Friday, January 19, 2018

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Follow the experts - FX Leaders' Forex signals

FX Leaders' trading alerts analyze the Forex market to spot trading opportunities. This free and easy to use service will not only enable you to enter trades with great profit potential, but will also tutor and train you by showing you our experts' Forex trading strategies on a daily base.

We recommend to use our alerts if you:
 Don’t have the time to spend analyzing the market to spot market opportunities, and are looking for trading advice from the trading experts.
 Are looking for great returns on your investments

Follow the experts for free - FX Leaders alerts are completely FREE! In our Forex signals page you can find daily alerts, suggesting trading strategies across the major currency pairs.

How it works

follow our short term trading signals. This is how our signals look like on the system UI

The list of live signals contains several parameters, from left to right:

• The currency pair
• Trading alert, telling you to buy or sell
• The pair's rate at which the signal was created
• Optional stop loss and take profit orders
• The status of the alert, indicating what you should do
• General comments
• Trade now! button, transferring you to a trading platform

3 Steps on your way to take advantage of the market with our trading alerts

1) Open a trading account with one of our best Forex brokers
2) Fund you trading account (it is recommended to fund it with at least $500 USD)
3) Follow new alerts on our Forex signals page, and once you notice a new alert, execute it in your trading account.

Our signals system notifies you whether the signal is active (open for action) or closed. It also tells you when we recommend that you close a position or get ready for a new signal. It‘s that simple!

Traders using alerts are strongly advised to use Stop Loss orders when opening positions (All of FX Leaders' trading alerts are provided with Stop Loss and Take Profits order levels).