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Edited by: Louis Schoeman

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Overall, AccentForex can be summarised as a trustworthy and Popular Broker choice that offers access to a full range of financial instruments. AccentForex is an ideal Broker choice for both beginners and professional traders.  AccentForex has a trust score of 70 out of 99.

🔎 Broker🥇 AccentForex
📈 Established Year2010
📉 Regulation and LicensesVFSC
📊 Ease of Use Rating3/5
🎁 Bonuses✅ Yes, 40% deposit bonus, 35% cash bonus
⏰ Support Hours24/5
🖱️ Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 4
💹 Account TypesMicro, Mini, PROFIT, STP
🪙 Base CurrenciesEUR, USD
📈 SpreadsFrom 0.1 pips
📉 Leverage1:500
💴 Currency Pairs20; minor, major, and exotics
💵 Minimum Deposit50 USD
💶 Inactivity Fee✅ Yes, 2% per year
📊 Website LanguagesEnglish, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, Japanese
💷 Fees and CommissionsSpreads from 0.1 pips, commissions from 0.001 USD
🫶 Affiliate Program✅Yes
❌ Banned CountriesUnited States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Belarus, FATF blacklisted countries
↪️ Scalping✅Yes
⏩ Hedging✅Yes
📐 Trading InstrumentsForex, Share CFDs, Futures, Precious Metals
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AccentForex Review


Analysis of Brokers’ Main Features

  1. ☑️ AccentForex Overview
  2. ☑️ Detailed Summary
  3. ☑️ Safety and Security
  4. ☑️ AccentForex Account Types
  5. ☑️ How To Open an AccentForex Account
  6. ☑️ AccentForex Trading Platforms and Software
  7. ☑️  Fees, Spreads, and, Commissions
  8. ☑️ Deposit and Withdrawal
  9. ☑️ AccentForex Educational Resources
  10. ☑️ AccentForex Pros and Cons
  11. ☑️ In Conclusion
  12. ☑️ Frequently Asked Questions


Comprehensive Overview

AccentForex, founded in 2010, entered the dynamic world of online trading with a mission to offer a dependable and transparent environment for traders worldwide.

The brokerage is based in Vanuatu, where the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission regulates it. AccentForex has expanded its worldwide footprint, including important locations in Indonesia.

AccentForex started by concentrating on the Forex market and, as time went on, expanded its operations to include CFDs. This expansion provided customers with access to a full range of financial instruments.

Throughout their history, this broker has prioritized technical enhancements resulting in constant improvement of trading platforms and infrastructure, ensuring clients have an effortless trading experience.

AccentForex is recognized as a decent industry CFD and Forex trading provider. Their consistent dedication to offering competitive spreads, cost-effective fees, diverse account options, and responsive customer support has fostered a loyal trading community.


What languages does the AccentForex website support?

AccentForex’s website supports English, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, and Japanese languages.


Can I engage in scalping and hedging with AccentForex?

Yes, AccentForex allows scalping and hedging trading tactics.

AccentForex Overview


Detailed Summary

🔎 Broker🥇 AccentForex
📈 Established Year2010
📉 Regulation and LicensesVFSC
📊 Ease of Use Rating3/5
🎁 Bonuses✅ Yes, 40% deposit bonus, 35% cash bonus
⏰ Support Hours24/5
🖱️ Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 4
💹 Account TypesMicro, Mini, PROFIT, STP
🪙 Base CurrenciesEUR, USD
📈 SpreadsFrom 0.1 pips
📉 Leverage1:500
💴 Currency Pairs20; minor, major, and exotics
💵 Minimum Deposit50 USD
💶 Inactivity Fee✅ Yes, 2% per year
📊 Website LanguagesEnglish, Indonesian, Malay, Russian, Japanese
💷 Fees and CommissionsSpreads from 0.1 pips, commissions from 0.001 USD
🫶 Affiliate Program✅Yes
❌ Banned CountriesUnited States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Belarus, FATF blacklisted countries
↪️ Scalping✅Yes
⏩ Hedging✅Yes
📐 Trading InstrumentsForex, Share CFDs, Futures, Precious Metals
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AccentForex Detailed Summary


Safety and Security

AccentForex is regulated by the VFSC, which oversees licensed brokerage companies, ensuring regulatory compliance and dependability.

