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Last Update: July 21st, 2021

NEO was established in China as AntShares, by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhan, in 2014 and was rebranded “NEO” in June 2017. It is one of the smartest contract platforms and it has a couple of unique features. For example, NEO is a blockchain-based platform that supports its cryptocurrency. Apart from this, it enables the development of digital assets and smart contracts.

It is also worth mentioning that NEO describes its Smart Economy System as Digital Assets + Digital Identity + Smart Contract = Smart Economy.

The assets can be efficiently digitized on the NEO blockchain in an open, decentralized, traceable, trustworthy and transparent manner that is free of brokers and the associated costs. Moreover, users can record, buy, sell, exchange or circulate several kinds of assets. Furthermore, the NEO platform makes it possible to link the physical asset with an equivalent and unique digital avatar on its network. Besides this, it also protects assets. The assets that are registered on NEO’s platform have a certified digital identity and are protected by law. The certified digital identity provides valid key information concerning participating organizations, individuals and other entities that exist in the digital context.




Historical Data Table:

NEO Historical Price Data

Dec 31, 202014.49114.73614.73614.49116.50K
Dec 30, 202014.73615.07715.07714.57133.94K
Dec 29, 202015.07715.63815.63815.07733.47K
Dec 28, 202015.63815.14915.87915.14942.17K
Dec 27, 202015.13414.98815.53514.74943.05K
Dec 26, 202014.99115.17615.17614.61841.96K
Dec 25, 202015.16615.27115.27115.16631.24K
Dec 24, 202015.27113.48815.27113.48833.00K
Dec 23, 202013.46616.50016.50013.46639.10K
Dec 22, 202016.52216.54616.63716.24836.82K
Dec 21, 202016.54617.53817.53816.54635.44K
Dec 20, 202017.54117.84018.18117.54136.73K
Dec 19, 202017.84017.90618.10617.84036.84K
Dec 18, 202017.90617.77417.90617.77441.16K
Dec 17, 202017.77417.98218.51717.77445.15K
Dec 16, 202017.98217.10617.98216.95038.03K
Dec 15, 202017.09017.39517.39516.81033.55K
Dec 14, 202017.39517.28217.39517.28233.56K
Dec 13, 202017.27616.45417.27616.45434.65K
Dec 12, 202016.45415.91316.45415.91335.49K
Dec 11, 202015.92616.23616.23615.73838.86K
Dec 10, 202016.23316.88016.88016.23339.23K
Dec 09, 202016.87316.45416.87315.86249.22K
Dec 08, 202016.46417.44217.44216.46446.06K


Monthly Change

DatePriceOpenHighLowChange %
Dec 2014.44418.56518.89813.9501.20M
Nov 2018.57414.69619.08413.8291.21M
Oct 2014.69619.08620.20014.5131.42M
Sep 2019.08620.43825.28416.2951.71M
Aug 2020.41012.24821.73112.2481.54M
Jul 2012.25110.02212.2519.3014.30M
Jun 2010.02210.93213.1799.081182.92M
May 2010.9548.91012.7207.626263.77M
Apr 208.8906.7709.7306.250243.24M
Mar 206.77011.10012.4303.91025.71M
Feb 2011.11011.47016.75010.41031.19M
Jan 2011.4708.68012.3408.17022.89M
Dec 198.6809.3209.5407.76011.21M
Nov 199.32010.55013.4108.31017.20M
Oct 1910.5507.71012.6806.67017.85M
Sep 197.4908.80010.3206.7009.17M
Aug 198.80011.71012.5808.53011.15M
Jul 1911.71016.72018.2909.73034.24M
Jun 1916.72013.56020.85011.05057.29M
May 1913.5709.72014.9608.33072.55M
Apr 199.72010.11013.8409.17037.00M
Mar 1910.1108.81010.3007.94026.26M
Feb 198.8107.07010.8706.72029.30M


Major Factors that Influence the NEO:

Many cryptocurrencies are currently uncontrolled by governments and central banks. However, if there are any changes in the coming years, this could have an impact on the value of the NEO.

Smart contracts provide the performance of transactions and agreements between different parties without any legal system or central mechanism. It should be noted that the performance of such contracts is normally based on the programming code of the network, and the coding, which provides transparency, traceability and irreversibility of transactions.

From this perspective, the NEO supports two crypto coins, NEO and GAS, which support programming in all mainstream languages including C#, Java, Go, Python and Kotlin. It helps a large community of developers to contribute to its platform.

NEO is also known as a strong competitor to Ethereum. As part of Onchain’s blockchain-based DNA, it’s just one piece of a larger group looking to conquer the world using blockchain. This Chinese blockchain project may succeed with the help of these key strengths.

1: NEO uses two tokens: NEO and GAS. GAS is used to fund transactions and convert currencies, while NEO has no ties.

2: NEO’s DBFT consensus algorithm is faster than the PoW used by Ethereum and Bitcoin.

3: Onchain has a strong background in fintech and NEO is faster, more efficient, and more scalable than Ethereum.

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