurica, Cent.Standard, and Cent.Eurica. 


InstaForex Review – 13 key points quick overview:

  1. ☑️Overview
  2. ☑️At a Glance
  3. ☑️InstaForex Account Types
  4. ☑️How To Open an InstaForex Account
  5. ☑️InstaForex Deposit & Withdrawal Options
  6. ☑️Trading Instruments & Products
  7. ☑️InstaForex Trading Platforms and Software
  8. ☑️InstaForex Spreads and Fees
  9. ☑️Leverage and Margin
  10. ☑️Educational Resources
  11. ☑️InstaForex Pros & Cons
  12. ☑️Security Measures
  13. ☑️Conclusion




InstaForex, founded in 2007 in the British Virgin Islands, has grown to become a worldwide forex powerhouse, with a customer of over 7 million traders.  

They are regulated by reputable institutions, including the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, and adhere to strict financial requirements. 

The brokerage is distinguished by its diverse product offerings, available across multiple platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebIFX, and InstaForex MobileTrader.  

It entices traders with competitive spreads starting at 0.0 pips and adjustable leverage up to an impressive 1:1000 ratio, ideal for profit maximization. The broker caters to ethical trading methods and offers Islamic accounts, satisfying the demands of a worldwide audience. 

What distinguishes the broker is its dedication to accessibility, with a minimum investment of just $1, enabling both rookie and experienced investors to engage in financial markets.  

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to teaching is shown by its extensive training resources designed to empower inexperienced traders. 

Overall, their dedication to customer service is unsurpassed, with 24-hour help accessible in many languages. Additionally, the brokerage’s ability to execute various trading methods, including scalping and hedging, demonstrates its responsiveness to changing market conditions. 


Do any financial authorities regulate InstaForex?

Yes, the broker is licensed by respectable agencies such as the FCA in the United Kingdom, CySEC in Cyprus, and others, assuring high transparency and safety for traders.


Are there any awards that InstaForex has won?

Throughout its history, they have garnered various accolades that recognize its expertise in customer service, innovative technology, and position as a top forex broker.


At a Glance

🗓 Established Year2007
⚖️ Regulation and LicensesBVI FSC, CySEC, FSA SVG, FCA
🪪 Ease of Use Rating5/5
📞 Support Hours24/5
💻 Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, WebIFX, InstaForex Multi-Terminal, InstaForex WebTrader, InstaTick Trader, InstaForex MobileTrader
🛍 Account TypesInsta.Standard, Insta.Eurica, Cent.Standard, Cent.Eurica
🤝 Base CurrenciesUSD, EUR
📊 SpreadsFrom 0.0 pips
📈 LeverageUp to 1:1000
💸 Currency Pairs110; minor, major, and exotic pairs
💳 Minimum Deposit1 USD
🚫 Inactivity FeeYes, 5 EUR after 3 months of inactivity
🗣 Website LanguagesEnglish, French, Malay, Dutch, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovakian, Polish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and more.
💰 Fees and CommissionsSpreads from 0.0 pips, commissions from 0.3%
✅ Affiliate ProgramYes
🏦 Banned CountriesThe United States
✔️ ScalpingYes
📉 HedgingYes
🎉 Trading InstrumentsForex, shares, indices, precious metals, energies, commodity futures, cryptocurrencies, InstaFutures
🎖 Open an AccountOpen Account


InstaForex Account Types 

InstaForex Account Types 

✅ AvailabilityAllAllAllAll
🛍 MarketsAllAllAllAll
💸 CommissionsNone; only the spread is chargedFrom 0.03% to 0.07%None; only the spread is chargedFrom 0.03% to 0.07%
💻 PlatformsAllAllAllAll
📊 Trade Size0.01 – 10,000 lots0.01 – 10,000 lots0.01 – 10,000 lots0.01 – 10,000 lots
📈 Leverage1:10001:10001:10001:1000
💰 Minimum Deposit1 USD1 USD1 USD1 USD
🎖 Open an AccountOpen AccountOpen AccountOpen AccountOpen Account


Insta.Standard Account

Overall, the Insta.Standard Account offers a highly adaptable trading experience catering to diverse approaches.  

