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Employment surged in the US after coronavirus restrictions which has been helping the US stay afloat in the last two years, but now it seems Full Article

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Yesterday USD buyers returned after being bearish for two months, but let's see if it will keep the momentum today after the ISM services an Full Article

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USD/JPY was quite bullish for many months as the JPY plunged lower after the Bank of Japan kept interest rates unchanged while other major.. Full Article

2 days

Yesterday the USD started the day soft but picked up some strength after some positive economic data from the US, such as the unemployment.. Full Article

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In the latest hour, the Japanese Yen (JPY) relinquished most of its gains from the Asian session against the US Dollar (USD), propelling the USD/JPY exchange rate back above the 148.00 threshold. Full Article

5 days

The dollar began the day sliding lower, with USD/JPY slipping below 147. However, the trend shifted soon after some hawkish remarks by FED.. Full Article

5 days

The Yen sustained its advance against the Dollar for the fifth consecutive day, underpinned by market speculation of a potential shift in the Bank of Japan's monetary policy, despite BoJ board member Seiji Adachi's less hawkish commentary. Full Article

6 days

The Japanese Yen (JPY) continues to appreciate against the US Dollar (USD) for the third consecutive day, buoyed by increasing expectations of a policy shift from the Bank of Japan (BoJ). Full Article

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The Japanese Yen (JPY) fell after the announcement of weaker-than-expected core consumer inflation data, however, rising prospects of a Bank Full Article

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Yesterday the Eurozone and particularly the UK services and manufacturing PMI figures improved this month while today we have the US numbers Full Article

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The Japanese Yen (JPY) saw a downward adjustment after the release of weaker-than-anticipated core consumer inflation data in the Asian session on Friday. Full Article

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Yesterday the attention of the markets was on the US unemployment claims for October, which were expected to increase slightly. Employment h Full Article

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During the early hours of the Asian session on Friday, the USD/JPY pair sustains its position above the 151.00 threshold. Full Article

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Recently, the USD/JPY has been quite volatile. It fell on suggestions from the Bank of Japan to change policy, but rose after the BOJ failed Full Article

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The US Dollar has been bullish for several months but it is retreating lower now as the data is showing some slack in the economy Full Article

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