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10 Best Forex Traders to follow on Social Media

10 Best Forex Traders to follow on Social Media


The 10 Best Forex Traders to Follow on Social Media revealed. We tested and verified the best forex traders on social media.

This is a complete list of the best forex traders on Social Media.

In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn:

  • What are the best forex brokers to follow on YouTube?
  • How to Find Forex Traders on Social Media Platforms.
  • How to Identify the Best Forex Trader Accounts to Follow on Social Media.
  • Can I learn to trade from Social Media? 
  • What makes a forex trader successful on social media? 
  • Is it safe to copy the trades of forex influencers? 

And lots more…

So if you’re ready to go “all in” with the best-tested forex traders to follow on Social Media

Let’s dive right in…


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The 10 Top Forex Traders to Follow on Social Media (2024*)

  1. ☑️Samuel Leach – Overall Best Forex Trader to Follow on Social Media
  2. ☑️Jabulani Ngcobo – Excellent Resource for Traders Seeking Actionable Trading Methods
  3. ☑️Peter Brandt – Offers Seasoned Insights about Market Dynamics
  4. ☑️Ashraf Laidi – Offers Analysis Assists in Cultivating Holistic Trading Strategies
  5. ☑️Scott Redler – Offers Valuable Chart Patterns and Trade Settings
  6. ☑️Louis Tshakoane – Offers an Uplifting Approach to Teaching Forex
  7. ☑️Anna Coulling – Renowned for her Expertise and Experience in Forex Trading
  8. ☑️The Market Sniper – Offers In-depth Analysis of Price Movements
  9. ☑️Kathy Lien – Provides Integrate Worldwide Economic Perspectives
  10. ☑️John Person – Offers Educational Content


1. Samuel Leach (@samuelleach) – 380K Followers on Instagram 

Overview of Samuel Leach

Renowned as a “Trading Rockstar,” Samuel Leach is widely recognized for his exceptional forex trading prowess and enjoys an extensive fan following on Instagram.

He predominantly creates content about effective trading techniques, market psychology, and inspiring material.

Additionally, he frequently shares glimpses of his personal life while emphasizing how successful trading can bring numerous benefits, thus encouraging achieving economic independence through strategic investments in trade.


Samuel Leach - Social Media


Why should you follow Samuel Leach?

His account includes educational content, personal success stories, and lifestyle updates that appeal to new and seasoned traders.

Following him provides a blend of practical trading guidance, mental discipline techniques, and motivation for achieving financial independence through trading.


2. Jabulani Ngcobo (@cashflowngcobo) – 200K Followers on Instagram 

Overview Jabulani Ngcobo

Cashflow, also known as Jabulani Ngcobo, is a prominent forex trader from South Africa with an extensive following on Facebook and Instagram.

He is recognized for his ability to disclose profitable trades while advocating for the attainment of financial independence through foreign exchange trading.

In addition to sharing valuable content that encourages individual growth, Cashflow offers free and premium signal services tailored to meet diverse client needs. His pragmatic approach towards forex trading has earned him high praise amongst followers worldwide.


Jabulani Ngcobo - Social Media


Why should you follow Jabulani Ngcobo?

Ngcobo’s account is an excellent resource for traders seeking actionable trading methods and motivational content. His openness about his trading journey and winnings fosters trust, and his approachable attitude makes financial education more relatable and accessible.


3. Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) – 713K Followers on X 

Overview of Peter Brandt

Having accumulated over four decades of experience, Peter Brandt is a seasoned trader who enjoys substantial recognition via Twitter for his contrarian perspectives.

His market commentary displays intelligence through frequent challenges to prevailing notions while centring on fundamental analysis and Intermarket connections – thus lending an exceptional viewpoint to the trading society.


Peter Brandt - Social Media


Why should you follow Peter Brandt?

Following Brandt is advantageous for traders who value seasoned insights about market dynamics. His willingness to challenge prevalent beliefs and deliver thought-provoking insights is important to individuals seeking to improve their industry knowledge.


4. Ashraf Laidi (@AshrafLaidi) – 71K followers on X 

Overview of Ashraf Laidi

An expert in fundamental research and Intermarket linkages, Ashraf Laidi is a renowned strategist and author. His analytical approach emphasizes the impact of worldwide economic trends on currency markets, earning him great admiration within the forex trading community.


Ashraf Laidi


Why should you follow Ashraf Laidi?

For traders seeking to comprehend the larger economic forces influencing currency markets, Laidi’s account is a treasure trove of macroeconomic insights. His thorough analysis assists in cultivating holistic trading strategies.


