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FX Leaders 2019 Signals Report

Last Updated On: January 11, 2019

We finally closed 2019. It was a long year to be honest. There were many important fundamental events during this year, expected and unexpected and we saw a lot of volatility. We had our ups and downs, mostly ups though and closed the year with a nice profit, again. Profits were not as great as in 2018, since politics were the main driver in 2019 and comments from politicians kept coming all the time, shocking markets over and over again, so we made 2118 pips this year across all markets.

Stock markets made some major moves this year and performed the best, after having a terrible year in 2018, offering opportunities to grab quite a few pips and we made a hefty profit from indices in 2018. Although, Commodities made us the most profit, with forex coming  second, cryptocurrencies came third, although we had some issues with the feed which ruined some of our Bitoin signals and we endured some heavy losses. But, we came up on top for another year.

The biggest political events took most of the attention this year. Brexit is an old issue for the financial markets, but it never ceases to surprise. Previous UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigned early in 2019 and Boris Johnson took her job, reaching a Brexit deal with the EU, which was shot down by the UK parliament. But, his Conservative Party won the elections and the UK will be leaving the EU at the end of this year. GBP/USD ended the year where it started it, above 1.30.

The trade war which started in 2018, escalated further in 2019 and reached the peak in August, but the rhetoric calmed down in September and in December US and China reached a partial trade deal. Risk assets got another boost from that and ended the year pretty bullish. Major central banks made a major reversal in 2019, turning dovish and cutting interest rates several times and they will likely remain dovish in 2020.

FX Leader Signal P/L by month

Month# SignalsP/L Summary

Forex Signals

2018 was a great year for the USD as it made a bullish reversal in Q1 and continued to climb throughout the year, which spilled into 2019. The uptrend continued throughout last year as well, although it wasn’t as straightforward, because the sentiment flipped around continuously due to global tensions and often it was hard to pick a side and stick to it for some time.

GBP/JPY offered the most trading opportunities since it is one of the most volatile pairs. We opened 72 signals there during last year and booked 446 pips in total. We also opened quite a few signals in GBP/USD, but the profit was minimal, although towards the end of the year we held back a bit, due to the volatility coming from Brexit and UK elections. USD/CAD was a good pair for us as well, although we ended up with a loss in EUR/CHF. But, the overall profit was satisfying, as shown from the table below.

Forex Pair# SignalsP/L Summary

Index Signals P/L

Stock Markets have been easier to trade since the trend has been bullish from the beginning of the year until the last few days of 2019. Although, the trend didn’t go up in a straight line. We saw some decent pullbacks during summer, as the trade war was escalating, but they proved to be good buying opportunities. We had just one signal in Dow Jones which didn’t go well, but the rest of the indexes were quite profitable for us. Nikkei offered the most trading opportunities and the most profit, since the Bank of Japan won’t likely raise rates anytime soon, quite the opposite. S&P and Dax also made us some hefty profit lat year and we ended 2019 with a 997 pip profit in total in indices.

Index# SignalsP/L Summary
Dow Jones1-30
NIKKEI 22515424
S&P 50012359

Commodity Signals P/L

Trading commodities was a bit  easier in 2019, compared to the previous year. Gold turned bullish at the end of 2018 as the trade war escalated and it remained bullish throughout last year, with the global economy deteriorating, major central banks turning dovish and the trade war escalating further, which kept safe havens such as Gold well bid all year long.

The sentiment has mostly been negative, which has kept Gold going. We made 917 pips in Gold, out of 205 signals. Despite the weakening global economy and the trade war, crude Oil has been mostly bullish as well this year. OPEC+ cut production at the end of 2018 and they did so again in December 2019, which has been one of the reasons for keeping Oil climbing higher, apart form geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. In total, we made 2,072 pips in commodities.

Commodities# SignalsP/L Summary
US Oil691,155

Cryptocurrency Signals

2019 wasn’t a great year for us in the crypto market. We did get a couple of winning signal at the beginning of the year in Bitcoin and Ethereum, but got caught on the wrong side of the tide when the big bullish reversal took place. I thought that the big levels such as $5,000, $6,000 and $10,000 would be providing some form of resistance on the way up, but they were broken pretty easily, so we endured some losses in Bitcoin, closing the year with a big loss in this market, which affected our total profit from all markets, although despite that, we ended the year with some decent profit nonetheless.

Cryptocurrency# SignalsP/L Summary

Long-Term/Short-Term Breakdown

# SignalsP/L Summary
Long Term24-2,128
Short Term7904,246

Win/Loss Breakdown

# SignalsP/L Summary

Buy/Sell Breakdown

# SignalsP/L Summary

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