The account encompasses spreads ranging from 3 to 7 pips and does not entail fees, enabling traders to calibrate their leverage and deposits per their unique trading objectives.  

An attractive characteristic of this product is its low minimum deposit requirement of $1, facilitating access for individuals at all competency levels within standard market norms.  

Moreover, the inherent flexibility of the account makes it an excellent choice for those seeking adaptability without additional transaction charges by being able to alter strategies as per evolving market conditions. 


Insta.Eurica Account

The “Insta.Eurica Account” offered is designed to cater to traders who prefer commission-based pricing.  

It offers a viable option for novice and experienced traders, with the added advantage of having no trade spreads coupled with low fees starting from 0.03%. The account is an uncomplicated trading solution that removes any need for spread calculation during position initiation. 

Therefore, it suits short-term strategies perfectly well. Moreover, this account has an affordable minimum deposit requirement of $1, making it simple and accessible for traders seeking clear market access at fair prices. 


Cent.Standard Account

The Cent. InstaForex’s Standard Account is an advantageous initiation point for beginner traders transitioning from demo trading to a live environment.  

Additionally, this type of account operates with cents, facilitating the psychological shift towards actual money transactions more smoothly.  

Moreover, its minimum deposit requirement is affordable while maintaining identical spreads found within Insta.Standard accounts – ultimately allowing beginners to trade with less risk involved.  

The similarities between this and regular accounts permit novice participants realistic exposure to Forex market activities while minimizing financial liabilities, thus offering a reasonable learning curve for those new to the industry. 


Cent.Eurica Account

Moreover, the Cent.Eurica Account offered shares akin to eligibility criteria as the standard Insta.Eurica account, with only a difference in its balance denominated in cents.  

The said account is an optimal fit for novices who seek to experiment with trading using actual funds without enduring significant financial hazards.  

Trading under this scheme incurs meagre commissions and no spreads, simplifying the trade process while enabling traders to concentrate on executing their plans seamlessly.  

It serves as a stepping stone between demo experimentation and undertaking full-fledged market participation, allowing inexperienced individuals first-hand exposure to real-world market circumstances and dynamics alike. 


InstaForex Demo Account

The Demo Account offered presents a valuable opportunity for traders to hone their skills and evaluate strategies using simulated funds. The account may be utilized indefinitely, enabling sustained practice without exposure to financial jeopardy.  

The platform closely replicates an authentic trading atmosphere, featuring leverage up to 1:1000 and coverage of diverse markets such as Forex and cryptocurrencies.  

This demo option proves particularly beneficial for aspiring participants seeking familiarity with platforms or portfolios while catering to accomplished traders exploring new methodologies in their professional pursuits. 


InstaForex Islamic Account

The Islamic Account offered caters to traders who adhere to the principles of Islamic finance. The account is structured in compliance with Sharia law, eliminating holding costs for positions held overnight and avoiding interest charges entirely as it is a swap-free account.  

This specialized account guarantees identical trading conditions as traditional accounts while maintaining the full functionality of the platform and access to markets. 

Available across all types of accounts, it is an especially useful tool for those requiring strict adherence to their religious customs while conducting trade activities. 


Can I open a demo account before trading live?

Yes, the broker provides an unlimited demo account, which allows traders to test methods and get acquainted with the platform without risking real money.


Can I trade in micro lots?

Yes, traders can conduct trading in micro lots with a minimum transaction size of 0.01 lots on both Insta.Standard and Insta.Eurica accounts.


How To Open an InstaForex Account 

To register an account, follow these steps: 

Step 1 – Click on the open an account button.

Begin the account registration procedure by visiting the InstaForex website and selecting the open an account option.

