Featured Initial Coin Offering: HOQU

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In the coming months here at FXLeaders, we will be enhancing our coverage of the exceedingly popular cryptocurrency markets. In addition to real-time analysis and trading signals, a deeper look into ICO offerings as well as the cryptocurrency environment itself will be made available to readers.

Is HOQU The Future Of Online Advertising?

Yesterday’s update titled “Top ICOs: January 2018” outlined several prominent ICO offerings for the coming month. HOQU was a featured crypto startup that many are touting as the future of web-based affiliate advertising.

What Is HOQU?

HOQU is a decentralized platform that integrates performance marketing with blockchain technology. It is a way of using the blockchain to make affiliate marketing more transparent and efficient.

What exactly is affiliate marketing? The easiest way of explaining affiliate marketing is the example of Uber. Essentially, Uber acts as an intermediary between customers and drivers. Uber is paid a commission for matching customers with service providers.

Online affiliate marketing functions in a similar fashion. Advertisers compensate intermediaries for hard results.

The objective of HOQU is multifaceted:

  • Fair compensation for services in the internet affiliate market
  • Promote transparency of online ad-campaign performance
  • Enhance the efficiency of existing online marketing structures

How Does HOQU Work?

It goes without saying, but the nuts and bolts technology behind HOQU is complex. However, its function is relatively simple.

On the HOQU platform, advertisers can make offers to affiliates and the results of the ensuing ad campaign are securely stored on the blockchain. This eliminates fraud and promotes fair payment for affiliate services.

Getting Involved

HOQU’s token sale concludes on February 26, 2018. After that date, HOQU tokens will begin trading on cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe.

Participating in an ICO is a big decision. Risk/reward analysis and due diligence must be performed to ensure the investment’s suitability for available resources. Actually becoming involved in an ICO is relatively simple. All that one needs to do is visit the company’s website, read the whitepaper and participate in the token sale.

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