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Retail Sales (MoM) (UK)

Event Date: Friday, September 17, 2021
Event Time: 06:00 CET

Sales Expected to Turn Positive in August in UK

Updated Sunday, September 12, 2021
Retail sales have been expected to decline every month this year, but they have only come in negative once, in May. In January, they were expected to have increased by 0.2%, but instead they increased by 1.0%. In February, sales were expected to turn negative again, but beat expectations growing by 0.4% instead, which means that the volatile trend might be over. In March, sales were expected to decline again, this time by 0.3%, but they jumped 1.1% higher, while in April they remained flat at 0.0%, although they were expected to show a 0.3% decline. But, that was revised lower last month to -0.1%. In May, sales declined by 0.5%, which means two consecutive declines. But, they jumped 1.0% higher in June, so perhaps retail sales are back to normal. In July, sales were expected to decline by 0.3% again but they came in positive, but they turned negative and declined by 0.2% in August. In September they were expected to decline by 0.1% again but they remained flat that month. In October, sales were expected to turn positive and increase by 0.2%, but declined by 0.1% and again by 0.6% in November. Although, sales were expected to turn positive in December and increase by 0.8%, but they fell by 0.6% again. Although, we saw a 0.9% jump in January after the UK elections. But, they turned negative in February again, declining by 0.3%. So, things were pretty bad even without coronavirus and in March we saw a 5.1% decline, which got bigger in April at -18.1%. Although, sales jumped by 12% in May and by 13.9% in June. But the pace slowed to 3.6% in July and cooled off again to 0.8% in August. In September we saw a 1.5% jump and they increased again by 1.2% in October, but declined by 3.8% in November as the UK went into new lock-downs. Although they increased by 0.3% in December. We saw a big decline of 8% in January but they have been mostly positive since then. In June sales increased by 0.5% but in July we saw a big decline of 2.55, but august is expected to be positive at 0.55. Please follow us for live coverage of this event by experienced analysts. 

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About Retail Sales (MoM) (UK)
The UK retail sales report is the primary indicator of consumer spending. Consumer spending makes up the majority of the economic activity in the UK. This data is released on a monthly basis, 20 days after the month ends. The source of the report is the UK Office for National Statistics. Retail sales data represents the total volume of sales, adjusted according to inflation. It is measured as a change in the percentage of sales compared to the previous month. A positive retail sales number shows that the UK economy is in a good shape. It means that business revenue and tax revenue will improve in the near term.
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Arslan Butt
1 year ago

Retail volumes increased by 0.9% in January 2020, recovering from the falls in the previous two months; the increase was mainly because of moderate growth in both food stores (1.7%) and non-food stores (1.3%).

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