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About FX Leaders

Last Update: March 15th, 2024

FX Leaders is the leading provider of real-time market news, market analysis, trade ideas, trade recommendations and forex signals for Forex trading. FXL has become a gateway to the Forex market for millions of traders
worldwide. The FX Leaders Forex signals system delivers real-time alerts on the major currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices along with in-depth analysis and trade ideas and recommendations. FXL’s signals
system is managed by the company’s Leading Analyst Skerdian Meta and his team of experts.

The FX Leaders Authors Team

To succeed in a competitive world of financial trading requires real in-depth understanding of the financial markets in many fields. The FX Leaders’ team of expert analysts have combined trading experience across all major
financial markets including currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices. They are committed to providing our members with expert trading insight and interpretation of technical and fundamental market factors. Join
Skerdian, Rowan, Arslan, Eric, and Shain in their market-conquering journey today!


Skerdian Meta

Skerdian Meta LinkedIn logo

Leading Analyst

Skerdian Meta FXL’s Heading Analyst is a professional Forex trader and market analyst and has been actively engaged in market analysis for the past 10 years. Before becoming our leading analyst, Skerdian served as a trader and market analyst at Saxo Bank’s local branch, Aksioner, the forex division and traded small investor’s funds for two years.
Skerdian studied business at Waltham Forest College in London for two years, before graduating from the European University with a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance. He continued to get a master’s degree in Finance and Auditing, graduating in 2012 and from the next year he has been working with Fxleaders from the following year as the main market analyst.

Arslan Butt

Arslan Butt LinkedIn logo

Commodities & Indices Analyst

Arslan Butt serves as the Lead Commodities and Indices Analyst, bringing a wealth of expertise to the field. With an MBA in Behavioral Finance and active progress towards a Ph.D., Arslan possesses a deep understanding of market dynamics.His professional journey includes a significant role as a senior analyst at a leading brokerage firm, complementing his extensive experience as a market analyst and day trader. Adept in educating others, Arslan has a commendable track record as an instructor and public speaker.His incisive analyses, particularly within the realms of cryptocurrency and forex markets, are showcased across esteemed financial publications such as ForexCrunch, InsideBitcoins, and EconomyWatch, solidifying his reputation in the financial community.


Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby LinkedIn logo

Asian Desk Analyst

Rowan Crosby is a professional futures trader from Sydney, Australia. Rowan has extensive experience trading commodities, bonds and equity futures in the Asian, European and US markets. Rowan holds a BA of Finance
and Economics and is focused on Investment Finance and Quantitative Analysis.

Shain Vernier LinkedIn logo

Market Analyst & Financial Writer

Shain Vernier has spent over 7 years in the market as a professional futures, options and forex trader. He holds a B.Sc. in Business Finance from the University of Montana. Shain’s career includes stretches with
several proprietary trading firms in addition to actively managing his own accounts. Before joining FX Leaders.com, he worked as a market analyst and financial writer at Ayima.


Eric Furstenberg

Eric Furstenberg LinkedIn logo

Trading Education Writer

Eric Furstenberg is a successful entrepreneur and fund manager with many years of trading experience in forex, commodities, and stock index markets. He is a seasoned trader who employs advanced trading methods to
complement his portfolio.

Konstantin Kaiser

Konstantin Kaiser LinkedIn logo

Trading education & Crypto Analyst

Konstantin Kaiser comes from a data science background and has significant experience in quantitative trading. His interest in technology took a notable turn in 2013 when he discovered Bitcoin and was instantly intrigued by the potential of this disruptive technology.


Donato Lucarelli

Donato Lucarelli LinkedIn logo

Italian Market Analyst & Financial Writer

Donato Lucarelli is a futures trader who split his time between his two houses, in Bari, Italy, and Bali, Indonesia. Donato has a long experience in the field, in particular on indices, forex and commodities of
the European and American markets. Donato successfully attended the Trading Academy in Milan and worked side by side with some of the greatest Italian traders of these days.

Sophia Cruz

Sophia Cruz LinkedIn logo

Asian & European Desks Financial Writer

Sophia is an experienced writer, reporter and newsdesk member, mostly on the financial sectors. For the past 5 years Sophia has covered a wide variety of topics such as the financial markets, economics, technology, fin-tech and trading. Sophia has been a part of the FX Leaders team since 2017 and works on producing valuable content and information for traders of all levels of experience.