Segregated accounts separate customer cash from operating capital, protecting funds from mishaps. AccentForex strictly adheres to anti-money laundering legislation, demonstrating integrity and safeguarding financial activities.

These processes provide clients with peace of mind when protecting their assets.


Does AccentForex comply with anti-money laundering regulations?

Yes, AccentForex follows anti-money laundering legislation to ensure the integrity of financial transactions.


Are my personal and financial details safe with AccentForex?

Yes, AccentForex uses security precautions to secure personal and financial information. However, it is best to consult their privacy policy for more details.

Safety and Security


AccentForex Account Types

🔎 Accounts🥇 Micro🥈 Mini🥉 PROFIT🏅 STP
🩷 Best SuitedIdeal for beginnersIdeal for casual tradersIdeal for professionalsIdeal for scalpers and high-volume traders
📈 MarketsAllAllAllAll
📉 CommissionsFrom 0.001 USDFrom 0.001 USDFrom 0.001 USDFrom 0.001 USD
📊 PlatformsMetaTrader 4MetaTrader 4MetaTrader 4MetaTrader 4
💹 Trade Size0.01 – 5 standard lotsFrom 0.01 lotsFrom 0.01 lotsFrom 0.01 lots
📌 Leverage1:1 – 1:5001:2001:1001:1 – 1:200
💴 Minimum Deposit50 USD or EUR100 USD or EUR1,000 USD or EUR100 USD or EUR
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AccentForex MICRO Account

The Micro account offered by AccentForex is specifically tailored for beginners transitioning from demo to actual trading. It offers lot sizes as small as 0.1, which makes it easier for novice traders to experiment and refine their trading strategies.

With access to 20 different currency pairs, CFDs, gold, and silver, the objective of this account type is gradual deposit growth while serving as an initial phase, providing vital tools and prompt assistance to foster early financial success.

AccentForex MICRO Account

AccentForex Mini Account

The Mini account is tailor-made for traders who have mastered basic trading tactics and desire to take advantage of better terms. It is an ideal choice for individuals familiar with placing active market orders.

This type of account provides a wider range of Forex and CFD products, all transacted directly on the interbank market.

Furthermore, this account emphasizes the philosophical component of trading, encouraging aspiring professionals to improve their abilities continuously in pursuit of professional development within the Forex market.

AccentForex Mini Account


AccentForex PROFIT Account

The PROFIT account is specifically designed for skilled traders who possess extensive experience in the Forex market. It provides them with exceptional conditions and an array of financial products.

Any order can be replicated onto the interbank market regardless of their trading techniques. This particular account prioritizes quality over quantity by ensuring that professionals can access optimal terms, resulting in maximum profit.

AccentForex PROFIT Account

AccentForex STP Account

AccentForex offers an STP account for high-demand traders, with no requotes and spreads as low as 0.1 pip.

It avoids slippages and requotes, giving optimum operational assistance and the lowest spreads for a smooth and efficient trading experience. This account is perfect for handling significant amounts under high-stress conditions, offering comfort and safety in forex trading.

AccentForex STP Account

AccentForex Demo Account

AccentForex provides a valuable option for demo accounts for traders with varying experience levels. This environment, free from risks, enables you to practice various trading strategies and get acquainted with the platform while exploring numerous financial instruments without utilizing actual funds.

AccentForex offers demo accounts that accurately replicate real-world market conditions, including live account specifications such as spreads and leverage.

