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Metacyber (METAC)

New Crypto Metacyber (METAC) off to a Strong Start with 484% Gain

Posted Friday, April 15, 2022 by
Timothy St. John • 2 min read

Metacyber (METAC) just launched late last month and is today’s top crypto earner, with a 484% increase over 24 hours, bringing the price up to $0.0000005101 (METAC/USD). Its trade volume is up just 10.12%, however, and there is the concern from investors that it will disappear quickly from the public consciousness like many cryptos before it, if its momentum is not maintained.

What Is Metacyber?

Metacyber is following the trend of many hot cryptos at the moment with its own online metaverse and videogame. The persistent online world is offering users an opportunity to place their advertisements within the game environment. That environment is modeled off of cyberpunk cities of the future, like those seen in films like Blade Runner and video games like Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a changing, growing game environment that can be affected by players decisions, and of course it uses the METAC token as its economy.

Players can build custom vehicles, buy and sell NFTS, enjoy their own virtual property, and customize their characters to its liking. All of this helps to fuel interest in the METAC token, at least for the moment.

The token launched on March 31st, and the METAC rate took off from there, shooting sky high from $0.0000006002 to $0.0002801 in two days. It spiked a few times before settling down close to $0.00000011 for a few days. Now, it is starting to spike again.

What Do We Expect from This Crypto?

Today’s gains are nothing compared to what the Metacyber rate was doing for the first few days after it launched. However, this crypto still has plenty of life left in it. If the associated video game and metaverse can keep its hooks in the public consciousness and hit a little closer to the mainstream, there is opportunity for the crypto token to have a long and healthy run. It’s too early to say at this point where METAC will go, though.

The crypto market is a bit down today, with Bitcoin falling slightly today and down 8.14% over the last seven days. That’s going to hurt Metacyber’s chances to keep going strong, though it has a lot of its own momentum it is riding on right now.

What happens to a lot of these new cryptos is that they see great gains really quickly and then investors lose interest in them, allowing the trade volume to drop off and interest to dry up. We are saying wait and see on this one right now. There is potential for it to keep spiking over the next week or so, as interest remains high for the crypto. Anyone looking to make some quick profit may be able to do something with METAC in the short term.

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