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US Dollar Live Rates - FX Leaders
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About US Dollar

The US dollar is among the most popular currencies in use all over the world, even though it is recognized as the official currency only across the US and its territories. With the USD as its symbol, it is one of the most liquid currencies in the forex market and enjoys an important role in the commodity market as well, with pricing and settlement of commodities undertaken in the USD.

It is also considered the most stable forex currency, and almost every central bank around the world holds US dollars, further reinforcing its reserve currency status and enabling the US economy and currency to be considered strong and stable. The USD benefits as a safe haven currency in times of heightened geopolitical and economic uncertainty around the world, when it becomes too risky to trade other currencies and instruments.

The section below provides the live rates of leading USD currency pairs traded in the forex market. Scroll down to see today’s rate for currencies that are traded against the US dollar, including the major forex pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and more. The live rates of the USD currency pairs get updated every five seconds, so you have the most accurate information available when making your trading decisions. The rates that appear below are all in real-time and depict the price today of leading currencies against the US dollar.

The price of the currencies and instruments traded against the US dollar are prone to fluctuation on the release of important economic data from the US and announcements by the US central bank, the Federal Reserve. For instance, the release of key economic figures such as the GDP, inflation, unemployment, retail sales, consumer confidence, business sentiment and industrial production can drive the value of the USD higher or lower against its peers in the forex market. Additionally, whenever the Fed announces any changes to its monetary policy or interest rates, the live rates listed below experience considerable movement.

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