AccentForex Demo Account

AccentForex Islamic Account

Islamic accounts are specifically designed for traders who cannot participate in swaps due to their religious beliefs. These accounts can be accessed through STP, Micro, Mini, and PROFIT account variations while retaining all standard trading criteria except the swap option.

Islamic accounts allow maintaining positions for a prolonged duration without being charged a swap penalty fee. This guarantees that market volatility is the only determinant in influencing trade profitability. Registering and making activation requests with AccentForex before accessing this feature is essential.


Does AccentForex offer accounts suitable for professional traders?

Yes, AccentForex’s PROFIT account is meant for expert traders.


What types of markets can I trade with an AccentForex Mini account?

An AccentForex Mini account allows you to trade all markets, including forex and CFDs.

AccentForex Islamic Account


How To Open an AccentForex Account

To register an account with AccentForex, follow these steps:

On the AccentForex website click the “Open Account” or “Register” button. Proceed to fill out the registration form with accurate personal information, such as your full name, valid email address, phone number, and country of residence.

After completing the registration procedure, choose your chosen account type from the list of available choices, which includes Standard, Micro, Mini, PROFIT, STP, and Swap-Free accounts.  Next, choose your preferred base currency, USD or EUR, and browse MetaTrader 4 online or download the software to your PC or mobile device.

Uploading the necessary papers to prove your identity and address can speed up the verification process. Typical paperwork comprises government-issued identity (passport, ID card) and evidence of domicile.

Following successful verification, fill your account using one of AccentForex’s approved payment methods, such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, or e-wallets, to begin trading.


What documentation is required to verify an AccentForex account?

Verification of an AccentForex account needs a government-issued ID and proof of address.


What base currencies can I choose when opening an AccentForex account?

You can choose EUR or USD as the base currency for your AccentForex account.

How To Open an AccentForex Account


AccentForex Trading Platforms and Software

✅AccentForex caters to a wide range of trader demands, including the famous MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform among its trading options. MT4’s user-friendly design and vast functionality have cemented its position as a go-to platform for beginner and expert traders.

✅Use Expert Advisors to execute trading methods algorithmically. Backtest your EAs on historical data using MT4’s Strategy Tester before deploying them in live markets to streamline your trading activity.

✅AccentForex offers a variety of trading products, including forex and CFDs on indices, stocks, metals, and energy. With a wide range of tradable assets, you may diversify your portfolio and reduce risk.

 Conduct in-depth market analysis using over 30 built-in technical indicators and analytical items. Whether you like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, or custom indicators, MT4 helps you make educated trading choices.


Can I use automated trading robots with AccentForex’s platforms?

Yes, AccentForex’s MetaTrader 4 platform allows for using Expert Advisors in automated trading.


Is mobile trading available with AccentForex?

Yes, AccentForex offers the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is suitable for mobile devices.

AccentForex Trading Platforms and Software


AccentForex Fees, Spreads, and, Commissions

AccentForex charges competitive and variable spreads throughout its portfolio of financial products. Spreads vary depending on your chosen account type and current market conditions. Here are some typical spreads charged according to the account type:

✅Micro – from 2 pips EUR/USD

✅Mini – from 0.5 pips EUR/USD

✅STP – from 0.1 pips EUR/USD

✅PROFIT – from 0.5 pips EUR/USD

AccentForex Commissions

AccentForex’s commissions start from 0.001 USD across all account types and will depend on the trading volume and instrument being traded.


AccentForex Overnight Fees

If you leave positions open overnight, you will incur swap costs that vary based on the instrument and whether you are long or short.

These costs represent the difference in interest rates between the two currencies in a forex pair. Swap Rates are displayed on the website, allowing you to determine potential overnight charges for your trades.


AccentForex Additional Fees

AccentForex charges varying fees for deposit and withdrawal operations, depending on the payment method used.

Deposit fees include bank charges, while withdrawal fees are 0.4% and take 3-5 days. Visa/Mastercard transactions have a 5.1% charge, while Skrill and Neteller deposits have a 7% fee. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether transactions have aggregator fees.


