Javier Milei: “I will further reduce public spending until it hurts the politicians.”

resident Javier Milei criticized once again the preliminary approval in the Chamber of Deputies of the new formula for pension mobility, calling the legislators “fiscal degenerates.” He threatened to veto the bill if it progresses to the Senate, emphasizing his intent to further reduce public spending until it significantly impacts politicians.

“For structural reforms, they take six months, but for quick approval of increases, they move swiftly,” Milei questioned. He reiterated his stance alongside Congressman José Luis Espert from Libertad Avanza, affirming his decision to forego privileged retirement benefits. “If I do my job well, I’ll work in the private sector after leaving this post,” he argued. “If you’ve done things wrong, you deserve to suffer, and that’s why these benefits must be eliminated.”

In a recent international interview, President Javier Milei expressed his intention to “destroy the state from within”: “I hate it so much that I’m willing to endure these slanders.”

“I love, I love being the mole inside the state. I am the one destroying the state from within. It’s like being infiltrated into enemy ranks. I hate the state so much that I’m willing to endure these slanders, both about myself and my loved ones, who are my sister and my dogs.”

In his remarks, the libertarian stated, “It seemed impossible, and I became president of a country that for a hundred years embraced these disastrous and socialist ideas that turned Argentina from the richest country to 140th place, with 55% living in poverty and 15% in extreme poverty today.”

He added, “What I’m warning about is that the world doesn’t need to suffer such a debacle to escape socialism’s ideas. One of the things I often say is that I come from an apocalyptic future to prevent it.”

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Ignacio Teson
Ignacio Teson
Economist and Financial Analyst
Ignacio Teson is an Economist and Financial Analyst. He has more than 7 years of experience in emerging markets. He worked as an analyst and market operator at brokerage firms in Argentina and Spain.
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