Aiswarya Gopan

Aiswarya Gopan LinkedIn logo

Financial Writer & Editor – Asia & Europe Desk

Aiswarya Gopan is a former cybersecurity analyst, tech journalist and market researcher, who joins FX Leaders with over three years of experience in the blockchain industry. Aiswarya’s areas of focus include
market news out of the Asian and European markets as well as news coverage on cryptocurrencies.


Timothy St. John LinkedIn logo

Financial Writer – European & US Desks

Timothy St John is a seasoned financial analyst and writer, catering to the dynamic landscapes of the US and European markets. Boasting over a decade of extensive freelance writing experience, he has made significant contributions to reputable platforms such as Yahoo!Finance, business.com: Expert Business Advice, Tips, and Resources – Business.com, and numerous others. Timothy’s expertise lies in in-depth research and comprehensive coverage of stock and cryptocurrency movements, coupled with a keen understanding of the economic factors influencing currency dynamics. Timothy majored in English at East Tennessee State University, and you can find him on LinkedIn.


Mikee Marquez

Mikee Marquez LinkedIn logo

Technical Market Analyst & Financial Writer

Jose Maria Miguel Marquez is a Certified Securities Specialist of the Philippine Stock Exchange and is an equities and cryptocurrency momentum trader with almost a decade of experience. He specializes in technical analysis to trade the Asian, American, and cryptocurrency markets.

Eric Nkando

Eric Nkando LinkedIn logo

Financial Trader and Technical Analyst

Eric Nkando is a professional forex trader and financial analyst from Nairobi, Kenya. He has 3 years trading experience, with interests in Forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. He is a CPA(K) holder and a B.com degree (Finance) graduate. Eric’s market analysis and coverage have featured on leading financial websites including Wikifx and Seeking Alpha


Richard Adrian

Richard Adrian LinkedIn logo

Fintech UX Writer

Richard has 5 years of experience as a content writer in the fintech niche. Richard’s main interest is in innovations and models that drive financial change, more particularly, domains around DeFi, Fund Management, blockchains, decentralized applications and blockchain gaming.

Marco Steiner

Marco Steiner LinkedIn logo

Financial Trader and Technical Analyst

Marco holds a BA in Economics from the Wirtschaftuniversität Wien, Austria. Since 2017 Marco has been writing for Monday investor, Kryptoflash, and other financial websites.


Louis Schoeman

Louis Schoeman LinkedIn logo

MBA Economic Analyst

Louis Schoeman serves as the Lead economic analyst for the African Region, with an MBA Louis possesses strong understanding of Makro and political sphere affecting the African economy as a whole. His incisive analyses, particularly within the realms of the Shares and Indices in Africa, are showcased across esteemed financial publications such as SA Shares, Investing.com, Marketwatch, Seekingalpha to name a few.

Andria Pichidi

Andria Pichidi LinkedIn logo

HFM’s Market Analyst

With a passion for financial markets, Andria Pichidi has been a Market Analyst at HFM since 2016, dedicated to empowering clients through insightful daily market reviews and trainings to guide clients in achieving their financial objectives.


Michalis Efthymiou

Michalis Efthymiou LinkedIn logo

HFM’s Market Analyst

Michalis Efthymiou brings over 9 years of extensive experience in the financial services industry across the United Kingdom and Europe. Initially serving as a financial advisor in London for 5 years, he has transitioned into the field of market analysis over the past 4 years.

Kikelomo Adesina

Kikelomo Adesina LinkedIn logo

African Financial Analyst

Kikelomo Adesina is a seasoned financial writer. She uncovers the stories behind the Nigerian stocks market, shedding light on the companies driving economic growth and innovation.


Olumide Adesina

Olumide Adesina LinkedIn logo

Financial and Economic Analyst

Olumide Adesina is a French-born Nigerian financial writer. He tracks, analyzes, and reports changes in financial markets with over 15 years of working experience in investment trading.

