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The DAX index, the German stock market index tracking the top 40 companies, maintained its upward trend and experienced a strong rally. Full Article

9 hours

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11 hours

The DAX index unable to stop its previous bearish performance and still showing downbeat performance, settling at the 17,090 level. Full Article

2 days

The DAX index experienced a slight decline of 0.15% on Tuesday, closing at 17,098 points. However, several factors that raised investor Full Article

3 days

The DAX Index, Germany's leading stock market indicator, has gained momentum, reaching new highs in recent trading sessions. Full Article

4 days

Despite some negative news, the DAX index extended its upward rally, remaining in positive territory on Thursday, reaching a new high Full Article

1 W

Germany's premier stock index, the DAX, reversed its recent downtrend, marking a modest increase of 0.38% to close at 16,946. Full Article

1 W

The DAX, Germany's leading stock market index, experienced a decline of 0.92% on the day, closing at 16,881 points. The DAX performed... Full Article

1 W

Stock markets have been trading in a range for several months as traders remain uncertain about central banks and the global economy Full Article

11 M

It looks like 2023 will be a bullish year for stock markets as inflation slows and central banks stop with rate hikes at some point Full Article

1 year

Stock markets are showing some buying momentum today as sentiment improves, but the larger trend is still bearish Full Article

1 year

Stock markets have been retracing higher, but the main trend is still bearish and the bullish momentum seems exhausted, so we're looking to Full Article

1 year

We remain short on the German DAX30 index, as it continues to find resistance above at moving averages Full Article

2 years

Stock markets are starting to reverse lower today, and DAX30 opened with a bearish gap this morning Full Article

2 years

We sold DAX30 several days ago during the retrace to the 50 SMA on the H4 chart and are keeping the trade open as US CPI inflation jumps Full Article

2 years