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10 Best Forex Brokers to follow on X

10 Best Forex Brokers to follow on X


The 10 Best Forex Brokers to follow on X (formally Twitter) revealed. We tested and verified the best forex brokers on X for Traders.

This is a complete list of the best forex brokers on X.


In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn:

  • Who is the best Forex Brokers on X? 
  • What characteristics define a reputable forex broker to follow on X? 
  • Can I learn to trade from X? 
  • How to Identify the Best Forex Broker Accounts to Follow on X.
  • How to Find Forex Brokers on X.

And lots more…

So if you’re ready to go “all in” with the best-tested forex brokers to follow on X

Let’s dive right in…

BrokerReviewRegulatorsMin DepositWebsite
🥇Read ReviewASIC, FSA, CBI, BVI, FSCA, FRSA, CySEC, ISA, JFSAUSD 100Visit Broker >>
🥈Read ReviewFMA, FSAUSD 50Visit Broker >>
🥉Read ReviewFSCA, CySEC, DFSA, FSA, CMAUSD 0Visit Broker >>
4Read ReviewCySEC, MISA, FSCAUSD 5Visit Broker >>
5Read ReviewFCA, CySEC, FSCA, SCBUSD 100Visit Broker >>
6Read ReviewFCA, FINMA, FSA, ASICUSD 0Visit Broker >>
7Read ReviewCySEC, FCA, FSA, FSCA, Labuan FSAUSD 100Visit Broker >>
8Read ReviewCBCS, CySEC, FCA, FSA, FSC, FSCA, CMAUSD 10Visit Broker >>
9Read ReviewASIC, CySEC, FSCA, CMAUSD 100Visit Broker >>
10Read ReviewIFSC, FSCA, ASIC, CySECUSD 1Visit Broker >>


10 Best Forex Brokers to Follow on X (2024*)

  1. ☑️XM – Overall Best Forex Broker to Follow on X
  2. ☑️Axi – Offers Straightforward Pricing and User-friendly Platforms
  3. ☑️AvaTrade – Offers a Wide Range of Trading Tools
  4. ☑️HFM – Offers Multi-asset Trading
  5. ☑️IG – Offers Input from their Chief Market Analyst
  6. ☑️Exness – Provides Regular Market Updates and Insights
  7. ☑️FOREX.com – Offers Detailed Examinations
  8. ☑️OANDA – Provides Comprehensive Instructional Tools
  9. ☑️Pepperstone – Offers Razor-sharp Spreads and Fast Execution
  10. ☑️FXTM – Provides User-friendly Platforms


1. XM (@XM_COM – 118.9K X Followers) 

XM is a reputable FX and CFD broker with over 118,000 followers on X. They offer Micro and Standard accounts for new and experienced traders, with competitive advantages from tight spreads, quick order execution, and transparency.  

XM emphasizes educational tools, webinars, market analysis, and instructional videos for traders of all skill levels. They are highly regulated, with licenses from multiple tier-1 authorities, prioritizing customer fund security and fair trading procedures. XM is a valuable option for reputable and educated traders. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

XM  provides extensive forex and derivatives trading on over 1,000 products, catering to a diverse client base of over 10 million users worldwide. The account is intended for traders who value current market analysis and insights, making it appropriate for beginner and experienced traders. 


XM - X


Why Should I follow XM?

Tracking XM on its X platform gives one vital insight into market trends and expert perspectives.  

Moreover, consistent updates, including technical analysis reports and comprehensive coverage of significant economic events, help traders stay abreast of various trading instruments’ possible outcomes due to fluctuating markets, ultimately supporting the development of informed decisions.  

This resource is advantageous for individuals seeking visibility into global financial environments while making calculated trades based on newly acquired information in real-time. 


2. Axi (@axi_official – 15K X Followers) 

Axi, a 15,000 X followers broker, offers straightforward pricing and user-friendly platforms for budget-conscious traders. Its “no commission, no hidden fees” policy, tight spreads, and variable leverage make it cost-effective. Axi uses MT4 and MT5 systems with powerful charting tools and automated trading features.  