AccentForex Inactivity Fees

In addition to transaction costs, AccentForex charges a 2% annual inactivity fee. This charge is assessed on accounts that have been inactive for a long length of time. It is commonly applied when there has been no trading activity or account use for a set term.


AccentForex Currency Conversion Fees

If your account’s base currency differs from the currency used for deposit or withdrawal, there will be fees charged when exchanging currencies.

This may occur more frequently since AccentForex has a limited selection of base currencies. Including these fees in your calculations is essential when determining total trading expenses.


Are there overnight fees at AccentForex?

Yes, AccentForex charges swap fees for positions maintained overnight, with prices ranging according to instrument and market circumstances.


Does AccentForex charge commissions on trades?

AccentForex does charge a fee on transactions across all account categories, beginning at 0.001 USD.

AccentForex Fees, Spreads, and, Commissions


AccentForex Deposit and Withdrawal

🔎 Payment Method🌎 Country💰 Currencies Accepted⏰ Processing Time
💴 SWIFT Wire TransferAllUSD, EUR3 – 5 days
💵 Credit/Debit CardAllUSD, EUR5 minutes – 5 days
💶 SkrillAllUSD, EUR5 minutes – 24 hours
💷 NetellerAllUSD, EUR5 minutes – 24 hours
💴 BitcoinAllBTCUp to 24 hours
💵 EthereumAllETHUp to 24 hours
💶 TetherAllUSDTUp to 24 hours

Bank Wire

Navigate to the “Deposit/Withdrawal” section and choose “Deposit money.”  Select the currency, then enter the deposit amount and bank information.  You will get AccentForex bank information to complete the transfer.

Execute the wire transfer from your bank using the AccentForex bank account information. Funds are credited no later than one day after being received in the company’s account. Transfers typically take 3–5 banking days.


Credit or Debit Card

Confirm that the required amount is available on your credit/debit card and ensure the card is enabled for Internet payments with no bank limitations.  The lowest transaction amount is $100, and the highest is $5,000. Select “Deposit money” under your Personal Area’s “Deposit/withdrawal” section and enter the payment amount (minimum $100).

In the “Purpose of payment” area, choose the AccentForex account you want to refill.  Choose “Credit/Debit Card” as your payment option and click “Deposit.”  Double-check the amount and currency on the gateway page before clicking “Deposit” again.

On the next screen, input your card information carefully and click “Proceed” to confirm.


Cryptocurrency Wallets

In the “Deposit/Withdrawal” section, click “Deposit funds” and Enter your deposit amount. Select the account to fund in the “Purpose of Payment” section and choose “Bitcoin” as the payment system.  Click “Deposit” and provide your Bitcoin wallet information.

Follow the steps to transfer the requested amount of BTC to the given wallet address.


e-wallets or Payment Gateways

In the “Deposit/Withdrawal” section, click “Deposit fund” and enter the fund amount.  Select the account to fund in the “Purpose of Payment” section.  Select e-Wallet (e.g., Skrill) as the payment method. Click “Deposit” to confirm the amount.

You will be led to the Skrill website, where you must follow the steps to complete the deposit.

AccentForex Deposits

Withdraw Methods:

Bank Wire

Visit my.accentforex.com and go to the “withdraw money” tab under “My profile. and Fill out all of the sections with your banking information.  Confirm the information and accept the conditions.

Submit a withdrawal request for processing.


Credit or Debit Cards

Log in to your cabinet at my.accentforex.com and choose the “Withdraw money” option. Select the credit/debit card method and follow the instructions to input your card information and withdrawal amount.

Submit your request for processing.


Cryptocurrency Wallets

Choose the “Withdraw money” option.  If no trading or investing transactions have occurred, the withdrawal will be processed as a refund.

