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BOE Inflation Report Hearings

Bank of England Inflation Report

Inflation Report Hearings

Starts Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 17:03
Updated Monday, November 19, 2018
During these hearings, the BOE Governor and several MPC members testify on inflation and the economic outlook before Parliament's Treasury Committee. The odds of the BOE hiking interest rates next year have diminished as Brexit became more difficult and the political scene in the UK shuffled up. A vote of no confidence is likely for Theresa May on the same day so the attention will  be on that, but it will still be interesting to hear what Carney has to say. Please follow us for live coverage of this event and the impact it might have on the currency by experienced market analysts.  

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About Bank of England Inflation Report
Inflation is one of the main mandates of the Bank of England (BOE). The combination of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) report delivered by the Office of National Statistics and the inflation report delivered by the BOE are very important for the currency. The BOE inflation report contains the BOE projections for inflation and economic growth for the upcoming two years. This report is released quarterly and provides the BOE’s detailed economic analysis. The Bank of England bases its interest rate decisions on the inflation and economic projections. Therefore, a hawkish inflation report is positive for the GBP.

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