5. Scott Redler (@RedDogT3) – 196K Followers on X 

Overview of Scott Redler

Scott Redler is well-known in the forex trading market for his expertise in technical analysis. He is well-known for sharing valuable chart patterns and trade settings with swing and day traders.

His analytical approach focuses on identifying market trends and forecasting future price movements utilizing comprehensive chart analysis.


Scott Redler


Why should you follow Scott Redler?

Redler’s account is valuable for traders seeking technical analysis and actionable trade suggestions. His concise description of chart patterns and market trends helps followers grasp and use these concepts in trading.


6. Louis Tshakoane (@louis.jr_tshakoane) – 19K Followers on Instagram 

Overview of Louis Tshakoane

Louis Tshakoane, often known as the “Prophetic” trader, has carved out a niche in the forex market by combining trading signals with motivating material.

He has established a strong following, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, where he provides trading secrets and inspirational messages about personal and financial progress.


Louis Tshakoane


Why should you follow Louis Tshakoane?

Tshakoane’s account is sought after by those who desire a synthesis of trading strategies and self-improvement. Tshakoane offers an uplifting approach to teaching Forex that instructs and instils confidence in traders, making the market more attainable and stimulating.


7. Anna Coulling (@annacoull) – 22K Followers on X 

Overview of Anna Coulling

Renowned for her expertise and experience in forex trading, Anna Coulling is a prominent female figure who inspires others.


Her emphasis on risk management and addressing the psychological aspects of trading proves helpful to traders looking to overcome emotional hurdles in navigating the dynamic forex market with effective strategies.


Anna Coulling


Why should you follow Anna Coulling?

For individuals aiming to attain a balanced outlook on trading, Coulling’s work proves invaluable by underscoring the importance of emotional intelligence in this field. Her emphasis on the psychological elements of trading is a priceless resource for crafting a well-rounded trading strategy.


8. The Market Sniper (@TheMarketSniper) – 35K Followers on X 

Overview of The Market Sniper

This trader uses the alias “The Market Sniper,” focusing on price movement and chart patterns. His scientific and data-driven strategy focuses on discovering high-probability trade setups through extensive chart research, which appeals to people interested in technical trading methods.


The Market Sniper


Why should you follow The Market Sniper?

For those who favour technical trading strategies, his profile is fitting. An in-depth analysis of price movements and chart configurations from The Market Sniper provides ample information for creating sophisticated trading tactics.


9. Kathy Lien (@KathleenLien) – 109K Followers on X 

Overview of Kathy Lien

Kathy Lien, a seasoned forex trader possessing a vast knowledge of worldwide economics and its effects on currencies, is renowned in her field.

As Managing Director, she offers insightful observations regarding macroeconomic patterns that make for an essential information source for traders seeking to understand how bigger economic forces influence the forex markets. Her concepts are instrumental in devising comprehensive trading plans.


Kathy Lien


Why should you follow Kathy Lien?

Following her account is essential if you are a trader seeking to integrate worldwide economic perspectives into your trades. Lien’s proficiency in macroeconomic analysis grants her an extensive comprehension of the factors that affect the forex markets.


10. John Person (@PersonsPlanet) – 9.9K Followers on X 

Overview of John Person

With a wealth of expertise in technical analysis and market insights, John Person is a seasoned trader who has gained widespread recognition within the trading community.

He offers educational content that covers chart analysis and techniques for developing effective trading strategies. His comprehensive approach sets him apart, which provides valuable guidance to traders at all experience levels seeking to enhance their grasp of market dynamics.


John Person 


Why should you follow John Person?

The following person is advantageous to traders at all levels who want to improve their understanding of market dynamics and technical analysis. His ability to explain complicated ideas understandably makes his account extremely beneficial for ongoing learning in Forex trading.


How to Find Forex Brokers on Social Media Platforms

Traders seeking information, access to educational material, and updates on market developments can effectively use social media platforms to locate reliable Forex brokers.

A combination of specialized hashtags, keywords, and direct searches across popular channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn may help identify these brokers. Check out some suggestions below for useful tools that traders can use:


Instagram and Twitter

Hashtags and Keywords 

➡️Use the trader or broker’s name as a hashtag (for example, #AvaTrade, #eToro, #HFM). This will frequently take you directly to their official account and associated material. 

➡️Use hashtags such as #ForexTrading, #ForexBroker, #CurrencyTrading, and #FXMarket to find postings on forex trading and brokers. 

➡️Hashtags like #ForexEducation, #TradingTips, and #MarketAnalysis might help you identify instructional information created by these firms. 