A withdrawal without trading may incur an extra cost.


e-wallets or Payment Gateways

Navigate to the “Withdraw money” area and Select e-Wallet (e.g., Skrill) as the withdrawal method. Fill out the relevant information and the amount you want to withdraw.

Submit your request for processing.


Does AccentForex accept cryptocurrency deposits?

Yes, AccentForex allows Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether as deposits.


What is the minimum withdrawal amount for AccentForex?

The minimum withdrawal amount is set at 5 EUR.

AccentForex Withdrawals


AccentForex Educational Resources

They offer the following educational resources:

The What is Forex? section introduces core Forex principles, such as the foreign exchange market, basic vocabulary, and how currency trading works.  A Key Terms List is a fast reference guide to typical forex trading words and jargon (e.g., pips, leverage, spreads, lot sizes).  Analytics provides an overview of the approaches utilized to analyze the FX market.

Demo Account ($10,000 virtual funds) is a simulation of the actual trading environment that allows you to practice methods, explore the platform, and test the broker’s services without risking real money.


Can I learn about Forex analytics with AccentForex?

Yes, AccentForex offers an overview of Forex analytics as part of its instructional materials.


Does AccentForex have in-depth trading courses or webinars?

No, AccentForex’s instructional tools are rather limited, with no complete courses or webinars.

AccentForex Educational Resources


AccentForex Pros and Cons

✅ Pros❌ Cons
AccentForex offers leverage of up to 1:500Deposit and Withdrawal fees apply
There is a free demo account funded with $10,000 in virtual fundsAccentForex charges commissions across accounts
Provides Micro, Mini, STP, and Pro accounts to fit various budgets and trading stylesAccentForex is a high risk broker with only Tier-4 regulations
Traders can convert their trading accounts to Swap-Free statusThere are limited educational materials and trading tools
Spreads, particularly on STP accounts, are often tighter than those of certain rivalsOnly offers MetaTrader 4


Our Review Methodology: For each of our broker evaluations, we investigate, evaluate, analyze, and compare what we feel to be the most crucial criteria to consider when selecting a broker. Based on our findings, this evaluation comprises positives, disadvantages, and an overall score. We want to assist you in locating the ideal broker for your requirements.
Our broker review should not be considered financial advice. However, traders are urged to seek professional financial advice before making investment decisions.


Addendum/Disclosure: No matter how diligently we strive to maintain accuracy, the forex market is volatile and may change anytime, even if the information supplied is correct when going live.


Investor Warning: Foreign currency trading on margin is associated with an elevated risk and may not be appropriate for all South African investors.
Before engaging in foreign currency or Contract for Difference (CFD) trading, you must evaluate your investing goals, expertise, appetite for risk, and willingness to be exposed to risk. You should not start investing capital you cannot afford to lose because you could lose part of your original investment.



AccentForex is known for offering a variety of accounts to suit different trading levels, as well as cheap spreads, notably on its STP accounts. The provision of a solid demo account enables traders to practice without incurring financial risk.

Furthermore, the availability of MetaTrader 4 across numerous devices and compatibility with PAMM accounts enhances its attractiveness.


Yes, AccentForex offers demo accounts, enabling you to practice trading and get acquainted with their platforms in a risk-free simulated environment. This is useful for both novices and those experimenting with new methods.

Withdrawals with AccentForex take a few minutes up to 5 working days, depending on the withdrawal method.

Yes, AccentForex is overseen by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), an offshore authority. Understanding offshore regulation’s ramifications is critical since it may provide different investor protections than tougher authorities.

The minimum deposit starts from 50 EUR or USD.

AccentForex appears to be a safe broker. However, there are some concerns regarding its Tier-4 regulation and client feedback.

Yes, AccentForex offers PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) accounts. This account structure is intended for investors and money managers, enabling them to assign cash to traders who execute transactions on their behalf.

You can trade Forex, Share CFDs, Futures, and Commodities with AccentForex.

AccentForex is headquartered in Vanuatu.

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