How To Open an InstaForex Account Step 1

Step 2 – Fill out the form.

Fill out the form with your personal information. 

How To Open an InstaForex Account Step 2


InstaForex Deposit & Withdrawal Options 

💳 Payment Method🏛 Country⚖️ Currencies Accepted⏰ Processing Time
Credit/Debit CardAllMulti-currency24 hours
Bank WireAllMulti-currency2 – 4 days
SkrillAllMulti-currency24 hours
AstroPayAllMulti-currency24 hours
CryptocurrencyAllBTC, LTC, USDT, ETH3 hours
Local Nigerian TransfersNigeriaNGN1 -2 days
Local Ghana TransfersGhanaUGX1 -2 days

Deposits Methods:

Bank Wire

✅Log into the Client Cabinet and go to the ‘Deposit’ area. 

✅Choose ‘Bank Wire’ from the available deposit choices. 

✅Fill out the deposit amount and banking details as prompted. 

✅Receive the banking information, to whom you will send funds. 

✅To begin a wire transfer, go to your bank’s website or branch and enter the banking details supplied. 

✅Confirm the transaction and wait for the credit to your trading account, which can take 2-4 business days. 


Credit or Debit Card

✅Access the Client Cabinet and navigate to the ‘Deposit’ section. 

✅Select ‘Credit/Debit Card’ from the list of deposit options. 

✅Enter the amount you wish to deposit and your card details. 

✅Confirm the information and complete the security verification if required. 

✅Submit the transaction for processing; the deposit should be reflected within 24 hours. 


Cryptocurrency Wallets

✅Log into your Client Cabinet on the site. 

✅Choose ‘Cryptocurrency’ from the deposit methods. 

✅Specify how much you wish to deposit. 

✅Obtain the unique crypto address issued by the broker for the transaction. 

✅Use your crypto wallet to transfer funds to the specified address. 

✅Finalize the transaction and anticipate the funds arriving in your trading account following the requisite network confirmations, typically taking 3 hours. 


e-Wallets or Payment Gateways

✅Log into the Client Cabinet and navigate to the ‘Deposit’ area. 

✅Choose your favourite e-wallet, such as Skrill, Neteller, or another applicable option. 

✅Input the deposit amount you want to send. 

✅You will be taken to your e-Wallet’s website to log in and confirm the transaction. 

✅Approve the deposit, and it should be immediately credited to your account. 


Withdrawals Methods:

Bank Wire

✅Enter the Client Cabinet and choose ‘Withdraw funds.’ 

✅Choose ‘Bank Wire’ from the withdrawal choices. 

✅Fill out the withdrawal form with the relevant banking information and amount. 

✅Review the details and validate your withdrawal request. 

✅Check your bank account for the receipt of funds, which may take several days, depending on bank processing schedules. 


Credit or Debit Cards

✅Access the Client Cabinet and go to the ‘Withdraw Funds’ section. 

✅Select the option to withdraw to a credit or debit card. 

✅Enter the withdrawal amount and card details for the account. 

✅Submit your withdrawal request and wait for the procedure to be completed, which might take up to 24 hours. 


Cryptocurrency Wallets

✅Log into the Client Cabinet and select ‘Withdraw Funds.’ 

✅If there are many crypto withdrawal methods available, choose one. 

✅Enter the money and your crypto wallet address. 

✅Please confirm the data and submit your withdrawal request. 

✅The funds should be sent to your cryptocurrency wallet within 3 hours, depending on how fast the cryptocurrency network is. 


e-Wallets or Payment Gateways

✅Sign in to the Client Cabinet and click ‘Withdraw Funds.’ 

✅Select the e-wallet or payment gateway that you used to deposit funds. 

✅Enter the withdrawal amount and any required e-wallet details. 

✅Confirm and submit the withdrawal request. 

✅The funds should appear in your e-wallet account quickly, usually within 24 hours. 


Are there any fees for depositing into an account?

