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Canadian Economy Back on A Growing Trend

Starts Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 17:04
Updated Friday, November 30, 2018
The economic growth has been pretty solid in Canada since Spring. The report released in July showed that the GDP increased by 0.5% a month but August's report showed a steep dovish turnaround as growth fell flat to 0.0%, lower than expectations which were for a 0.1% increase. We saw some really weak inflation and retail sales numbers from Canada last month, but the GDP increased by 0.1% nonetheless.  Although, that might be reflected in this GDP report. Follow the live coverage that our experienced analysts do for this event and the effect that it might have on related currencies.

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About GDP MoM (Canada)
Released monthly by Statistics Canada, Canadian GDP (MoM) is a primary metric facing economic output. It is a valuation of all goods and services produced domestically over the previous calendar month.GDP is a crucial measurement of Canada’s economic prowess.  Heavily dependent upon the energy, agricultural, and services sectors, Canada is a top 20 global economic power. Short-term trends in GDP (MoM) impact the pricing of the CAD greatly. Growing GDP numbers that are adjusted for inflation are interpreted as bullish, while lagging figures are bearish.

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