They welcome both new and experienced traders and provide comprehensive training materials. However, their CFD portfolio is limited, and customer service is less reputable than larger brokers.  

Axi is a good fit for those who appreciate transparency, competitive pricing, and user-friendly platforms, but it requires thorough research and risk management. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

Axi is geared toward traders interested in OTC derivatives with a high risk of investment loss. The Axi X account caters to traders interested in understanding market patterns and global economic data, implying that the target audience appreciates instructional content and expert analysis. 


Axi - X


Why Should I Follow Axi?

Traders who desire frequent and valuable market updates and potential trading prospects would benefit from adhering to Axi 

Their blogs furnish traders with educating materials, meticulous market analysis, and trade recommendations that help make informed decisions while staying current in the dynamic realm of financial trading.  

Despite this, it is important to acknowledge that their counsel is not intended for investment purposes. 


3. AvaTrade (@AvaTrade – 19K X Followers) 

AvaTrade, a popular trading platform with 19,000 X followers, offers a wide range of trading tools and information for experienced and novice traders.  

With over 1,250 products available, including forex, CFDs, stocks, cryptocurrency, commodities, and indices, AvaTrade offers specialized platforms like AvaOptions and AvaSocial and MT4 and MT5 for traditional trading.  

However, its emphasis on advanced capabilities may overwhelm beginners, and its instructional resources are less prominent than those of other brokers. AvaTrade is recommended for a broad trading environment with high leverage and advanced tools but requires a higher learning curve than beginner-friendly brokers. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

With a focus on a specific niche of traders, AvaTrade presents CFD trading choices spanning commodities, stocks, and indices.  

The AvaTrade X account is custom-tailored for those individuals who value extensive market analysis and the availability of a broad spectrum of financial assets for their trading ventures. 


AvaTrade - X


Why Should I Follow AvaTrade?

Traders searching for current market information and insightful analysis can greatly benefit from keeping up with AvaTrade. Their blog posts offer a blend of seminar coverage, trading concepts, and headlines about the latest events driving markets.  

This is particularly invaluable for those striving to enhance their understanding of market shifts while making smarter trades based on data-driven insights. 


4. HFM (@hfmbroker – 53.8K X Followers) 

HFM, formerly known as HF Markets, is a trading platform with a strong 53,800 following on X. They cater to institutional and sophisticated traders, offering tailored solutions like account managers, custom liquidity pools, and superior order execution algorithms.  

They provide access to deep interbank markets, resulting in competitive spreads and minimal price slippage. However, HFM’s $50,000 minimum deposit and focus on complex products may alienate novice or cost-conscious traders.  

Their training tools focus on sophisticated themes and market analysis, with less emphasis on beginner-friendly lessons. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

HFM offers multi-asset trading while also giving extensive tools and expert market analysis. The HFM X Account appeals to traders looking for in-depth financial analysis and those interested in a wide range of assets. 




Why Should I Follow HFM?

Following HFM benefits traders and investors who want timely and detailed market analysis. Their updates include earnings calendars, live analysis of major economic announcements such as the US CPI, and expert commentary on global stock patterns.  

This information is critical for individuals who want to make informed trading decisions and stay ahead in the fast-paced financial markets. 


5. IG (@IGcom – 35.2K X Followers) 

IG, a reputable FX and CFD trading platform with over 35,000 followers, offers Micro and Standard accounts with low spreads and minimal minimum deposits for new and experienced traders. Their L2 Dealer platform features extensive charting tools, technical indicators, and one-click trading.  

IG also provides MT4 and MT5 for familiar trading platforms and educational materials for all skill levels. However, their CFD product is less competitive than competitors, and customer service can get overburdened during high trading hours.  

IG’s user-friendly platform and comprehensive instructional resources make it a suitable choice for those seeking a reputable brand and comprehensive resources. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

IG’s X Account’s target audience comprises individuals and institutions with diverse trading skills who seek extensive market analysis. It caters to a sophisticated crowd at ease when operating in high-risk environments. 




Why Should I follow IG?