No, the broker does not impose fees for deposits. However, verifying whether your preferred payment method has any transaction costs is crucial.


Can I withdraw funds to a different payment method than the one I used to deposit?

No, to comply with anti-money laundering standards, the broker normally requires withdrawals to be made using the same payment method as the deposit.


Trading Instruments & Products 

The broker offers the following trading instruments and products: 

➡️Forex – The broker offers a wide choice of currency pairings, with over 110 alternatives for traders to participate in the forex market, including major, minor, and exotic pairs.

➡️Shares – With access to 2,000+ share CFDs, the broker allows traders to speculate on the performance of top firms’ stocks across many industries without holding the underlying shares, offering portfolio diversification. 

➡️Indices – With 16 indices accessible, their customers may trade on the performance of index groups from worldwide markets, providing broad market exposure and possibilities to profit from the aggregate movements of top-performing companies. 

➡️Precious Metals – The broker’s trading instruments include four precious metals, allowing traders to invest in commodities such as gold and silver, commonly regarded as safe-haven investments during market turbulence or inflationary pressures. 

➡️Energies – Traders can trade 17 energy commodities, including oil and gas, which are volatile markets impacted by geopolitical, environmental, and economic issues, creating considerable potential for traders wishing to profit from energy sector volatility. 

➡️Commodity Futures – They offer 50 commodity futures contracts, allowing traders to bet on future commodity prices, which may be used as a price hedge or speculative financial tool. 

➡️Cryptocurrencies – The broker allows trading in 13 different cryptocurrencies, allowing traders to participate in the booming digital currency market.

➡️InstaFutures – The broker offers two futures instruments that are special to their platform, allowing traders to trade on the future values of certain instruments.


Can I trade shares and indices through InstaForex?

Yes, the broker supports trading over 2,000 stocks and 16 indices, giving traders a wide range of trading opportunities across worldwide marketplaces.


Does the broker offer trading in precious metals?

Yes, they allow traders to diversify their portfolios by trading four precious metals, including gold, silver, and others.


InstaForex Trading Platforms and Software 

Trading Platforms and Software 

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4, a platform renowned for its association with forex trading, is an indispensable component of InstaForex’s product offerings. Its intuitive interface belies the robust and versatile framework that caters to users ranging from beginners to experts in the field.  

By harnessing MT4’s advanced charting capabilities, automated trading bots, and configurable indicators, customers are empowered with a comprehensive suite of tools necessary for meticulous market analysis and strategic decision-making processes.  

The consistent performance exhibited by this dynamic platform, accompanied by extensive support resources, renders it a dependable option that fulfills the customer requirements regarding proficiency coupled with ease of use within their trade-related pursuits. 


MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 serves as InstaForex’s gateway to the evolving landscape of trading. It provides traders with a wider range of timeframes, improved graphic representation, and enhanced tools for managing orders compared to previous iterations.  

This platform is particularly advantageous for those seeking diversification in their portfolios beyond foreign exchange, given that it allows trades in equities and commodities.  

With its robust analytical capabilities and proficiency at handling multiple orders simultaneously, MT5 complements InstaForex’s extensive selection of financial instruments – rendering it an optimal option for seekers after a state-of-the-art multi-asset trading platform. 



In response to a growing demand for web-based trading solutions, the broker has developed WebIFX. This platform is highly convenient as it does not require downloads and allows traders to conduct transactions from any device with an internet connection.  

While it may lack some advanced features in the MetaTrader series, its user-friendly interface makes it an ideal choice for those who prioritize simplicity or need flexibility while on the go.  

InstaForex’s creation of this innovative alternative emphasizes its dedication to providing diverse customer segments with accessible options that simplify their trading experience. 



The Multi-Terminal is suitable for individuals who manage many accounts or those entrusted with managing client funds.  

It significantly streamlines intricate workflows by enabling block orders to be simultaneously executed across multiple accounts, simplifying administrative processes.  