Ignacio Teson

Ignacio Teson LinkedIn logo

Economist and Financial Analyst

Ignacio Teson is an Economist and Financial Analyst. He has more than 7 years of experience in emerging markets. He worked as an analyst and market operator at brokerage firms in Argentina and Spain. He specialized in the valuation of OTC sub-sovereign bonds and brokered large transactions, such as 2.5% of Grupo Clarín’s (LSE: GCLA) free float on the London Stock Exchange. Ignacio currently works with important clients such as Unilever (NYSE: UL), Wise (LSE: WISE), and Investing.com


Gino Bruno D'Alessio

Gino Bruno D’Alessio LinkedIn logo

Financial Markets Writer & Analyst

Gino D’Alessio is a professional Forex trader with 20+ years of experience in the financial markets as a broker-dealer. Having worked in New York and London, Gino is regularly featured on Seeking Alpha. He completed the CAIA program in 2015, which also gave great insight into global macro factors. His main focus is FX majors, indices and commodities.

María Patti

María Patti LinkedIn logo

Financial Markets Strategist LATAM

María Agustina Patti has worked in both national and multinational companies, including brokers and operations academies. She has solid experience as a Forex trader, optimizing trading strategies, as well as market analysis and financial market content creation. She is currently the Financial Markets Strategist for the Latin American market at Exness. As a Financial Markets Strategist, her role is to analyze and interpret market trends and data to provide insights to clients, using a combination of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and market research to develop strategies for trading and investing in various financial markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies. Her main goal is to help clients make informed decisions and maximize their returns in the financial markets.


Mark Tsang

Mark Tsang LinkedIn logo

FX & Index Analyst

Mark Tsang, a Master’s in Professional Accounting graduate, boasts a decade of expertise in FX and indices markets. He honed his skills across roles at a UK-listed broker and other prominent firms, delivering invaluable analysis in FX, commodities, and equities to institutional and high-net-worth clients. Currently serving as co-founder of FPG, an ASIC-regulated brokerage, Mark oversees global operations while remaining dedicated to providing clients with timely market updates. His commitment to excellence continues to drive success in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Dalmas Ngetich

Dalmas Ngetich LinkedIn logo

Technical Analyst and News Reporter

Dalmas is a technical analyst and news reporter covering Forex, commodities, crypto, NFTs, blockchain, DeFi, and blockchain. He has over 10 years of experience in Forex, general finance, technology, and blockchain developments. His work and that of his partners has been featured in top news outlets including investing.com, CoinTelegraph, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and other authority sites.He’s passionate about technology and politics. When he’s not keeping tabs on the financial markets, you’ll find him out in nature, exploring and traveling with family and friends.


Gabriel Micillo

Gabriel Micillo LinkedIn logo

Financial Analyst

Gabriel is a certified public accountant graduated from UNNE (National University of the Northeast, Argentina) and a software developer, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance and Economics. With nearly 8 years of experience working for accounting firms and brokerage firms. Concurrently, he has produced economic and financial reports on the current state of regional economies for the clients of the establishments where he has worked. Additionally, he assisted colleagues like Ignacio Teson in the drafting and editing of articles on similar topics in English language.

James Harte

James Harte LinkedIn logo

Senior Market Analyst

Industry professional with over ten years experience in trading, analysis and content. Started out initially as a private trader then took on analyst positions which helped me develop my understanding of the markets from both a retail and institutional perspective (IMC certified in 2012)


Inki Cho

Inki Cho LinkedIn logo

Financial Market Strategist

Inki is a Financial Market Strategist at Exness. He is a CMSA (Capital Market & Securities Analyst) and Wealth Management Charterholder with decades of career as a macro analyst. He provides market research and macro reports, providing valuable market insights with deep trading strategies.

Li Xing Gan

Li Xing Gan LinkedIn logo

Financial Market Strategists

Li Xing Gan is a Financial Markets Strategist who specializes in providing daily analysis on commodities, currencies, and equities to brokerages. With expertise in both fundamental and technical analysis, Li Xing delivers valuable insights to assist brokerages in making informed decisions. Her professional approach and comprehensive understanding of market dynamics ensure that clients receive accurate and actionable information to optimize their investment strategies.


Terence Hove

Terence Hove LinkedIn logo

Senior Financial Market Strategist

Terence Hove is a Senior Financial Market Strategist with a specialized skill set trading Foreign Exchange (FX) Spot, Forwards & Swaps and Fixed Income (Bonds, IRS & FRAs). He is an expert in performing price discovery research through technical analysis and macro-economic research, interpreting market insights and turning these insights into decisive market positions.