➡️Use hashtags such as #CFDTrading, #CryptoTrading, or #CommoditiesTrading for more specific interests. 

➡️Look for event-specific hashtags, such as #ForexWebinar and #TradingSeminar, which brokers commonly use to promote instructional events.


Direct Searches 

➡️Enter the forex trader or broker’s name into the search bar. 

➡️Look for accounts with a verification tick to prove their validity.


Facebook and LinkedIn

Keywords and Methods 

➡️Search for the trader or broker’s official page by entering their name. 

➡️Join Forex trading communities where professional traders and brokers share updates and instructive content. 

➡️Follow the trader or company’s LinkedIn page and key executives for more detailed insights and professional material.



Keywords and Channel Search 

➡️Look for the trader or broker’s name to find their official channel. 

➡️Use search terms like “Forex trading lessons” or “broker name + trading instructions.” 

➡️Keywords like “daily Forex analysis” or “weekly market review” can direct you to valuable information from these companies.


General Tips

➡️Once you have discovered a professional trader or broker’s social media presence, follow them and interact with their content to keep informed. 

➡️Set up alerts or notifications for new postings or videos from these individuals or brokers. 

➡️Participate in the community by joining discussions, asking questions, and giving ideas.


How to Identify the Best Forex Broker Accounts to Follow on Social Media Platforms 

One must carefully evaluate various aspects to select the top Forex traders to follow on social media. Even though social media can offer valuable perspectives and strategies, it is necessary to be cautious.

This section outlines how to identify leading Forex traders to track potential warning signs.


How to Identify the Best Forex Traders 

➡️Look at how they interact with their fans. Good traders frequently participate in meaningful conversations, respond to queries, and foster a learning environment. 

➡️Consistency in posting relevant, up-to-date content is a positive sign. It demonstrates dedication and commitment to remaining engaged in the Forex community. 

➡️Consider their track record and experience. Look for traders with a successful track record and years of experience in the Forex market. They should talk frankly about their triumphs and mistakes. 

➡️Assess the quality of the content that is shared. It should be useful, well-researched, and provide genuine value rather than merely advertising content. 

➡️Reputable traders are open about their trading techniques, triumphs, and losses. They do not shy away from highlighting the hazards associated with Forex trading. 

➡️The best traders frequently share their expertise, offering instructional information, market analysis, and insights to help you learn and grow as a trader.


Green Flags

➡️Realistic discussions about potential earnings and risks in Forex trading. 

➡️They follow trading regulations and promote procedures consistent with legal and ethical principles. 

➡️Search for traders who have received positive testimonials and comments from their followers. 

➡️Working with respected financial institutions or regulatory agencies is a good sign. 

➡️They value education for their followers before selling things or services.


Red Flags

➡️Stay away from traders who make unconfirmed statements, like having a hidden recipe for success.

➡️Watch out for traders who employ aggressive tactics to persuade you to participate in paid programs or platforms.

➡️Be cautious of people who excessively promote trade workshops, classes, or membership groups without delivering substantial material.

➡️Be wary of traders who claim to have been successful quickly or easily. 

➡️Steer clear of traders who pressure you into copying their trades without comprehending the strategy or risks associated.

➡️Do not make guarantees of guaranteed profits or high returns in Forex trading, as they are not realistic.

➡️Avoid traders who are secretive about their trading tactics or refuse to discuss their trading results.


Best Forex Traders to follow on Social Media



Overall in this article, we look at the top forex traders who have used social media to share their knowledge, market analysis, and trading techniques, revolutionizing how we approach forex trading in the digital era.

Once limited to trading floors and company offices, Forex trading has grown into a thriving online community.


Individual preferences and demands determine the best Forex trader on social media, as it differs according to educational content quality, user interaction, and communication transparency. Some top choices include Samuel Leach, Peter Brandt, and others. 

Yes, you can learn to trade on social media, as many respectable brokers and experienced traders post useful educational resources, market assessments, and trading tactics, but this should be supplemented with much research and practice.

Engaging content, consistent analysis, openness regarding outcomes, and an emphasis on teaching or inspiration. 

Yes, Social media can provide useful insights and tactics. However, thorough education and risk management are required.

Some provide rudimentary analysis or ideas, but be wary of exaggerated promises or paid signal services that lack thorough research.

Not all traders have a unique style and risk tolerance. Copying mindlessly is perilous; instead, focus on learning and developing your strategies. 

Look for verified accounts, transparency about their experience and outcomes, and an emphasis on education rather than self-promotion.

Explore educational resources, forums, and groups to get new perspectives and improve your trading skills.