This cutting-edge platform reflects InstaForex’s dedication to offering professional traders and institutional clients the necessary tools for executing high-volume trades while maintaining efficiency and control over multifarious transactions. 



Overall, the WebTrader platform is tailored to the company’s clientele and delivers seamless trading functionality through a web browser. Moreover, this all-in-one graphical user interface integrates news, analytics, and tools to manage trades effortlessly.  

Consistent with InstaForex’s overarching goal of providing personalized service designed around individual customer needs globally, this platform prioritizes simplicity without compromising on essential features that enable successful transactions. 


InstaTick Trader

InstaTick Trader is an exclusive attribute developed for clients who prefer tick trading, a method of exchanging securities based on small price movements.  

This high-frequency trading strategy necessitates ultra-fast data flow and the ability to execute trades with remarkable speed; this platform provides both features.  

Moreover, the introduction of InstaTick Trader reflects InstaForex’s pledge to offer specialized tools catering to diverse investment styles, empowering investors even in lesser-known techniques through precision execution capabilities. 



Overall, the MobileTrader enables traders to employ a complete range of desktop platform functionalities via a mobile interface, facilitating trade activity irrespective of location and time.  

Additionally, this highly versatile offering caters to customers with diverse requirements by providing access to global markets, streamlined account administration services, and robust trading tools from their smartphones or tablets.  

The user-friendly yet dynamic nature of this MobileTrader platform aptly satisfies modern-day demands for flexibility and mobility in trading activities. 


What is the difference between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5?

MetaTrader 4 is noted for its dependability and extensive facilities for Forex trading, but MetaTrader 5 has more timeframes, improved analytical tools, and the ability to trade equities and commodities.


Does the broker provide any tools for managing multiple accounts?

Yes, Multi-Terminal is built for money managers and traders who need to manage many accounts simultaneously, and it includes effective management features.

Spreads and Fees 

InstaForex Spreads and Fees 


Overall, the broker offers customized spreads to accommodate diverse trading styles and preferences.  

They charge low spreads starting from 0.0 pips for certain account types like Insta.Eurica and Cent.Eurica accounts cater specifically to customers who prefer commission-based trading approaches.  

Conversely, its other offerings – the Insta.Standard and Cent.Standard accounts – provide traders with spread ranges between 3-7 pips while operating in a commission-free environment.  

Furthermore, this adaptable structure allows the broker to effectively meet both meticulous high-volume investors requiring tight bid-offer margins alongside more laid-back traders seeking uncomplicated execution at reasonable prices. 



Overall, the commissions pertain predominantly to its Insta.Eurica and Cent.Eurica accounts enable traders to trade sans spreads at a competitive commission rate of 0.03%.  

Such remunerations are unambiguously determined, ensuring transparency across all transactions.  

Additionally, the broker proves an unwavering dedication to offering diverse pricing alternatives by offering spread-based trading and a structure grounded on commissions. 

Furthermore, these cater to individualized trading strategies and particular client preferences within their vast customer demographics. 


Overnight Fees

Traders must consider overnight fees while engaging with the broker or any other leveraged trading brokerage. Interbank interest rates determine these charges and pertain to open positions retained beyond a single day’s session.  

The broker calculates such expenses daily and reflects them within the account statement, with varying rates based on instrument type and position length (long vs short).  

Furthermore, per Sharia law, adherence to Islamic financial principles is accommodated through swap-free account provisions that nullify these specific levies. 


Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

The broker refrains from levying any deposit fees, enabling traders to fund their accounts without incurring further expenditure.  

Withdrawal charges vary depending on the chosen payment method, with some options like bank wire and e-wallets requiring a percentage-based payment. They strive to minimize these costs so traders can retain maximum earnings while accessing their funds. 


Inactivity Fees

Overall, the broker imposes inactivity fees on accounts after three months of no trading activity. This fee is a common practice in the industry to incentivize traders to engage frequently.  

