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List of US Companies Releasing Earnings (EPS) Today

Posted Tuesday, March 31, 2020 by
Arslan Butt • 2 min read

Asian stocks had mixed trading and US equities futures were seen rising as a result of volatility in the global financial markets.

The S&P 500 Futures delivered benefits after hitting its peak on the expected China Manufacturing Index Tuesday morning. Shares fell to Japan and Australia and climbed to South Korea and Hong Kong. More than ever, crude oil jumped in New York on Monday.

CompaniesEPS Forecast Revenue Forecast
Air China ADR (AIRYY) 0.18 5.42B
Animalcare (ANCR)
BIO-Key (BKYI) -0.03 3.27M
Biontech (BNTX) -0.19 33.28M
BlackBerry (BB) 0.05 395.97M
BlackBerry (BB) 0.05 395.97M
BlackBerry (BB) 0.04 295M
Blackbird Energy (PIPE) 0.03 52.2M
CTI Industries (CTIB)
Capital Senior Living (CSU) -0.59 109.49M
Chesnara (CSN)
China Eastern Airlines (CEA)
China Gold (JINFF)
China Southern Airlines ADR (ZNH)
ConAgra Foods (CAG) 0.49 2.58B
Concord Medical Services (CCM) -0.19
Conns (CONN) 0.34 412.09M
Cyanconnode (CYAN)
Cytori Therapeutics (PSTV) -5.72 969K
DP Poland (DPP)
Dolphin (DOLC)
Ellaktor ADR (ELLKY)
European Commercial (ERE_u) 0.11 21.87M
Exela Tech (XELA) -0.15 388.42M
FAT Brands (FAT)
Freedom (FRHC)
Groupe Crit (0DZJ) 1.55B
Hong Kong Highpower (HPJ)
Huaneng Power (HNP)
James Halstead (JHD)
KaloBios Pharma (HGEN)
Keywords Studios (KWS) 0.28 153.20M
Lamb Weston Holdings (LW) 0.93 956.63M
Landec (LNDC) 0.03 150.75M
Luceco (LUCEL)
McCormick & Comp (MKCv) 1.04 1.23B
McCormick&Co (MKC) 1.04 1.23B
Michelmersh Brick (MBH)
National Bank of Greece (0RCR)
New Millennium Iron (NML)
Odyssey (OMEX)
One Media (OMIP)
Paysign (PAYS) 0.07 11.59M
ProPetro (PUMP) 0.28 411.54M
ProPhase Labs (PRPH)
Property Franchise (TPFG)
Proteome (PRM)
Rare Element (REEMF)
Reliv (RELV)
SOPerior Fertilizer (SOP)
Silver Run II (AMRQQ) -0.03 82M
Spectrum Global (SGSI)
Thalassa (THAL)
Tremor International (TRMR)
Trinity (TRIB) 0.06 24.5M
TuanChe (TC) -0.84 179.5M
UrtheCast Corp. (UR) -0.04 4.5M
Vaso (VASO)
Verint (VRNT) 1.16 374.43M
Yu (YU)
Zst Digital Networks (ZSTN)
diaDexus (DDXSQ)
iClick Interactive Asia (ICLK) -0.01 56.21M

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