FXPrimus Rebates Review

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The FXPRIMUS Affiliate program offers lucrative rebates when referred clients use live trading accounts. Here’s what partners can expect when they join this program and start referring clients who actively trade on the platform:


🔎 Instrument🥇 PrimusCLASSIC🥈 PrimusZERO🥉 PrimusPRO
📈 Forex$6 per lot$1 per lot30% of the commission paid
📉 Indices$6 per lot$1 per lot30% of the commission paid
🪙 Cryptocurrency$6 per lot$1 per lotN/A
💎 Precious Metals$6 per lot$1 per lot30% of the commission paid
💡 Energies$6 per lot$1 per lot30% of the commission paid
📊 Shares$6 per lot$1 per lot30% of the commission paid
💴 Payment FrequencyMonthly CashbackMonthly CashbackMonthly Cashback


FXPrimus Rebates


Introduction to FXPRIMUS Rebates

The FXPRIMUS rebate program is unquestionably legitimate and not a scam. After conducting our analysis, it appears to be a fairly simple matter. The setup seems advantageous for both Introducing Brokers and the traders they attract.

FXPRIMUS provides clear and transparent information about the program. The terms and conditions are clearly outlined, specifying eligibility and explaining the payout process. Being a regulated entity, their program holds more significance than other programs we have encountered.

Based on our observations, they provide concise information regarding the cashback amounts and their calculation methods. In addition, they offer comprehensive reporting tools for IBs, which is a valuable feature for IBs who need to monitor their earnings closely.

Undoubtedly, an inherent risk is associated with any venture within the realm of finance. Considering the structure and transparency of the FXPRIMUS rebate program, it appears to be a genuine offering within the forex industry. If you’re considering it, it’s certainly worth exploring.


Introduction to FXPRIMUS Rebates


Understanding FXPRIMUS Rebates and How They Work

We recently noticed FXPRIMUS’s rebate program, and it piqued our interest. With our extensive experience in the field of forex rebates, we are eager to share our valuable insights.

The system operates in varying ways depending on your referrals’ account type. Those who prefer Classic accounts can enjoy a fixed $6 rebate per lot traded, regardless of the trading instrument.

Zero accounts offer a modest $1 per lot cashback, which can be considered a small but noteworthy benefit.

The Pro account setup is where the real excitement begins. Partners can receive a generous 30% commission on the payments made by their clients. This level of flexibility is highly appealing to a wide range of traders.

It is important to note that cashback is typically paid out every month. We believe this is a wise approach, as it fosters ongoing communication between partners and their clients.

One advantage is that almost all the assets available for trading on FXPRIMUS qualify for rebates. This wide range of options can be a significant advantage for partners looking to appeal to diverse traders.

In conclusion, the rebate system goes beyond mere numerical figures. This tool can provide partners with a significant advantage in the forex industry when utilized effectively.


Understanding FXPRIMUS Rebates and How They Work


Calculating FXPRIMUS Rebates

In our study of the FXPRIMUS system, we found it useful to provide a real-world example. Assume a partner has referred a client who uses a Classic account and trades 50 lots per month across multiple assets. Using the fixed rebate of $6 per lot for Classic accounts, we can calculate it as follows:


  • 50 lots x $6 per lot = $300 cashback received


Another example we can give is on the Pro Account. If a client pays $1,000 in commissions, we can calculate it as follows:


  • $1,000 x 30% = $300 in cashback

These figures show how account choice has a substantial influence on profits. We discovered that while the Classic account provides the largest per-lot rebate, the Pro account’s percentage-based method might be more advantageous for high-volume traders who pay significant commissions.

This flexibility, we believe, enables partners to adjust their solutions to various trading styles and volumes.


Calculating FXPRIMUS Rebates


Are FXPRIMUS Rebates Real or a Scam?

Based on our extensive experience with the FXPRIMUS rebate system, we can assure you that it is a legitimate and trustworthy platform. The company holds licenses and is regulated by multiple financial authorities, enhancing its operations’ trustworthiness, including the rebate program.

The clarity of their rebate structure across different account types is truly impressive. The monthly payouts remained consistent, while the terms and conditions were clear and easy to understand, eliminating any potential for confusion.

One observation we made is the program’s adherence to industry norms in handling partner rebates. It is crucial to bear in mind that trading always involves risk.

However, the program offered by FXPRIMUS seems to be a legitimate method for the company to incentivize its partners to refer clients.

That being said, as with any financial incentive, we highly recommend potential partners to conduct their research. Examine the finer points, grasp the terminology, and ensure the program aligns with your business objectives.


Are FXPRIMUS Rebates Real or a Scam


How do I Benefit from FXPRIMUS Rebates?

Partners can benefit from the FXPRIMUS rebate program in the following ways:


  • Competitive rates are available, up to $6 per lot on Classic accounts.
  • Account types offer a flexible structure to meet your needs.
  • Regular monthly payments to ensure a steady stream of income.
  • A diverse array of assets that qualify for cash back.
  • Pro accounts offer rebates based on a percentage.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how much cashback you can earn.
  • Has the potential to attract a wide range of trader profiles.
  • Potential for a boost in partner earnings.
  • There are rebates available for a variety of trading instruments.
  • Clear and precise calculation method.
  • Conforms to the established norms of partner programs in the industry.


Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of fostering enduring client connections


How do I Benefit from FXPRIMUS Rebates


How Do I Receive My FXPRIMUS Rebates?

Partners can get cash back from FXPRIMUS in the following way:


  • Register as an FXPRIMUS partner or affiliate.
  • Refer clients with your unique partner ID.
  • Ensure that clients link their accounts to your partner ID.
  • Monitor your clients’ trading activities.
  • Rebates are calculated based on the clients’ trading volume.
  • FXPRIMUS handles cashback monthly.
  • Rebates are normally credited to your partner’s account.
  • Check your partner dashboard for rebate information.
  • Withdraw cashback based on FXPRIMUS’ payout schedule.
  • Choose from the various withdrawal methods (e.g., bank transfers, e-wallets).
  • Meet any minimum withdrawal criteria.


Please comply with any verification requirements for withdrawals.



Market volatility can indirectly impact rebates since it influences trading volumes. However, the rebate rates are fixed regardless of market conditions.

While rebate rates remain steady, seasonal market patterns can impact trade volumes and, consequently, rebate profits. Partners may notice variations during significant economic events or holiday seasons.

FXPRIMUS offers a specialized partner support service that handles rebate-related concerns. Partners can file a formal disagreement via their dashboard for inquiry and settlement.

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