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Industrial Production YoY (China)

Bearish Trend in Industrial Production Expected to Continue Further in China

Starts Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 02:00
Updated Wednesday, March 13, 2019
The pace of growth for the industrial production in China peaked at 7.2% in February last year but it has declined since then and the pace continues to fall. It seems that the US tariffs on Chinese goods are having an impact, hence the Chinese being so eager to strike a deal with Trump's administration. We saw a jump to 5.7% in December from 5.4% in the previous month but we're expected to see another slowdown to 5.5% for February, since there's no release in February for January. Please follow us for live coverage of this event by experienced market analysts.      

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About Industrial Production YoY (China)
Released monthly, excluding February, about 15 days after the month ends by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. It reflects the change in the total inflation-adjusted value of output produced by manufacturers, mines, and utilities. It's a leading indicator of economic health - production is the dominant driver of the economy and reacts quickly to ups and downs in the business cycle. Chinese data can have a broad impact on the currency markets due to China's influence on the global economy and investor sentiment.

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