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MetaMetaverse Raises $2 Million Intended for the Building of an Interoperable Metaverse

MetaMetaverse, a company devoted to integrating and interoperability of multiple metaverses, has already raised $2 million for this endeavor. The platform seeks to integrate numerous dApp-based worlds, each with different user bases, governance models and transaction systems, allowing them to talk to each other through an in-world programming language.

Joel Dietz, one of the founding architects of MetaMask, has announced the creation of a new startup called MetaMetaverse. The company plans to develop a Layer 1 blockchain protocol that will facilitate communication between different virtual worlds—a universal language for the metaverse (the interconnected universe of virtual worlds). The technology can be used for various applications, from data analytics to online gaming. It will allow for complex, multi-player simulations and games that move beyond the confines of individual platforms and ecosystems.

While other protocols exist to connect different blockchain systems, MetaMetaverse intends to build something more like a metadata protocol that is natively cross-chain. It includes a programming language for generating and managing metaverses, running games and simulations within them, and parallel mapping realities.

The MetaMetaverse project brings blockchain enthusiasts together to create a set of protocols for communicating and transacting with disparate distributed ledgers, which could enable all sorts of decentralized applications on different chains.

Ultimately, there is a lot of potential for digital properties, and countless teams are working on this opportunity. But because of the sheer amount of capital required and the long time it will take to grow, these startups that will emerge each year will attract a lot of competition and investor attention. Still, Dietz’s venture has a unique approach that could potentially bring new value to the blockchain-based Metaverse. 

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