EOS Antelope Leap 5.0 Upgrade

Event Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Event Time: 12:00 CET

Another Significant Upgrade in 18 Months

Updated Monday, August 21, 2023
The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) is thrilled to share that a significant consensus upgrade called Antelope Leap 5.0 is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2023. This noteworthy consensus upgrade, which marks the second major enhancement in under eighteen months, underscores EOS's adaptability and the community's commitment to orchestrating a series of ongoing enhancements to the fundamental protocol. Antelope Leap 5.0 is anticipated to bring forth a range of groundbreaking features that will reshape the network's capabilities and set EOS apa

EOS/USD Factors Affecting Cardano Prices

EOS has already been bearish since September 2021 as our analysts explained in the forecast, although it might benefit from this update. It resumed the decline in August as the crypto market went through a flash crash. But the new upgrade will attract more attention and possibly investors, which might have a positive impact in the medium term.

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About EOS Antelope Leap 5.0 Upgrade
The EOS Network stands as an open-source blockchain platform that places emphasis on high performance, adaptability, security, and a positive developer experience. Functioning as a third-generation blockchain platform, EOS operates using the EOS virtual machine, featuring an extensible WebAssembly engine designed for the deterministic execution of transactions with minimal fees. At its core, EOS emerges as the most scalable, divisible, and programmable digital currency in the market. Operating on a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) network model, EOS empowers stakeholders with the ability to choose node operators. This decentralized token distribution mechanism ensures that authority isn't concentrated within block miners, but is rather distributed among all participants within the EOS Network.
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