Notcoin Mania Sweeps Telegram, Onboarding Millions to Web3

Notcoin Mania Sweeps Telegram, Onboarding Millions to Web3

A casual game called Notcoin is taking the social media platform Telegram by storm, attracting over 30 million users in just two months and acting as a gateway to the world of cryptocurrency.


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Simple Mechanics, Big Results

Notcoin’s gameplay is straightforward – users tap their screens to earn NOT tokens. Despite its simplicity, the game has successfully onboarded an estimated 3% of Telegram’s user base to Web3, highlighting the potential of viral games for cryptocurrency adoption.

Financial Rewards for Casual Gamers

The subsequent listing of NOT tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges transformed the game into a lucrative experience for casual gamers. Many early adopters were able to turn their playtime into real financial gains.

Telegram: A Fertile Ground for Web3 Growth

Inal Kardan, gaming lead at the TON Foundation, sees Telegram’s massive user base as an “untapped distribution channel” for Web3. He points to Notcoin’s success as a prime example of how games can leverage Telegram’s reach and existing Web2 infrastructure to onboard new users effortlessly.

Shifting Gears: From Play-to-Earn to User Engagement

Kardan highlights a move away from the traditional “play-to-earn” model seen in games like Axie Infinity. Notcoin embraces a more user-centric approach, incorporating elements like advertising alongside its core gameplay loop.

Web3 Games Find a Home on TON

Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, emphasizes the advantage that Telegram and TON offer to Web3 games. Unlike Apple and Google, these platforms haven’t restricted the use of viral growth mechanics, allowing games like Notcoin to flourish.

Aligning with User Incentives

Siu believes Notcoin’s approach aligns better with user incentives compared to traditional Web2 advertising models. The game prioritizes user value and growth, fostering a more positive experience.

Data Backs the Trend

Gamee, a Web3 gaming company, serves as a real-world example. By deploying hyper-casual games on TON and Telegram, they’ve seen their daily active user base skyrocket to nearly a million, demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy.

Convergence of Web2 and Web3 Gamers

Siu points out that many Telegram users are already familiar with cryptocurrency, creating a fertile ground for Web2 and Web3 gamers to converge within a shared ecosystem. He emphasizes the shared values of freedom, digital ownership, and decentralization that connect Telegram and the broader crypto space.

Web3 Games: A Gateway to Crypto

Michał Dąbrowski, CEO of Elympics, a blockchain game infrastructure provider, sees immense potential in Web3 games to attract new cryptocurrency users. Blockchain technology offers a solution to the longstanding challenge of monetization in games, allowing developers to incentivize players through crypto wallets.

Notcoin’s viral success on Telegram serves as a fascinating case study, showcasing the power of social media and casual gaming to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. As Web3 games continue to evolve and find new homes on platforms like Telegram and TON, we can expect to see even more innovation and user growth in the years to come.

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