IG is a valuable resource for anyone in the financial markets seeking up-to-date market research and insights into significant economic events. Their programming offers input from their Chief Market Analyst, coverage of central bank announcements, and key corporate happenings.  

Such knowledge is crucial when making informed trading decisions. Thus, following IG can benefit traders looking to enhance their understanding and improve outcomes within this dynamic industry. 


6. Exness (@EXNESS – 71.1K X Followers) 

Exness, a leading forex and CFD broker with 71,100 X followers, offers ultra-low spreads, adjustable leverage, and transparent pricing. They cater to various trading styles, including Standard, Professional, and Zero accounts. 

Their Exness Trader software and online platform are functional and usable, with MT4 and MT5 options for traditional traders. Exness also provides educational tools like webinars, video lessons, and industry analysis in various languages.  

However, customer service may become overburdened during busy hours. Exness offers unrivaled market access, razor-thin spreads, and transparency, but caution is advised due to high leverage and complicated instruments. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

Exness offers diverse financial services for various marketplaces, catering to traders of all levels. The Exness X account is suitable for novices and professionals alike, providing valuable perspectives based on the research and analysis conducted by Exness. 




Why Should I Follow Exness?

Traders who are in search of regular market updates and insights across a variety of asset classes can benefit greatly from following Exness 

Their blogs feature comprehensive analyses of price trends, economic indicators, and potential market movements – crucial knowledge for traders navigating an unpredictable trading environment that calls for informed decision-making. 


7. FOREX.com (@FOREXcom – 225.9K X Followers) 

FOREX.com is a popular forex and CFD platform with 225,900 followers. It offers micro, regular, and commission-based accounts with competitive spreads and transparent pricing. The platform features an Advanced Trading Platform and trading view charts for professional analysis and execution.  

MT4 and MT5 are also available for traditional trading. FOREX.com also offers webinars, tutorials, market research, and Performance Analytics tools for skill development.  

However, their CFD offering is limited compared to competitors, and the minimum deposit for certain account types might deter beginners. Despite these limitations, FOREX.com is a reliable broker with cutting-edge platforms, extensive education, and a commitment to empowering traders. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

Designed for a worldwide audience needing effective trading ideas and comprehensive market data, FOREX.com’s X Account caters to traders looking to tap into diverse financial markets encompassing equities, commodities, and currencies. 




Why Should I follow FOREX.com?

For anyone keen on currency trading, FOREX.com is an invaluable source of information. Their articles offer detailed examinations and current data about fluctuations in currency pairs, global economic activities, and market tendencies.  

Such awareness plays a vital role when making informed decisions during volatile periods like those in the forex exchange markets. 


8. OANDA (@OANDA – 22.5K X Followers) 

OANDA, a trusted Forex and CFD broker with over 22,000 X followers, offers transparent accounts with transparent costs and competitive spreads. Their award-winning platforms are user-friendly and regulatory-compliant, ensuring client money security and fair trading procedures.  

OANDA provides comprehensive instructional tools like webinars, market research, and interactive courses for novice and expert traders.  

However, their CFD selection is limited compared to competitors, and their leverage options are low. OANDA is a top choice for traders seeking a user-friendly platform, a solid regulatory track record, and reliable instructional resources. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

OANDA provides a variety of forex trading chances and is designed for traders who appreciate extensive analytical insights and historical market data. The OANDA X account would appeal to individuals searching for a dependable, research-backed trading experience. 




Why Should I Follow OANDA?

Forex traders valuing data-driven insights and in-depth market research can benefit from OANDA. Their blog content offers a blend of statistical analyses, economic viewpoints on success under different governments, and real-time market updates.  

This valuable information is crucial for traders who depend on precise and timely trading intelligence to execute sound investment decisions. 


9. Pepperstone (@PepperstoneFX – 32.8K X Followers) 

Pepperstone, a popular platform with 32,800 X followers, offers razor-sharp spreads and fast execution, catering to traders of all skill levels. They offer Standard, Razor, and Active Trader accounts with varied commission structures and spreads.  

Smart Trader Tools provide advanced order types and risk management capabilities, while MT4 and MT5 are available for those preferring familiar methods.  

