Alpari Rebates Review

Edited by: Louis Schoeman

Alpari Review

Our research on Alpari’s Cashback Program found that eligible traders with a MyAlpari Account could qualify for spread refunds according to their account type. Please see the table below for the distribution, benefits, and features.

🔎 Status🚀Sign Up Here🤝 Personal Manager📈 Deposit Commission Refunds📉 Earn Bonus Points📊 Free Spread Discounts💹 Free Discounts on Broker Commission💴 Advance Deposits↪️ Unlimited Number of Trading Orders
🥇 Gold👉 Click HereNoneN/A+15%N/AN/AN/AN/A
🥈 Platinum👉 Click Here✅YesN/A+20%N/AN/AN/AN/A
💎 Diamond👉 Click Here✅Yes50%+25%5%N/AN/AN/A
🏆 VIP👉 Click Here✅Yes100%+30%10%10%Up to 10,000 USD✅Yes

Alpari Rebates

Introduction to Alpari Rebates – What is Alpari’s Cashback?

We’ve extensively explored Alpari’s cashback and are eager to provide valuable insights into this loyalty program. It operates as a dual-wallet system designed to incentivize client engagement.

Firstly, the program’s Energy wallet collects bonus points (ALPs) acquired through trading, investing, or even participating in contests. ALPs are a valuable form of currency. In addition, ALPs can be used to acquire discounts or services. This will enhance your trading experience. Moreover, ALPs can be transferred to the Capital wallet.

The second part of this system is the Capital wallet. Now, this is where things start to get interesting. With this program, your ALPs go beyond just being bonus points and become actual cashback rewards.

A Trader’s trading activity and participation in the program are directly translated into financial value.

The system is tailored towards active traders. It offers tangible rewards as incentives. However, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics and conditions before delving into any program.

Introduction to Alpari Rebates

Understanding Alpari Rebates

Alpari created a special loyalty program to acknowledge and incentivize Alpari clients who actively engage with their services.

The foundation of this system revolves around the acquisition and purposeful use of ALP points, which act as a form of incentivized currency within the Alpari platform. Points are accumulated through various activities, including trading, making deposits, and taking advantage of promotional offers.

We found that the program’s strength lies in its ability to adapt and its wide range of rewards. For instance, the ALP points earned can play a crucial role in lowering trading costs. These points can be used to offset spreads and commissions.

Additionally, traders can freely exchange these points for cash, which allows them to generate a financial return from their trading activities.

In addition, traders can use ALP points to access discounts on a wide range of services, further enhancing the program’s benefits.

We also found that the program’s tiered structure offers great motivation as clients advance through the different levels—Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP—the rewards they receive become more significant.

What does this mean? It comes down to increased cashback percentages, exclusive discounts, and the additional perk of having a personal manager.  Overall, we believe this progression fosters ongoing involvement with the platform and nurtures a deep sense of loyalty and worth.

Understanding Alpari Rebates

Calculating Alpari Rebates

Alpari’s rewards program provides traders and investors a distinctive opportunity to earn cashback by actively participating. Clients can easily participate by earning bonus points through various activities, such as trading, investing, or depositing funds.

Alpari offers a lucrative bonus point strategy by allowing deposits into trading or transitory accounts within three days of signing up, attracting new clients to explore the platform’s features.

  • Within 3 days of registration – Bonus Points = Deposit Amount (USD) x 0.2 x Status Coefficient).
  • After 3 days – Bonus Points = Deposit Amount (USD) x 0.1 x Status Coefficient.

Fix-Contracts trading offers a lucrative opportunity for clients to earn points. In addition, Points can be used for discounts. Discounts include reduced spreads or commission refunds.

  • Based on the Contract Price in USD.
  • Maximum 250 ALP per Contract.

Refunds and discount calculations:

  • Commission Refund for ECN Accounts – Refund = Commission x Discount Rate
  • Spread Returns – Spread Refund = ½ x Spread for Opening + ½ x Spread for Closing

Negative Swaps are calculated weekly. Calculations are made according to overnight positions.

Calculating Alpari Rebates

Are Alpari Rebates Real or a Scam?

Alpari Rebates are real, not scams. They are a reputable program provided by Alpari, a regulated forex and CFD broker.

Clients are rewarded with ALP points. ALP points are based on their trading activity. Moreover, points can be redeemed for several benefits. Benefits include cash refunds, discounts on spreads/commissions, and free deposits.

Are Alpari Rebates Real or a Scam

Advantages of Alpari Rebates

With Alpari’s cashback program, traders can earn back a portion of their trading costs, directly enhancing their potential profits.

  • By taking advantage of rebates, you can effectively reduce your expenses and enjoy a range of redemption options, such as cashback or service discounts.
  • As you ascend to higher tiers, you’ll enjoy even more generous cashback rates and gain access to exclusive benefits.
  • The program’s terms are easy to understand, and the calculation process is simple, ensuring a seamless experience.

Moreover, you will gain a competitive edge over fellow traders by taking advantage of Alpari’s cashback program.

Advantages of Alpari Rebates

How Do I Receive My Alpari Rebates

You can receive Alpari rebates by doing the following:

  • Earn bonus points by trading, investing, and depositing funds.
  • Exchange points for cash or purchase discounts, including reduced spreads and commission refunds.
  • Alpari credit rebates weekly.
  • Rebates are based on accumulated points and activated discounts.

Moreover, you can convert your points into cash and conveniently deposit them into your trading or transitory account.


Yes, ALP points will expire after 12 months of inactivity on your trading account.

Yes, you may convert your ALP points into actual money and withdraw it to your bank account.

Yes, you can simply view your ALP point balance and transaction history in your myAlpari profile.

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