They charge amounts to 5 EUR or its equivalent amount based on the account’s currency; it is imposed monthly until new trades resume or balance depletion occurs.  

This charging policy is to allow for proper management of active accounts while encouraging clients and users alike with an incentive for market engagement. 


Currency Conversion Fees

Currency conversion costs apply when traders perform transactions in a currency other than their account’s base currency. The broker allows you to trade in many currencies; thus, these fees are necessary when converting them.  

Furthermore, the broker has created a transparent pricing structure for currency conversions, ensuring that traders understand the associated fees with trading different currencies.  

This cost depends on current exchange rates and may vary due to market fluctuations. Allowing traders to operate effectively in foreign markets. 


What is the withdrawal fee structure?

Withdrawal costs vary based on the method chosen, with separate fees for bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency withdrawals.


Are traders subjected to currency conversion fees?

Yes, currency conversion fees may apply if traders transact in a currency other than their account’s base currency. 


Leverage and Margin 

Overall, leverage plays a crucial role in forex trading, and InstaForex’s utilization of borrowed funds to elevate potential returns is a prime example. Yet, while leverage can boost profits significantly, it also poses an increased risk factor for losses.  

The extent of this liability depends on the amount of leverage traders choose. Consider that with a ratio as high as 1:500, they could control a $500 position using each dollar invested personally. 

Moreover, this implies that an investment as modest as $100 gives way to managing up to $50k positions available via their platform. 

Diving further into the essence of leverage, traders can engage in markets with significantly less capital than required to possess the underlying asset. This aspect grants entry to otherwise unattainable markets due to financial constraints, facilitated by InstaForex’s support. 

Conversely, a lower leveraging option such as 1:100 necessitates additional funds to establish an equivalent position. Still, it bears less risk than the trader’s account balance regarding severe financial loss. 

Additionally, incorporating stop-loss orders into trading strategies can enhance risk management capabilities by minimizing the occurrence of significant losses. 


Does InstaForex offer negative balance protection?

Yes, the broker provides negative balance protection, ensuring traders do not lose more than the amount placed in their accounts.


What is the minimum margin requirement?

The minimum margin required varies depending on the leverage, account type, and market being traded.


Educational Resources 

The broker offers the following educational resources: 

➡️Demo Account –  Overall, Demo Accounts are crucial instructional tools that imitate real-market circumstances without risking money.

➡️Training – Forex trading training programs help new and seasoned traders learn more. The broker offers webinars, seminars, and workshops on fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.  

➡️Trading Platform Guidelines – They provide recommendations and guides for clients to navigate their trading platforms easily.

➡️FAQ Section – Additionally, traders can quickly get answers to frequent inquiries about account opening, deposit and withdrawal methods, trading conditions, and more in a FAQ area. InstaForex’s FAQ area answers many questions, helping traders resolve difficulties quickly and independently. 

➡️How to Start Trading – This instructional resource provides a road map for novices to begin their trading career. It covers account type selection, understanding leverage and margin, chart reading, and trade execution essentials. The broker attempts to make trading as easy as possible by providing complete assistance. 

➡️Video Tutorials – Video lessons are an engaging learning method for Forex trading. The video library contains training on trading methods, market analysis, trading tool usage, and platform functionality. These films are geared toward visual learners and might be a more interesting method to acquire knowledge. 

➡️Forex Glossary – In addition, the Forex market has its language and vocabulary. Beginners need a Forex Glossary to learn this terminology.

➡️Knowledge Base – Overall, a comprehensive forex trading knowledge base can be an encyclopedia with in-depth entries on many topics.


Where can I find video tutorials on trading at InstaForex?

The broker offers video lessons on its website covering everything from fundamental trading ideas to expert methods.


What is the purpose of the Forex Glossary offered?

The Forex Glossary is intended to assist traders in grasping popular trading words and jargon, increasing their market expertise. 


