Forex Signals Brief for Dec 20: It’s Five Out of Five as We Look to Buy a Bitcoin Dip

Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2017 by
Rowan Crosby • 2 min read

Hey All,

Markets weren’t all that active in trade yesterday, but that didn’t stop the FX Leaders Team, nailing five out of five with our forex signals.

While trades await Tax Reform in the US, we were busy finding winning trades for our subscribers and December is really stacking up as a great month for us.

The boys had wins in the EUR/CHF and the USD/JPY. Gold collected another profit as it seems like it always does. While the DAX and Nikkei Indices turned a steady profit with two signals to the short side.

As it stands we are still riding a position in the EUR/GBP and eyeing off a few more.

We are expecting that the momentum is going to keep on rolling so keep watching the forex signals page to help yourself to a nice Christmas bonus. There is also some chance of a buy in Bitcoin if we can grab a good price on the current weakness.

It’s a big day from an economic point of view as tax reform could really shake things up, so be sure to tune into Arslan with his thoughts on how best to trade all the developments.

Forex Signal Watchlist

AUD/USD – The Aussie has got a bullish tone to it in the short-term so keep an eye out for a quick buy signal.

EUR/JPY – This one has been in a nice range and we might be able to sell the top here if we get our price.

Bitcoin – BTC has been vertical of recent times and we’ve finally had a sell-off. It might just be a chance to buy the dip.


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EUR/GBP – Grinding Lower

We haven’t been in this trade all that long but it’s already starting to go our way. Every time this one spikes it gets sold back down. So far we are progressing well. We have a target of 0.8923

EUR/CHF – 240 min Chart.


Bitcoin – Buy the Dip

Bitcoin has been vertical in recent times and trying to find an entry point has been pretty tough. BTC fell away sharply in late trade and has cracked through the moving average. If we can get a decent price we might be able to find a long-term entry.

Bitcoin – 240 min Chart.
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