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Let the pros trade for you! Copy the best traders in the world, with a simple click.
2 million traders worldwide have already discovered the easiest, fastest and most profitable way to trade. 
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Social trading - the easy way to trade!

Follow and copy the success of the best traders in the world, automatically.
We would like to  show you one of the easiest, simplest and fastest ways to profit from the financial markets.  All it takes is 5 minutes a day in front of your screen.

No trading experience or previous knowledge is needed for social trading! 
No need to know how to trade or spend time trading by yourself!

It's not a big secret anymore  that social investment networks have gained a massive popularity worldwide.
eToro is leading the next generation of investment, as the largest investment house in the world today, with millions  of investors from more than 140 countries, taking advantage of every single opportunity the financial markets have to offer, with minimal effort, and maximal chance to earn.

table of the most profitable tradersHow, you ask?
eToro provides a free platform where you can follow the most profitable traders in the world, and simply copy what they are doing with just one click.
You don't need to be an experienced trader in order to know if it's the right time to buy Apple stock, gold, oil or U.S. Dollars. You just need to copy the right traders.

So how does social trading work?
Step 1: Spot the most profitable traders and automatically copy them.
You can review all traders' rankings by gains, win ratio, popularity and more. 
Then, choose the traders you want to follow and automatically copy their trades.

Need to know who's trades to copy? eToro's filtering algorithm does all the 'dirty' work!
It filters thousands of traders through eToro's testing process and ends up with the top performers to copy (see below).

Step 2: Sit back and watch how the best traders in the world can easily help you earn an additional income.
Each time the trader you are copying opens or closes a position – the same action takes place in your trading account. 


How it's done: step by step 
  Take a Look at the list below to see the real-time list of our most recommended traders to copy.
Click the 'COPY ME' button to review this trader's portfolio and statistics.
Click the 'COPY' button on his page to start auto-copying him to your trading account. 

      Using eToro for copy trading can't be any simpler.
Want to learn how to spot the most profitable traders?
Wish you knew all the secrets?
How to copy traders who can make the highest profits for you?

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eToro’s Top Social Trading and Copy Trading Rankings for Today

For the past decade eToro has been perfecting their social trading and copy trading platforms in order to help you find the best social traders to copy. All you need to do is find the trader whose market approach and strategy fit your trading needs.

These are some of the highest performing traders with the best social trading and copy trading strategies on eToro righ now.

Click on a social traders's profile and you will be able to see their performance in order to determine if their social trading strategy suites your needs.

Once you find the social trading strategy that fits, all you need to do is copy their trades.

About eToro's trading network
What used to be a small community of professional traders has become the biggest trend in the investment world with millions of investors following and copying the strategies of the best traders in the world! Social trading allows you to invest in the most successful traders!  

How Does eToro Auto-Trading Work:
Register to the world's largest trading network

Register to eToro investment network for FREE, it takes one minute. No trading experience needed! You choose how much to invest.
In order to start copying the pros, you are required to have a minimum of $50 in your account. You can copy a single  trader  with as little as $10, it's your decision.
openbook trading platform
Choose the trader you want to auto copy
Filter the traders by their gains, win ratio or any other way you choose. You can either copy our recommended traders (we have already done the 'dirty' work for you), or decide who to copy out of thousands of traders.
rankings of the best traders to copy with social trading
Copy your chosen trader
Click the COPY button on the trader's profile. You can follow any trading activity at any time. You can also lower your risk by copying more than one trader. You can even share your thoughts with the rest of the traders.
choose your chosen traders and start copying them

Lean back, enjoy, and let the magic begin

That's it! Once you start copying your chosen trader, any new trade they open will also be opened in your account. Remember: you can stop copying a trader at any given moment.  
It is time to start earning with social trading. GOOD LUCK!
copy traders to your social trading platform
 sign up for eToro's OpenBook and start trading social  

 Social Trading FAQ

Can I practice copying traders with virtual money?
What's the minimum amount to copy other traders?
Yes, once you open a trading account in the eToro social trading platform, you can copy other traders using virtual money. Remember, you also make virtual money.
You can start with as low as $10 per trade! However, to reach substantial profits we recommend a first deposit of at least $200.
Can I copy more than one trader?
Can I stop copying a trader whenever I want? 
Of course. You decide how to allocate your money between the different traders you want to copy. We recommend copying at least three different profitable traders. Yes. You decide when to stop copying a specific trader, and when to cash out your profits or allocate your funds to copying other traders.
Not enough? learn more about social trading

Best social trading and copy trading platforms

What is social trading?

A relatively new phenomenon, the story of social trading is one that reflects the changes the internet and our society have undergone over the past few years. Back in the early days of online trading, the lower investment thresholds many online brokers offered made financial trading much more available to the average person, resulting in an online forex trading boom.

However it was still every trader for him or herself, which meant that individual online traders were still at a disadvantage compared to their institutional counterparts, since they were limited by the scope of their knowledge and their ability to seek out and find applicable trading information. Just like the rest of us, they were cold, lonely and afraid.


Social Trading to the Rescue

Then social networks came into the scene and turned things around. We no longer had to seek out relevant information, all we had to do was connect to the right people, and the information simply flowed into our feeds and onto our walls like water from an invisible and endless spring. Some brokers couldn’t help but see that the same principle could easily be applied to their clientele. All they had to do was link up their user base into a network and - presto! – private investors could now enjoy the same open sharing of information that institutional investors have enjoyed since...well, since banking was invented.


Among the first to do so were ZuluTrade and eToro, forward-thinking brokers whose express goal was to democratize financial trading. What started as a way to share basic information such as trade stats or news soon gave rise to a whole new way to invest.

It didn’t take long for social trading brokers to realize that instead of manually applying the information traders received on their social feeds from their social trading guides or gurus, many would be happy to directly copy other traders without having to go through the pesky process of decision making, especially if those traders’ stats showed a high level of performance over a long period of time. This is how copy trading was born.


Although in one sense copy trading is extremely modern, it also harks back to the old fashioned concept of fund managers. After all what other word is there for someone who makes investment decisions on your behalf? There are however a few major differences. The first is that the copied trader has their own money invested in the same position as you, so they have double the incentive to make smart investment decisions. The second is that unlike the fund manager, there is no guarantee the copied investor is a financial professional. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, we’ll leave up to you to decide. Also, unlike fund managers, there’s no risk that they’ll run off with your money!


The Expansion of Social Trading

In the few years social trading has been around, it has spread like wildfire, even the most sophisticated brokers and platforms incorporate social trading in their offering. And even though being spoilt for choice is always a plus, many traders found themselves looking for some kind of social trading guide to help them sort the wheat from the chaff. A social or copy trading guide can not only provide users with an overview of which platform has which features, but also measure the health and robustness of a social trading broker’s network as a whole. Which is why we sent our “field correspondent” Eric to test some of the most popular social trading platforms and their features, and compile the most comprehensive social and copy trading guide to help you get the most out of your social trading experience.