InstaForex Pros & Cons 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
InstaForex provides a diverse choice of trading instruments, including over 110 Forex pairs, equities, indices, precious metals, energy, commodities futures, and cryptocurrenciesWhile InstaForex offers a wide range of services, the broker's withdrawal fee structure can be confusing
Heavily regulated by numerous recognized financial agencies, including the FCA and CySECAlthough InstaForex has a large global footprint, traders in some countries may find it more difficult to use the broker due to regional regulations
InstaForex offers extensive educational resources, like as a demo account, training seminars, video tutorials, and a full FAQ sectionThe high leverage given by InstaForex, while appealing, raises the risk of substantial losses
InstaForex offers a variety of user-friendly trading platformsSome traders have noted that the account verification procedure can be lengthy and complicated
With affordable spreads starting from 0.0 pips on certain account types and leverage of up to 1:1000, InstaForex offers flexible trading conditions for both novice and experienced traders
InstaForex's minimum deposit requirement starts from 1 USD


Security Measures 

Overall, the broker employs diverse security measures to safeguard its client’s personal information and assets to ensure a secure trading environment. One such measure includes maintaining the segregation of client funds from operational funds reserves.

This demonstrates their commitment to providing the utmost safety for customers’ finances. 

Additionally, the broker leverages robust encryption technologies to safeguard data transmission between customers’ devices and the broker’s servers. Through SSL encryption, unauthorized access to confidential information such as transaction histories and account details is deterred.  

Moreover, they implement two-factor authentication for trading accounts, which entails a secondary verification level in conjunction with login credentials. Their uncompromising security protocols demonstrate their dedication to preserving clients’ interests while upholding integrity in the forex market. 


Are my funds safe with InstaForex?

Your assets are secure with the broker since they are maintained in segregated accounts separate from the company’s funds.


Does the broker comply with regulatory standards for security?

They follow the strict regulatory requirements set by financial regulators such as the FCA and CySEC.

BrokerReviewRegulatorsMin DepositWebsite
🥇Read ReviewASIC, FSA, CBI, BVI, FSCA, FRSA, CySEC, ISA, JFSAUSD 100Visit Broker >>
🥈Read ReviewFMA, FSAUSD 50Visit Broker >>
🥉Read ReviewFSCA, CySEC, DFSA, FSA, CMAUSD 0Visit Broker >>
4Read ReviewCySEC, MISA, FSCAUSD 5Visit Broker >>
5Read ReviewFCA, CySEC, FSCA, SCBUSD 100Visit Broker >>
6Read ReviewFCA, FINMA, FSA, ASICUSD 0Visit Broker >>
7Read ReviewCySEC, FCA, FSA, FSCA, Labuan FSAUSD 100Visit Broker >>
8Read ReviewCBCS, CySEC, FCA, FSA, FSC, FSCA, CMAUSD 10Visit Broker >>
9Read ReviewASIC, CySEC, FSCA, CMAUSD 100Visit Broker >>
10Read ReviewIFSC, FSCA, ASIC, CySECUSD 1Visit Broker >>



Overall, InstaForex offers a sophisticated trading environment in which the variety of its services reflects the complexities of currency dynamics. Traders gravitate towards InstaForex because of its remarkable variety of over 110 Forex pairs and assets, including stocks, indices, and many commodities.  

For more information on FXLeaders. 


The broker protects the integrity of its trading platform by strictly adhering to regulatory regulations, offering clear trading conditions, and using innovative technology.

The broker offers InstaForex MobileTrader, a trading tool that enables traders to manage their accounts, trade, and study market trends using their mobile devices. 

Withdrawals might take 1-4 working days, depending on the withdrawal method selected.

Yes, the broker provides several incentives and promotional programs to both new and current customers. 

The broker lowers the entrance barrier to trading by requiring only a $1 deposit. 

Yes, they are regarded as a safe broker, having been authorized by several respected bodies.

The broker provides a copy trading service, allowing users to duplicate experienced traders’ positions straight into their accounts.

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