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Looking for a way to turn your money into a successful investment? Trading currencies is much simpler than it seems! Get from beginner to pro trader in 10 easy steps.

Forex Trading Course

Our Course has everything you need to learn to become a Forex trader.Take advantage of the financial market in 10 lessons and learn how to trade Forex like a professional.

The official Forex trading course is now available online!

By taking our Forex trading course, you will learn to:

  • Recognize business opportunities
  • Utilize movements of currency rates
  • Forecast future events and their influence on currencies
  • Use all the tools and aids offered by the trading platforms
  • Implement technical and fundamental analysis
  • Start making profits and begin your journey to success!

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Get Our Forex Trading Course & Benefit

  • Get tons of tips, case studies, examples
    and bonuses, all in a friendly, easy to
    understand, intuitive way
  • Test your knowledge with unique
    quizzes, train yourself after each
  • Practice all you learn straight from
    your account, with live market rates

course iconMarket Leaders Forex Course

Market Leaders Forex Trading Course includes 10 lessons, plus, a bonus section and a complete forex glossary that can serve as your trading dictionary. All chapters are very educational, and contain reading materials, tons of examples, trading tips, practical strategies, and practice.
Here is a more detailed list of all the lessons that Market Leaders Forex Trading Course includes:
Lesson 1:
Preparations for Market Leaders Course: Introduction to the global Forex market; History; What do we trade; Market structure and size; Advantages of FX; Key players reviewed; Opening your free Practice Account
Lesson 2:
Learning Your First Steps: Basic Terminology: Currency pair; Types of orders; P.S.M.L
Lesson 3:
Synchronize Time and Place: Basic Terminology: Currency pairs: Major currencies, Cross currencies, and Exotic pairs; Trading hours; Money time!
Lesson 4:
Get Equipped: Types of charts; Supply and demand; Lines & trends; Time frames; Trading styles: long, short, day, intraday, swing, scalping; Multiple time frames strategy; Types of analyses
Lesson 5:
Fundamental Analysis: Main market forces; Where can we find all the information?; The power of expectation; The importance of the Economic Calendar
Lesson 6:
Technical Analysis: Technical analysis; Support and resistance levels; Channels; Price action; Chart patterns
Lesson 7:
Trader's Toolbox A:  the Fibonacci Indicator: Fibonacci indicator
Lesson 8:
Trader's Toolbox B: Technical Indicators: Moving Averages; RSI; Bollinger Bands; MACD Stochastic; ADX; SAR; Pivot Points
Lesson 9:
Intelligence and Strategies: Combining Indicators; Be careful!; Eliot Wave - Prediction pattern; Divergence trading: Predict the future; Trading plan: Retracement/Reversal strategy; Opening and closing position - 2 simple trading strategies; Currency Correlation Strategy - play your currencies like a game of chess; Carry Trade: great alternative strategy
Lesson 10:
Cap Journey, Risk and Money Management: Market volatility; Stop Loss Settings: how, where, when; The risks of leverage; Trading plan + Trading journal; Trading check list; Choose the right broker- platforms and trading systems
Appendix: Stocks & Forex - Long relationship; Forex signals - following market alerts; What not to do; Master the world of Forex: "MetaTrader"; Glossary (by subjects)

  Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Forex Trading Course?
Click the "Get it now" button above. You'll got to the payments page which you'll need to fill in. Once your payment is processed we'll email you the course.
How will the course help me start trading Forex?
Sick of complicated jargon? The Market Leaders Trading Course is different! It introduces you to Forex trading in a clear and entertaining way, as well as familiarizing you with popular trading techniques and approaches that will help you start benefitting from this market.
Can I take the course even if I have no Forex trading knowledge?
Absolutely! This course is designed to help beginners to quickly master the basics of Forex trading and start building confidence to trade for real.
Does the course teach about all kinds of analysis?
Yes, when you take our course you’ll learn about the different kinds of analysis  people use, including technical analysis and fundamental analysis. We know that analysis can seem scary, that’s why we break it down into easy to follow steps.
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Read what traders who bought the FX Market Leaders course say about it:

"Right from the beginning the course was fantastic!!! I’ve done a lot of online courses before and can honestly say that I’ve never found one which was this well presented. The course was really practical and all the exercises were so user friendly there was no way I could fail to understand them. The course had loads of great advice in it which has really helped my trading, since completing the course I’ve consistently made 100-200 pips a week just by following it!"

Siddharth Haribhai , South Afrtca
"Great work guys! All the material given to us like case studies and other examples were really clear and to the point. For me the best thing was how challenging the practice exercises and discussions were, they really furthered my understanding and made sure I hadn’t misunderstood anything that had been covered. I’ve taken quite a lot of courses before but afterwards I’ve always felt a bit confused about some aspects of trading. After this course I didn’t feel confused in any way!! I finally feel like I’ve really learnt how to trade and have enjoyed the benefits ever since."

Silvia Menda , Italy
"I really recommend this course to everyone. Even if you think you already understand the basics of forex trading, the course will introduce you to great new ideas and techniques which improved my trades. This was the clearest and easiest to understand forex course I’ve ever taken. I learned loads from the course in particular the sections on indicators and strategies, since I completed the course I keep earning more and more from my trades!"

Mark Bizley , Australia