Pepperstone provides real-time liquidity depth on their platform and X, allowing traders to make informed decisions. However, their educational tools focus on market analysis and webinars rather than beginner-friendly training. 


Pepperstone - Forex Brokers to follow on X


Account Overview and Target Audience

Pepperstone offers entry to global CFD markets and caters to traders who value prompt market insights and professional analysis. For those aware of the potential risks involved in CFD trading, Pepperstone X Account is ideal. 


Why Should I Follow Pepperstone?

Following Pepperstone is advantageous for traders searching for timely market information and analysis.  

Their blogs provide thorough breakdowns of corporate profits, Forex market movements, and stock market trends, making them invaluable for individuals looking to make sound trading decisions in a volatile market. 


10. FXTM (@fxtmglobal – 44.1K X Followers) 

FXTM, originally ForexTime, offers a range of forex and CFD accounts with variable spreads and commission structures to cater to different skill levels and demands. With over 44,000 followers, they provide user-friendly platforms like the Trading Station and offer instructional tools like webinars and video tutorials. 

FXTM also prioritizes transparency, providing negative balance protection and asset segregation. However, their leverage options may be less than competitors, and their customer service may become overloaded during high trading hours.  

Overall, FXTM aims to provide accessible and educated trading solutions. 


Account Overview and Target Audience

The X Account offered by FXTM emphasizes providing detailed evaluations of prevailing currency market trends.  

It caters to traders who prioritize timely updates and expert insights into fluctuations within the market, as well as novice and seasoned traders looking for comprehensive analyses regularly. 


FXTM - Forex Brokers to follow on X


Why Should I follow FXTM?

Keeping up with FXTM is advantageous for individuals keen on forex trading and market dynamics. Their updates furnish insights into market operations, technical analysis, and prospective trading chances.  

Such information proves crucial to traders and investors who aim to make wise decisions influenced by the latest market trends and data evaluations. 


How to Find Forex Brokers on X

To identify Forex brokers on social media sites such as Twitter or X, begin by searching for certain hashtags or phrases relevant to Forex trading, like #ForexBroker, #ForexTrading, or #CurrencyTrade.  

These searches frequently lead to broker profiles and other relevant content. Additionally, search for Forex community pages or groups where brokers may be active.  

To determine the broker’s influence, consider their number of followers and engagement rate. Follow industry influencers and financial analysts who frequently recommend or partner with reliable brokers.  

Finally, look through the comments and retweets on Forex trading posts to see whether other traders have recommended brokers. 


How to Identify the Best Forex Broker Accounts to Follow on X 

Green Flags

➡️Profiles publicly declare compliance with recognized agencies. 

➡️The account clearly states how to contact and engage with the broker. 

➡️Accounts offer useful information, market analysis, and educational materials. 

➡️There is engagement with followers and responses to inquiries. 


Red Flags

➡️Promises of large returns with no risk are frequently false. 

➡️Aggressive marketing refers to excessive self-promotion in the absence of substantial content. 

➡️Uncertainty about their services, fees, or regulatory status. 

➡️Multiple unsolved complaints or difficulties reported by other users. 


Best Forex Brokers to follow on X


Follow FX Leaders on X here


The best Forex Broker on X is highly regulated, clear about prices and services, and has a positive reputation among its users for customer service and platform stability. Some of the best brokers on X include ExnessAvaTrade, Pepperstone, HFM, etc.

Yes, many platforms, including X, include instructional resources and tools to help beginners learn to trade, including demo accounts, seminars, tutorial videos, and in-depth articles on trading techniques and market analysis.

FOREX.com, Exness, Instagram, XM, and Axi are popular options with over 15,000 followers. They provide distinct advantages such as vast instructional resources, tight spreads, and user-friendly platforms. 

Look for brokers who offer regular market research, trade insights, and educational information geared toward different skill levels. Furthermore, transparency and responsiveness to follower inquiries are strong indications of trustworthiness. 

While social media participation might be an excellent starting point, research. Before relying entirely on X’s popularity for recommendations, consider regulatory standing, fees, trading platforms, and client evaluations.