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Business confidence among Asian companies soared to the highest level seen so far this year as economic activity improves in the region Full Article

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The latest Thomson Reuters/INSEAD survey shows a marked improvement in the business sentiment among Asian companies into Q3 as a result of Full Article

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The latest edition of the Thomson Reuters/INSEAD survey reveals that business sentiment among companies in Asia has collapsed to the lowest Full Article

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Analysts have downgraded Asian businesses' earnings forecasts for this year on account of the extended lockdowns prevailing because of .. Full Article

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Latest estimates by the World Bank indicate that the coronavirus pandemic could cause severe reduction in growth among developing economies Full Article

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A recent survey by Thomson Reuters and INSEAD reveals that business confidence in Asia has fallen to the lowest level in nearly 11 years on Full Article

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Investors at turning less bearish about the outlook for the Chinese Yuan a couple of days after the Fed announced its most recent rate cut Full Article

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