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FX Leaders 2018 Signals Report

Last year was an action-packed year for the US Dollar.The dollar was at its peak in January 2017 and worked its way down throughout the year, closing at record lows. This and the fact that the market went against US economic fundamentals made last year a tough year to trade.

Seeing the USD close the year on the bottom, we figured it was time for a reversal. However, the decline continued during January 2018 and we lost 31 pips to the market.

February 2018 was a different story altogether, the USD bulls started to fight back and the dollar ended up considerably higher against most major currencies, apart from the Yen. Most forex majors traded in ranges in March, making it difficult to trade with short-term signals. We had some good signals across all markets though. April much easier to trade, especially the second half. The forex market became easier to read as the USD started making a reversal, which started looking like the beginning of a long term uptrend.

Forex Signals

The Forex market remained difficult to trade due to wild moves in February in both directions and in all major pairs. We made 94 pips on forex pairs in February and 38 in March, but in total, we were still down by 88 pips in 2018 until the beginning of April. In March, we closed two of our long-term forex signals: AUD/USD sell signal and EUR/USD sell signal. We cashed in for more than 200 pips from AUD/USD and 76 pips from EUR/USD. EUR/USD was 200 pips in profit at some point, but it was a successful signal nonetheless. We will try to open another trade in this pair this month at the same levels (around 1.24-25). Short term signals were less successful in March because the market was volatile and the moves were unexpected. April was a really good month for us regarding forex signals. We made 498 pips all with short term forex signals. We could have increased the profits with some long term foex signals, but the reverse in USD pairs was pretty swift, so we missed the chance. However, we are up 405 pips so far for 2018.

Index Signals

The index market was much easier to trade during the beginning of 2018. In January we made 335 pips from the Nikkei 225, DAX, S&P, and CAC. Our profit was even greater in February and in total we made 731 pips on indices. Our commodities and indices analyst, Arslan, did a great job with DAX signals in February. His good worked continued in March and we closed the month with a 410 pip profit from S&P, DAX and CAC signals. Arslan did well with signals in DAX and CAC signals again in April, ending the month with an 80 pip profit.

Commodity Signals

The commodities market proved more difficult. The uptrend in Oil and Gold came to an end in February, so we saw both sides of the trend. Volatility picked up as well, making it another tough market to trade in January. We lost 129 pips trading Oil and Gold. In February, we got a hold of things and made 119 pips. In March we had 18 signals in Gold and Oil but only made 19 pips. Gold made some wild moves this month and Arslan was caught on the wrong foot, so he had a tough time with signals on Gold. We closed the month 129 pips down in commodities, although we still are 1556 pips up in this market so far for 2018.

Cryptocurrency Signals

After the massive surge in the cryptocurrency market in December 2017, a huge correction followed in January. The volatility was immense so we stayed out of the market, only opening a Bitcoin signal in January 2018, which still remains open. We’re letting it run for the time being. We opened a signal in Litecoin at the beginning of January, losing 411 pips in the process but got back on our feet with two trades in Litecoin and in Ethereum. W made 292 pips from the Litecoin signal and 713 pips from Ethereum, for a total of 594 pips from cryptocurrencies. We haven’t opened any additional signals in cryptocurrencies in March, apart from the one we already have in Bitcoin. We have experienced some technical difficulties as we migrate to the new website causing this Bitcoin Signal to close and reopen a few times. We decided not to open it again, but the stop loss and take profit targets remain pretty much the same and now Bitcoin is on bullish trend, so, stay on that trade.

Since the beginning of 2018, we are up 2410 pips.

FX Leader Signal P/L by month

Month# SignalsSummary of P/L

Forex Signals P/L

Forex Pair# SignalsP/L Summary

Index Signals P/L

Index# SignalsP/L Summary
NIKKEI 2258-9
S&P 5008-87

Commodity Signals P/L

Commodities# SignalsP/L Summary
US Oil19-75

Cryptocurrency Signals P/L

Cryptocurrency# SignalsP/L Summary

Long-Term/Short-Term Breakdown

# SignalsP/L Summary
Long Term9824
Short Term3281,586

Win/Loss Breakdown

# SignalsP/L Summary

Buy/Sell Breakdown

# SignalsP/L Summary

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