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OANDA Rebates Review

Edited by: Louis Schoeman


OANDA provides all active traders the perfect opportunity to earn rebates and reduce their trading costs by up to 34%.

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📈 Monthly Volume Requirement (USD)👉 Click Here10M–49M50M–249M250M–499M500M–1B1B+
📉 Rebate per Million Traded (USD)👉 Click Here5.007.0010.0015.0017.00
📊 Average Savings (%)👉 Click Here10%14%20%30%34%

OANDA Rebates

Introduction to OANDA Rebates

The OANDA Elite Trader Program is highly regarded for its ability to assist high-volume traders in maximizing their trading journey.

We observed the direct benefits that traders receive from this program, with generous rebates ranging from $5 to an impressive $17 per million traded, depending on their trading volume.

The program’s tiered structure is noteworthy. It encourages traders to boost their volume, gradually unlocking more lucrative rebate levels.

In addition to the financial advantages, we found the presence of a dedicated relationship manager especially attractive for active traders. By providing a personalized touch, traders can directly access assistance whenever needed, making their trading experience more streamlined.

In addition, the program offers exclusive discounts on platforms such as TradingView, providing traders with invaluable tools to enhance their analytical capabilities. The OANDA Elite Trader Program provides comprehensive benefits beyond financial rewards.

Introduction to OANDA Rebates

Understanding OANDA Rebates

After thoroughly analyzing OANDA’s rebate program, we have discovered that it offers more than just a simple cashback system.

This package is carefully crafted to enhance your trading experience in every aspect. The tiered structure is quite fascinating, as the rebates progressively increase alongside the growth of your volume.

For example, engaging in trades ranging from $250 to $499 million per month could result in a noteworthy return of $10 for every million traded. In our experience with rebate programs, this amount is quite significant.

In addition to the rebates, we also found that OANDA offers a comprehensive support system. A dedicated relationship manager is a valuable benefit, providing personalized guidance and quick problem-solving.

OANDA’s commitment to enhancing the trader’s experience is evident through the range of premium account benefits. These include complimentary VPS, wire transfers, and priority service. We were also impressed by the value-added perks, such as the discounts on third-party platforms such as TradingView, which can greatly enhance a trader’s analytical toolkit.

It’s a savvy move to allow interest to be earned on unused margin balances exceeding $10,000. This ensures that even when funds are not actively used, they still contribute to overall profitability.

Essentially, we believe that OANDA’s rebate program is a key part of a larger strategy aimed at empowering traders and assisting them in more effectively achieving their financial goals.

Understanding OANDA Rebates

Calculating OANDA Rebates

Let’s look at how OANDA’s rebates function in a practical example.

  • A trader meets the requirements for Tier 2 of the Elite Trader Program.
  • A tier provides a rebate of $7 for every million traded for individuals with a monthly trading volume ranging from $50 million to $249 million.
  • The trader in question has a monthly trading volume of $150 million.

Applying the Tier 2 rebate, the calculation is as follows:

  • $150 million x $7 for every million traded = $1,050

Therefore, the trader would be entitled to a rebate of $1,050 for that month. The rebate is typically credited to the trader’s account within 15 business days of the following month.

In our experience, OANDA’s rebates can significantly lower a trader’s expenses, giving them a valuable financial advantage and boosting their ability to make profits.

This practical example demonstrates the potential benefits of OANDA’s rebate system for active traders, as it can effectively reduce their trading expenses.

Calculating OANDA Rebates

Are OANDA Rebates Real or a Scam?

OANDA’s rebate program is a legitimate opportunity. This program is not a dubious scheme but a reputable approach for active traders to reduce expenses.

After thorough research, we found all the necessary information on their website. The website provides a comprehensive breakdown of the various tiers, the corresponding cashback amounts, and the expected timeline for receiving the cashback.

In addition, they have a long-standing presence in the industry and allow you to use the rebates on various platforms such as TradingView.

Many experienced traders have endorsed it, which speaks volumes. Based on our extensive experience, if you’re engaging in substantial trading volume, it is certainly worth considering.

However, it goes beyond mere financial considerations. OANDA has established a strong reputation within the industry. If you are committed to trading, knowing you are partnering with a company that prioritizes your interests is reassuring.

However, it’s important to consider other sources of information as well, and we urge traders to conduct thorough research to determine if the option aligns with their financial goals and circumstances.

However, from our observations, it appears to be a viable choice for traders with a long-term perspective.

Are OANDA Rebates Real or a Scam

Advantages of OANDA Rebates?

OANDA’s Elite Trader Program has the following benefits:

  • Savings on trading costs of up to 34%.
  • Earn between $5 and $17 each million exchanged.
  • Rebates are credited within 15 business days of the following month.
  • Higher rebates for higher trading volumes.
  • Access to a dedicated relationship manager.

Discounts for third-party sites such as TradingView.

Advantages of OANDA Rebates

How Are OANDA Forex Rebates Paid?

Sign up for the OANDA Elite Trader Program.

  • Ensure a minimum monthly trading volume of $10 million.
  • Start trading.
  • OANDA calculates your qualifying rebates depending on your trade volume.
  • Your tier and rebates are reviewed by OANDA periodically.
  • Rebates will be applied to your account within 15 business days of the following month.

Check your account for the credited rebate.


To qualify, a trader must have a monthly trading volume of at least $10 million.

No, clients who have received various pricing concessions from previous campaigns are not eligible for additional rebates.

Yes, Elite Traders receive discounted prices on third-party platforms such as Trading View.

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